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Jun 28, 2002
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Just thought I'd I'd pass on my experience with "Leatherique", the leather conditioner and restorer made in the USA but obtainable from Norway...

Norway? Erm, yes, here's the Web site:

It may also be available from selected suppliers in the UK as well, but I wanted to try the on-line ordering avaiable from Norway. This was faultless and the stuff arrived in 4 days. It's NOT cheap by the way and you do need a fair amount of it as well.

I ordered the "Rejuvenator Oil" and "Pristine Clean". One cleans the leather and the other reconditions it. The Oil is applied first.

Application was by hand, rubbing it in WELL in both cases. The MOST important thing I found was that the "Rejuvenator oil" needs heat to work. It's necessary for the pores of the hide to open sufficiently for the oil to get well into the leather. There are ways round this - applying it on a baking hot day (which I did in the summer) or covering the leather with a towel to help it cook. You could even use a hair dryer if you were careful. Insufficient heat gives a rather disappointing result apparently.

In my case, the "Rejuvenator Oil" was applied by hand and the coated leather was then left for 36 hours to "cook" in the car in 35C heat. On returning to the car, I noticed a sticky residue on all the leather, which was rather grubby and nasty looking!

Undeterred, I then applied the "Pristine Clean" as per the instructions on the Leathermotive Web site. The horrible sticky mess vanished almost instantly and the "Cream Beige" leather in my 500SE became noticeably much lighter and many of the dirt filled lines had vanished. (Although no colour bled from my leater, I did find a small amount of colour bleed when using the cleaner on a handbag of my wifes, so be careful.)

On completion and after removing any excess from the 500SE's leatherwith a dampish towel, the feel and the finish of the leather was superb! It was both soft and resilient feeling and smelled nice! It was noticeably cream coloured rather than dirt coloured!

I can really recommend Leatherique IF you can get the leather warm enough and don't mind elbow grease. Check the Website above for loads more details and also for details of the leather crack filler and dye. I haven't tried these but they seems to rave about them in the USA!

(No, I'm NOT on commission!)

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Jun 3, 2002
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Thanks for the great write up :) This stuff looks interesting. Maybe a task to be performed with the engine running and the a/c switched to full fan and full heat mode ;) I think 35°C days will be few and far between over the next 6 months :p

I've certainly been disappointed with the leather care products that I've tried from Hellfrauds and they're not that cheap either.

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