1. brucemillar

    View your driving licence on-line
  2. toolman1954

    Mayweather-McGregor Fight ---Anyone Paying To View

    Hi, Hailed as a Superfight, A multi milliond Dollar Extravaganza, is anyone going to pay to view this fight at 4-00 am on Sunday the 27th. For £20 on Sky Box Office, I will not be. Will McGregors MMA style of boxing triumph over Mayweathers traditional style?. My head says that...
  3. AngryDog

    W211 rear view mirror

    Are the rear view mirrors unique to the E55? I need one of the light lenses at the bottom of the mirror as one is missing on mine. Thanks.
  4. zenman63

    ML63 166 rear view camera?

    Looks like my new car has no rear view camera, I see the guys at Comand on line have a parts kit, is there much to fitting it?
  5. merc85

    How do you View your AMG??

    As above, How do you Peeps view your Amg? Do you Love your car or is it just a big play thing?? This is Brutus Now there isn't much i haven't done to it, Nor been done to it, Please believe me when i say it's abit of a Beast, and lalala go like this n that. I've heard it all...
  6. S

    Cable run for rear view camera

    I'm attempting to install a RVC and would like to know which is the best route for the cable to the rear of the command unit. I have a fakra to RCA cable arriving this week, for the command unit. I intend to run the cable from the boot, under the sills and across to the command. However, I...
  7. MØPNC

    Anti-dazzle rear view mirror

    I've got a 2011 C Class w204 It has a manual anti-dazzle rear view mirror installed, what I want to know is can I just install an automatic anti-dazzle rear view mirror? Will it just plug into the existing wiring loom? I've compared pictures of the manual one and the automatic one and...
  8. CLSMark

    Just broke my rear view mirror [emoji849] help!!!

    Whilst doing the obligatory, changing to led's, the glass broke, whilst pulling it off, I've dismantled the whole thing and left it off. Anyway my question is, nothing lights up when I open the door now, puddles etc, is that connected to the mirror somehow?? Or am I being stupid and it doesn't...
  9. grober

    World view

    Like to go into space? Try this story in the latest ever interesting BBC CLICK. Tickets to start from around £60,000 but I imagine its a surefire after dinner conversation piece! BBC iPlayer - Click - 21/01/2017 ps lets hope the project gets off the ground--literally. ;)
  10. M

    W219 CLS 2198110107 Dipping Rear View Mirror

    Just bought one of these and understand it's just plug and play. Is it just a dipping mirror or does it contain phone mics too?
  11. R

    Not working dimming rear view mirror

    Been driving tonight & noticed my RVM not dimming???? It has before, could it by down to light settings on computer, :fail
  12. whitenemesis

    Breakfast with View

    The view from my breakfast table this morning, not bad at all :) Any ideas where I am?
  13. andy27168

    CLS Rear view mirror interior light replacement

    Hi Guys, I have replaced all my interior lights, puddle lights with LEDs, and now want to replace the ones in the rear view mirror. I cannot figure out how, or even if they can be replaced does anyone know whats required?
  14. A

    CLS Garage door operation on rear view mirror.

    I have a 2006 320 CLS and I have been trying to set up the automatic garage door opener on the rear view mirror, I have followed the set up procedure in my handbook, after clearing the code memory I find it will not program from my garage door remote. Can anyone tell me if they have had the...
  15. D

    Folding Mirror and Auto dimming rear view

    Hello, Has anyone retrofitted power folding mirrors and auto dimming rear view mirror on a W176 A Class. Would really like to get these fitted as I previously had these fitted to my old S3 8p. And sort of miss them lol. Cheers Dan
  16. J

    FS: Alpine X800D-ML & Rear View Camera

    Hi, Having arranged the trade in of my W164 ML, I now have a few bits and pieces to sell. Firstly the Alpine X800D-ML retrofit Navigation unit. This is boxed, complete and has a brand new DAB aerial and a new GPS antenna as the one that came with it, may not be as sticky as it once was...
  17. Abb

    Can anyone view a car in Shropshire for me??

    I have been looking for a W209 CLK coupe for my nephew and found one which ticks nigh on all the boxes. Issue is, it is some 3 1/2 hrs drive away. Have spoken to the seller who seems all above board and have no issues in that regard, but would like to know if anyone who is obviously local to the...
  18. A

    rear view camera install advice

    Purchased the following rear view camera Can anyone please advise which colour wires and where they are located that I need to tap into, in order to power the camera and for it to only activate when I select reverse I have purchase an...
  19. C240Sport97

    coolest rear view mirror

    was wondering around a VW dealer on Sunday they had a Passat Alltrack which had an auto dimming rear view mirror with an all glass front .. no plastic rim I was deeply impressed. The quality of the plastics and interior generally was also very high, as good as, if not better, than...
  20. dynamicq

    COMAND APS NTG2 - Rear view camera questions

    Hello, I have a w203 C class (facelift) with COMAND NTG2. As far as I understood (didn't physically check yet), my COMAND has Green Fakra exit for Video input. Here is what I learned so far. Please correct me if wrong. There is a possability to install a rear view camera with my...
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