1. Chugg

    New first time Merc owner

    Hi folks, Just bought a 2011 E350 CDI Sport Estate. Only had it a couple of days so early days yet, but so far I'm happy with it. A little worried about service and maintenance costs, but hey, we'll see how it goes. I'll be having a good read of the forums, maybe ask some (daft!:rolleyes:)...
  2. D

    First time Merc buyer

    Morning All, Firstly thanks to the mods for allowing me to join the site, much appreciated :D I've been having a good read for the last couple of days (yes some of the 350E threads are really that long) and so thought I'd better sign up as its getting nearer decision time. I'll keep...
  3. D

    engine cuts out from time to time

    Hello everyone I have a peculiar problem with my car. It is a facelift 2005 Mercedes 200 cdi. The car starts perfectly fine, however now and then the engine will cut out either immediately after starting or right when I put it in revers (I have to back out from my drive in reverse) and start...
  4. J

    New C63s Delivery Time

    Hi Guy New to this forum and first post so be gentle!! This week I ordered a new C63s Coupe with the Matt selenite grey paint, Matt black wheels, premium package, air balance, head up display and the full carbon fibre package inside and out. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've...
  5. brucemillar

    117 year old shipwreck seen on sonat for the fisrt time.

    Ghostly 117-year-old shipwreck briefly emerges for first time on sonar
  6. M

    C350e - Lead Time

    Hi Everyone - new to the forum and have just taken the plunge and ordered a C350e in Polar White with PP and Night Package. Been told to expect delivery in January - interested to hear from anyone else who has ordered in last month or two to see if this is typical or whether it's likely to be...
  7. Herishi

    Glow time output stage (Glow plug relay) can bus?

    doe anyone know if the glow time output stage is on the can bus on a 211 2007 3.0 V6 Diesel? Part number A 642 900 58 01 I have a glow plug warning light on my dash ( though no issues starting) and when I read the error codes I get a Can Controller "Can bus OFF 1 2 4 8" error Thank for...
  8. jdrrco

    Cat amongst pigeons time...

  9. E

    First Time Mercedes Owner

    Today I ordered a C250d AMG Line, Premium Plus, 19" Alloys, Selenite Grey. I've owned VWs, Volvos and an Audi in the past, this is my first Mercedes! Looking and trying a car beats YouTube videos I have learned. I like Audis and VWs and I thought I would get the 2017 A4 S-Line. How wrong I...
  10. Alexf

    Worst Cars Of All Time

    Worst Cars Of All Time Thread Inspired by CLSMark disgust at the Range Rover Evoque I introduce the Worst Cars Of All Time thread! Post pictures of cars you truly despise, be it their ability, appearance or modifications. Vent that rage :devil:
  11. Markymarkf

    time for a change

    Well that's it and deal done. Decided to have a change from Mercedes and have ordered a Range Rover Sport, i hope i don't come to regret this. Just the wait until September now. The part exchange price could have been a little better but i got a good deal. I still have plenty of time...
  12. G

    Customised Knob - Decision Time ;)

    My custom gearshift handle is almost ready - the leather part and the carbon fibre hydrographic parts are done. The only question remaining - which top to go for? Rather surprisingly, the silver AMG top looks very much 'in place', and the black MB star ... not quite? Opinions? BTW...
  13. S

    first time MB owner, new member

    Hi All, I've just purchased a 2002 C200 Kompressor Coupe. 2 litre Auto. 75k on the clock, full service history Pretty tidy, only a few cosmetic niggles (all interior except for the yellow headlamps) Like all things, they take a bit of getting used to. If the road is a little uneven I do...
  14. J

    new member - first time amg owner

    hi all picking up my new amg today so thought i would join and say hello. will post some pics later best james
  15. S

    Another first time owner

    Bought myself a 2015 E220 SE estate last weekend. Tenorite grey. My Labradoodle loves the headroom in the boot and I'm getting to grips with the auto box. Certainly makes crawling up the m3 a little easier on my left leg. So far all good, thanks for running an active forum.
  16. D

    I wish it was time!

    Keep seeing great deals. :doh:
  17. C

    New ish - looong time lurker!

    Hi guys, Used to have a old C230 - hence being a new member for nearly 10 years! Been looking at the merits of the Jag SV8, S6 and of course E55. The later is certainly the preferred choice. Any other ideas that might fit the bill - I have an optimistic budget of around 8k, fortunately...
  18. M

    New member - Car stolen before time to say hi

    I joined about a month ago after my wife got her first Mercedes. A 2008 model/09 reg 280 CLK Sport convertible. As she is disabled she only drives short distances when she is not in too much pain or too fatigued. The rest of the time I drive her for work etc in her car. We had a VW CC for last 3...
  19. BIRMA

    I'm back again with a CL65 AMG this time

    After much thought I have bought myself a 2007 CL 65 AMG it is immaculate and has a truly staggering turn of speed Warp factor 4 Mr Sulo as they say.
  20. N

    Time lapse engine rebuild.

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