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  1. Omega

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    Mar 9, 2007
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    I'm almost ready for a pair of tyres for the front.

    I am replacing Michelin Primacy's.

    The last time I looked into this, I saw someone on this (or similar MB forum) recommending Marangoni's. He thought they were a good all round transaction - so I tried a pair on the rear.
    After looking around, I decided to try mytyres. I was due to go away for a week or so, so thought I'd get 'em before I went. I called mytyres and asked - point blank - if they had two tyres right there to send out immediately. They said "YES. They are here in the UK". I ordered a pair.

    They never did arrive before I went away,,,, or indeed whilst I was away,,,, or for another couple of weeks after that. In that time I sent 7 emails asking about delivery, ALL of which were ignored. When the tyres did arrive,,,, they'd come from Germany !

    Luckily I wasn't desperate when I ordered, otherwise I’d have been livid. As it was, I’d made arrangements with a neighbour to take them in whilst I was away, so he had to wait around on my behalf. Of course I couldn’t settle whilst away & kept calling the neighbour to enquire about the status. In the end – nothing.

    As my emails never did get replies, I wrote to the M.D of mytyres, asking why I was lied to and if he expected me to shop there again. You guessed it – he didn’t reply.
    This isn’t ambiguous – they told me a downright lie – use at your peril.

    I had the tyres fitted locally. What immediately struck me is that they seem quite ‘narrow’ compared with the same size Michelins. I had intended to swap these with the front ones, but on the way home from the fitters, I noticed that they did lose traction a few times. I put this down to them being shiny new/polished rubber and thought that they’d settle down after a bit of scuffing. To be honest, I think they might have settled down just a teensy bit, but still sometimes lose traction when pulling away. It’s long time since I was a boy racer (a hell of a long time) & do drive quite sedately. I decided not to put ‘em on the front.

    I’ve just done 2000 miles on ‘em and checked them this morning. To be truthful, I can’t say that they are wearing fast or slow yet. I didn’t measure the tread depth at new – a thing that I intend to do on the next ones – just to monitor wear.

    Because of the lack of traction now & then, I won’t be using Marangoni’s on the front,,,, sooooo,,, whilst not wanting the cheapest rubber, I don’t want to pay over the odds just for a brand name.
    What’s the current consensus of reasonably priced tyres ?

    If I remember right, either the UK DoT - or globally – was going to change in tyre law or manufacturing standards. Any news on that ?

    Cheers all
  2. artyman

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    Mar 4, 2011
    C 200 CDI Sport
    I replaced my fronts with Continental Contact 3's a short while ago, seem to be OK the bottom of the car isn't dragging along the road :D

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