A/B Service mixup

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Oct 23, 2014
Hi all. I have a 2011 180 CGI that is still on main dealer servicing mainly for Mobilo life cover. My last service was 9000 miles ago in September 2015 and was an A3 service with brake fluid change, spark plugs and air filter. First of all they reset my service indicator wrong as it should be 15,500 between services and it was set to 9000. Also my car state sit is now overdue a B1 service but my local dealer and MyService are saying my Car issue a A1 service with pollen filter.

How can this this be if A & B are always supposed to alternate? I brought this up with the senior technician at the garage who looked at my last service and also recommended an A1 service. Totally confused. Happy days in one way as it will obviously be much cheaper but worried it will void my mobillife cover.

Anyone come across this before?
As long as it's an approved service i.e. not a 'Value' service your Mobilo will be fine.

It's possible the last service info has been incorrectly entered using STAR. You'll need some one to interrogate and using the service history correct?
Get it in writing that this won't affect your warranty if you are unsure, Or take the car to another garage to double check.
I think there is an issue with the mercedes service site, my car is saying B1 site is saying A1, they went through my history and the car is correct.
Last year before a B my car said an A was needed next, my next service this year is an A and it says B on the car
MyService is often wrong for my car. I think I have to tell it if the car is asking for an A or B service but then it hardly every pulls up the additional work properly.

In practice there's not much difference between an A and B service anyway - a service advisor on here said they do the same checks whatever the service. B has the pollen filter and key battery change.

Pretty well the only other things are brake fluid very 2yrs and then air filter and fuel filter (for diesel) and plugs (for petrol) every 4yrs - perhaps they might come up earlier for higher mileages. ATF seems to be either 3yrs, or, more recently, 5yrs.

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