Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I break!

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Apr 27, 2015
Mercedes C Class Coupe 2012 C204 180 CGI
Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I brake!

Right this is driving my insane.

I have just finished painting my brake calipers I did it by leaving them attached to the car so there hasn't been any air introduced to the system. Simply detached the calipers from the mounts removed brake pads and shims, cleaned everything then got my paintbrush out.

So, now for some reason my brake pedal feels a bit longer than it usually was ( I am running braided hoses so the pedal was quite firm to begin with) and with quite a bit of effort with the engine running the pedal will go within maybe an inch of the floor.

Also every single time I even touch the brake pedal I can hear a distinct single click coming from under the dash at the passenger side. I got my girlfriend to brake for me whilst trying to listen/ feel for the clock and it doesn't seem to be coming from the calipers however when I put my hand on the abs pump I can feel it clicking on/ off every single time the brake pedal is pressed!

I am assuming the issues are connected but does anyone have any ideas??

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could you have possibly damaged or disturbed one of your reluctor rings? They are soft iron and rust away, eventually breaking. Not had this problem on a Mercedes yet but seen it on several other cars and you tend to get spurious ABS activations a bit like you describe.

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