1. gr1nch

    W140 - the worlds first autonomous car Fascinating article from Mercedes. The one of a 400SEL following the Mille Miglia route is fun too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 2017 W222 S350d...
  2. grober

    The worlds favorite second hand tractor!

    Is this the world's favourite second-hand tractor? - BBC News Yes its the MASSEY FERGUSON 135 or its successor the 165. The third world can't get enough of them. 3 cylinder perkins diesel simple bullet proof construction that goes on for ever with a ready availability of parts-- reminds me...
  3. poormansporsche

    Spotted IMO worlds rareist AMG. Can you guess what it is yet ?

    In Plumstead of all places ! Clues: I did not know they existed til I googled it It was LHD It had middle east plates This particular one had sl65 wheels Its less than 15 years old The engine noise was very "distictive" which confirmed to me that it was genuine not just a badged up...
  4. poormansporsche

    Worlds tightest E55 Driver Spotted ...

    Before I start apologies if the owner is a member on here !! (or not as the case may be) In the petrol station last night I pulled up behind a Silver E55 on the LPG pump. The owner put in some LPG and went in and paid, then came out again and put some more in and went in and paid and to my...
  5. developer

    Worlds Greatest Drag Race 3

    Possibly show before but enjoy: 8k1DIrfNr48
  6. bpsorrel

    Worlds uggliest cars..

    ..according to The Telegraph.. Don't agree with them all myself.. The world's ugliest cars: your choices - Telegraph
  7. ioweddie

    See the worlds smallest diesel engine being made by a hobbiest

    This is pretty incredible, I'm an old fashoined toolmaker now working in a fast paced cnc company, but this turns the clock back to real engineering. Tiniest V-12 Diesel Engine YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS CLIP, IT’S AMAZING VIDEO OF TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP. AN OPERATIONAL V-12 DIESEL ENGINE THAT...
  8. A

    Worlds smallest V12

    The world's tiniest V12 engine. [VIDEO] Amazing :)
  9. tompy575

    Do I have the worlds unluckiest C-Class?

    So I picked up my new C220 company car on the 6th Feb. On the 10th Feb it was driven into (fairly hard) at some traffic lights and had a new rear bumper and light. I got the car back on the 15th Feb, within a week I had a textbook T-junction shunt with a rover 25 who went and then stopped while...
  10. bpsorrel

    Worlds most expensive key!!??

  11. Howard

    The Worlds Heaviest Wave

    Teahupo'o ( pronounced T'Choo-Poo ) , Tahiti. Crazy stuff :crazy: tWdeuXVTpfY
  12. Igurisu

    Going to watch the worlds fastest Mercedes in action

    Here Jenson Button to drive F1 McLaren through streets of Manchester - Grapevine - F1 - Bank holiday Monday :thumb:
  13. riceboy

    Worlds Biggest Aircraft

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new here but thought i might aswell share this: YouTube - Antanov 225 Its a video of an Antanov 225 taken by my buddy while in Florida. Couldn't beleive the size of the thing, meant to be the worlds largest aircraft. We've just started up our own youtube channel so keep...
  14. Charles Morgan

    When worlds collide, or what a wonderful W124 coincidence

    Today I went to my favourite restaurant for a charity lunch with wines provided by Piedmontese winemakers who came over from Italy for the lunch. A wino friend from Kendal, Tim came down with his wife Brenda for the lunch, and as we chatted outside having arrived early, he pointed out his...
  15. M

    Worlds coolest Police Cars

    Im sure you guys know about this but I really like that CLS Rocket:rock: Here The world's coolest police cars - Yahoo! Cars
  16. Venomous

    Worlds largest speeding ticket - SLS driver!

    BBC News - Swede faces world-record $1m speeding penalty
  17. kurtdaley

    Worlds first full face transplant.

    Page 34 in the mail today, interesting piece about the Spanish male who has had the worlds first face transplant. Being a donor myself I wouldn't have any problems about any part of my body being donated to another human being. Would love to hear other peoples views on this.
  18. thebook

    New E Class Estate - Worlds Fastest?

    Whilst playing with the configurator on the MB website, I couldn't help but notice the top speed of the 350CDI - I was surprised to see it is much quicker than my coupe and I now understand why there will not be an AMG version (as it couldn't possibly keep up)!! I have attached an image below...
  19. wobbly

    Worlds most expensive motorbike ?

    Well it is a Ferrari !! FERRARI D.O.H.C - MOTORCYCLE - UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!! on eBay (end time 09-Sep-09 17:01:36 BST)
  20. S

    Worlds most dangerous driving roads... But some seriously nice views. Sorry if it has been posted already, but some of the views are immense and I really would like having a drive on some of these roads.
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