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Yes, delivered next day, but they were ordered on a Saturday, so couldn't go out until the Monday. Arrived on the Tuesday.

Ah cool. I’ll use them next time ;)
I ordered a set of Michelin P4SS from Camskill the other day, £800 delivered to Inverness.
I have used Camskill for years and have never had an issue
This is going to be interesting.. Ordered 2 Hankook Van Tyres from Tyre Leader, best price apparently and free carriage...but they don't always get it right.. only found that out after placing the order, due Monday Or Tuesday at the latest...
I've just bought a set of Pirelli Sottozero 3 winter tyres for my Minivan (now is the time to buy them me thinks) from Camskill for £70 each. My local tyre company quoted me £142 each so quite a saving.
This is the second time with Camskill that they have taken the money then not been able to supply the tyre at the advertised price. Is there a pattern here where they offer really good deals then fail to supply your chosen tyre and hope you buy an alternative?
An update on my Camskill order for winter tyres. As they contacted me to say they could not supply the Sottozero's at the advertised price of £70 each I'd more or less given up but searching the internet I couldn't get them for less than £105. Last night Camskill had them advertised for £72 each so I bought four. Strange.
As I understand it for the most part they deal with the manufacturer/distributor directly and don't hold stock. Prices depend on availability and currency etc.
I just bought 2 tyres from Camskill - great service, can't fault. It's hard to find somewhere to bloody fit them though. The only local non-chain tyre place sounded offended at the idea when I called! (their loss as may well have resulted in resulted in future custom but there you go...)
Luckily my local tyre depot will fit for £15 a tyre including balancing but last time I needed 2 tyres had to go to ATS but was after fitting etc was only £5 a tyre more expensive and they could supply and fit the brand I wanted in 2 hrs
I’m fortunate that my daughter’s boyfriend is a mechanic and has access to the tyre fitting equipment :)
As I understand it for the most part they deal with the manufacturer/distributor directly and don't hold stock. Prices depend on availability and currency etc.

Yes you're right, I phoned them to read the riot act and the guy on the other end explained that the suppliers no longer had the stock. So I guess the moral is don't leave it until the last minute just in case the offer returns. I do remember Camskill were offering Michelin Pilot Super Sports that fitted my Phaeton for about £60 which I believe was a computer error, anyway they arrived and were perfect. I went back the day they arrived to order some more and they were back up to £160.
Just got a pair of tyres from oponeo.

Production date 1618 so won’t get much fresher !!
My 2p worth....used them mail order a few times without issue. Problem I found was charges to have them fitted by decent fitter almost wiped out savings. Now I just buy from Costco as they frequently have deals on with money off though choice of make is limited. They also do puncture repairs for a tenner.
I've bought 4 tyres in past as pay for 3 got one free due to cash off. Get them to write on receipt only 2 or whatever fitted and you can go back months or years later to have others fitted when needed. Only the receipt specifies car details so I guess they will only fit to that car.
I have used Camskill in the past and its a good service but over the last few years I have been using

Saving is amazing for the exact same trye that is on the car and that the dealer would fit.

Fitting isn't an issue with my local dealer either, we supply, they fit, £10 a tyre, happy days.
Let down by Camskill again!

I ordered two tyres and only one turned up - 3 days later still nothing - no apology just arrogance from their staff.
Not making any excuses for them but I guess most businesses (including couriers) are still clearing a backlog and perhaps a little chaotic from the Xmas/NY shutdowns etc (there’s only been 3 working days so far since the new year excluding today, 2 in Scotland?)

TBH I’ve not really seen much difference in delivery times ordering tyres or parts from European suppliers outside of the UK than from the mainland, and usually better customer service too!
I usually buy all the tyres in the household (lets just say parents are happy to go to a dealer and spend £££££ so I save them the cash!)

I've almost always used Tyreleader with no issues. The Lexus dealer (both parents cars are Lexus) fit at £10 a corner + VAT

On my previous car, used Kwik Fit Mobile tyres and again, decent service, seem to be less pressured for time so no chunks taken out of the wheel too

Have found that Camskill just aren't competitive enough compared to Tyreleader in the past, sometimes due to their delivery costs
Never been able to order from camskills. Once you factor in the hassle of finding a garage who will fit them for you, the savings are nothing really.

Last time I just used Blackcircles, ordered the tyres (Michelin PS4s), booked with a garage. No fuss, turn up, tyres changed and wave bye bye.

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