1. MWCLS

    SBC when was it discontinued on the w219 CLS?

    Recently having sold my Petrol april 2006 W219 and purchasing the wife a bigger car for kid duties. I want to go diesel ive found a 56 reg CLS320 CDI. The dealer has sent me a pic of where the sbc would have been this pic shows what looks like a half silver black fronted unit so im maybe...
  2. Hunty2198

    W219 air intake

    Has anyone upgraded the air intake for a CLS63 W219? If so how and who does it?
  3. CLS-Reece

    Mercedes cls w219 2010

    Hi there Got an issue with the window as usual on these things. Already replaced the drivers front a few months ago. Now got an issue with the ns rear window. It goes up and down like normal. But when it gets to the top it drops about 2 inches and have to keep using the button on and off to...
  4. B

    Anybody Looking For A CLS63 W219

    Hi Guys, Considering selling my CLS63 and would love for it to go to a forum member. Thought it would be best to see if anybody is looking for one... If so get in touch as I might be selling mine at a very reasonable price :bannana:
  5. Lenny63

    w219 command bluetooth phonebook issue

    Hi My car has the command unit (NGT 1.5?) and the HFP Bluetooth adaptor When I manually select the phone book on command (iphone 6) I can select the full phone book and scroll.. However when I use linguatronic "dial name" it states "the phone book is empty" ? Why is this ? The other...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    W219 CLS AMG Front Bumper & Sideskirts

    Slightly damaged, but cheap. Includes the foglight surrounds also: (nothing to do with me) MERCEDES W219 CLS AMG FRONT BUMPER SKIRTS SKIRT PAIR *GENUINE* collection only | eBay
  7. MWCLS

    Stunning W219 CLS 350 Tanzanite Blue / Cashmere Vented Nappa 2006

    With regret I need to sell my car, I have owned her just over 4 years. I purchased the car 12/8/12 from a elderly gentlemen based in Stow on the wold, he had a garage the size of my house! He purchased it and specced it from MB Oxford.i spent 6 months looking for this colour combo and spec. It...
  8. A

    Recommended tools and general suggestions for w219 lower ball joint removal

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out what tools (by brand/location) you guys recommend when it comes to ball splitting and removal/install . Is the stuff on ebay ok or is it just badly made putty? anything to go for or avoid? I've gleaned a good idea on how to go about the job from searches on...
  9. L

    W219 Rear Indicator issue

    Yesterday the car reported that the rear left indicator (led) had failed and it was using the backup light (reversing light). Took out the light unit out and there was some corrosion on all of the push connections on the circuit board - nothing major, but worth cleaning. Re-assembled and the...
  10. F

    CLS63 (W219) whistle on shutoff?

    Not sure which section this should go under as I don't know what part is doing this, any ideas what may cause a very brief whistle when I shut the engine off? Air matic components? Thanks
  11. clk208

    Genuine looking ribbed mats W219 CLS

    Hi All, I recall seeing a link possibly a year or two for a firm that sells interior floor mats made to the original spec material/texture for most recent MB models in a whole variety of colours. This appealed to me as I thought about replacing my genuine black mats with maybe a dark brown...
  12. P

    2006 CLS W219 Front Grille Upgrade

    Hi all, just thought I'd share a recent upgrade I did myself. Easy to do, requiring little knowledge, I replaced the grille on the front of my recently purchased 2006 CLS 320 CDI. I think it sets the front of nicely, makes it look a bit newer. Love the back of the car as it is and will keep...
  13. T

    W219 Xenon Lights

    Is it correct that the first generation CLS W219, if it has Xenon headlights the fog lights are oval, not round? I was told this before... Looking at some AutoTrader listings, I can see a clear difference between fog lights, some are larger and oval, most have small 'spot' lights. Yet...
  14. Lenny63

    W219 CLS door lights - fuse location

    Hi all On My passenger door , none of the lights work (the recessed single LED inside the interior door handle , the red courtesy light in the side of the door and the pavement-sidewalk light in the bottom ) I'm thinking it's all linked to a fuse - all other doors are perfect Can anyon...
  15. MWCLS

    Cracked windscreen W219 CLS

    I had the misfortune of cracking my windscreen today as a skip lorry flew past me and deposited a stone on my windscreen leaving a chip with a 3 inch crack low down, tax disc area. I called my insurers ( out of hours ) they were helpful although the nice lady said that's all done and booked...
  16. A

    W219 CLS alloy wheel warranty?

    I have a late 2010 CLS Grand Edition and the polished alloy lacquer has started to flake and bubble quite badly. I'm looking at a a bill of £400 to have the wheels refurbished and diamond cut again, but does anyone know if wheels are subject to the same warranty as car bodywork? Would be...
  17. Lenny63

    Clock - changing time issues - w219 CLS

    Hi I finally figured out that the clock must be adjusted via the command system I hit the serv button - then settings , then Time Issue is - it will only allow me To adjust the minutes in 30 minute slots - so if it's 10:20, I can only choose the current time 30mins forward or 30 mins before...
  18. M

    W219 cls350 air con pulley whining noise

    Hello! Ever since I got my 2006 cls350 it has had a whining noise from the engine. Using some flexible tube held to my ear like a stethoscope I located the source of the noise. 2 of the pulleys at the front of the engine that the serpentine belt goes round were the problem. One was just a...
  19. ace8800

    CLS 55 w219 window rattle

    Hi all, since getting my windows tinted i get this very annoying but ever so slight rattle from both front windows when going on uneven surfaces, pot holes or road humps. It goes away if i tap the window button ever so slightly down (not to open it but just to move the glass). It there a...
  20. SL300-24

    W211/ W219 Wood steering wheel for sale

    I have a very nice wood steering wheel for sale for a W211 or W219 CLS. It is black with the greenish wood that comes standard in the W211 "sport" or "avantgarde" spec. I bought it for mine but forgot mine has paddles :doh: so this wheel is for a car without them. Looking for £200 including...
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