My experience with the 30 day exchange scheme...

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Oct 3, 2004
Sudbury, West London
Merc S212 E350 CDI BlueEfficiency Sport 256bhp, Suzuki GSX-650F, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Dynamic
We bought a used E220 S212 recently with Audio 50 Navigation, but it turns out that you cannot do full postcode search on it and there is no way to upgrade it to do so (confirmed by Mercedes). This function is critical for is, so we decided to change the car. We have had the car for 26 days and it has done 650 miles.

So, today we popped down to MB Park Royal where we had bought the car...and they couldn't be more helpful. We agreed on a replacement car, after searching through their group stock (the sales manager said that policy states that we have to choose from the stock in the branch, but since he hasn't got anything appropriate in he will get a car especially for us). The new car is more expensive by some £3000, is a couple of months older and has some 8000 more miles on the dial, but has a better engine and is loaded with far more options than just the sat nav. Hopefully next week, instead of the E220cdi we will have a E350 CDI BlueEfficiency Estate Sport (265bhp!) with the following:

Type Code Description Price Category Qty
0 275 Memory package front seats 1,000.00 A 1
0 413 Panoramic glass sunroof 1,191.49 A 1
0 512 COMAND APS incl Navigation update (3 YRS.) 1,859.57 A 1
0 537 Digital radio DAB 272.34 A 1
2 775 Iridium silver metallic 536.17 A 1
9 SPT Sport 1,276.60 A 1
0 062 Factory Code (filter heating system) 0.00 S 1
0 213 Direct Steering 0.00 S 1
0 230 PARKTRONIC incl. Parking Guidance 0.00 S 1
0 236 LED daytime driving lights 0.00 S 1
0 244 Sports seats 0.00 S 1
0 249 Mirrors package 0.00 S 1
0 265 Omission of line designation on centre console 0.00 S 1
0 277 AMG 3-spoke sports steering wheel 0.00 S 1
0 279 Electronic gear selection 0.00 S 1
0 287 Rear seats - split folding 1/3:2/3, with through-loading facility. 0.00 S 1
0 291 Pelvis bag 0.00 S 1
0 294 Kneebag driver's side 0.00 S 1
0 309 Double cup and bottle holder 0.00 S 1
0 427 7G-Tronic - 7-Speed Automatic 0.00 S 1
0 428 DIRECT SELECT shift paddles 0.00 S 1
0 461 Instrument cluster with mileage reading 0.00 S 1
0 474 Particle filter 0.00 S 1
0 477 Tyre pressure loss warning system 0.00 S 1
0 518 Media Interface including consumer cable set 0.00 S 1
0 51U Roof liner fabric black 0.00 S 1
0 551 Anti-theft warning system and immobiliser 0.00 S 1
0 580 Automatic climate control 0.00 S 1
0 600 Headlamp wash 0.00 S 1
0 608 Adaptive Main Beam Assist 0.00 S 1
0 619 Cornering light function 0.00 S 1
0 621 Intelligent Light System with bi-xenon, LED daytime running lights o0.00 S 1
0 666 Vehicle freight packaging without lashing 0.00 S 1
0 677 Direct Control suspension 0.00 S 1
0 690 Spare wheel - space saver 0.00 S 1
0 736 Wood finish, black ash 0.00 S 1
0 772 AMG bodystyling 0.00 S 1
0 786 AMG twin-spoke wheels 45.7 cm (18") 0.00 S 1
0 801 Technical modifications (01) 0.00 S 1
0 817 Housing for alarm siren (ATA) 0.00 S 1
0 81P Software update for 512/527 COMAND 0.00 S 1
0 873 Front seats - heated 0.00 S 1
0 875 Heated windscreen wash system 0.00 S 1
0 882 Alarm system with immobiliser and interior protection 0.00 S 1
0 885 Enhanced anti-theft protection 0.00 S 1
0 915 80 litre fuel tank 0.00 S 1
0 928 Emission control system with EU5 technology 0.00 S 1
0 950 AMG sports package 0.00 S 1
0 954 Avantgarde 0.00 S 1
0 966 CoC document EU5 without Reg. Cert. Part II 0.00 S 1
0 989 Identification label under windshield 0.00 S 1
0 B12 Tyre-change toolkit 0.00 S 1
0 K10 Cornering Light System 0.00 S 1
0 K11 Adaptive brake lights 0.00 S 1
0 P54 Anti-theft protection package 0.00 S 1
0 R01 Tyres steering code 1 0.00 S 1
0 U01 Rear belt status indicator 0.00 S 1
0 U18 Automatic child seat recognition sensor 0.00 S 1
0 U26 AMG Floormats velour 0.00 S 1
0 U60 Active Bonnet, pedestrian protection 0.00 S 1 4

The car is being brought in (it was brand new in group stock, not even a photo yet) and should arrive at the dealership within the next three or four days. I have left my current car with them - this was my choice, they did offer that I can keep the current car and keep using it until the new one comes if I prefer. I will update the thread with details of how the process progresses, but I have to say that until now I have been very pleasantly surprised as to how easy it is to swap the car over :)

MB Park Royal do seem to know what customer service is about - one of the better dealers I've encountered.
Am I right in thinking that MB Park Royal only sells used MBs?
I've been looking for that model with a spec like that for ages. Well done to you and MB Park Royal
Sounds like you got a great deal, much nicer car........and well done PR for customer focus!

Mind might want to look the other way when paying for a full 80 litres of splash!
Mind might want to look the other way when paying for a full 80 litres of splash!

Coming from a LandRover Discovery, which took the same amount of fuel or maybe a bit more and did less than 300 miles on it (best ever 399 miles, worst ever 230, brim to brim) -- I think I'll be quite happy with what the E350CDI does with 80 litres ;-)
No full postcode search on sat nav sounds proper ancient!

Tell me about it. It really took me by surprise, on a car which is less than three years old!
I do think this was an easy deal to make though...

More expensive car etc... It would be more challenging if there was no money in it for the dealer.

Still new one sounds very nice
A couple of questions --

1. Is the "427 7G-Tronic - 7-Speed Automatic" different to what people refer to as 7G-Tronic Plus? If so what are the differences?

2. What are the "sports seats" like? Didn't really notice those, but I need something comfortable for long journeys -- these aren't designed for taking the thing round a race track rather than a motorway are they?

3. Been reading a bit and it seems the sport model is 15mm lower than standard; combined with 18" wheels will that lead to a very harsh ride?

We hopefully get to test-ride on Monday, but I'm thinking and planning ahead for what to check (if we swap to this car and don't like it we don't get to swap again!).

Thanks for your thoughts,

1 - Not certain about the gearbox designation, but if there is a difference, it'll be very small.

2 - Sports seats usually have higher sides on the bolster and the back, in order to give more lateral support when you corner on two wheels. :) Only way is to try them - I liked them and wifey hated them!

3 - The 211 with sport suspension that I had could be described as firm, but not harsh. Again, best tried yourself. Don't forget that tyres can make a vast difference to the ride quality.
You've got a peach of a car there. Mine's the facelift, but I suspect there's not a lot of difference except the LED lights and a few bits & bobs. The AMG suspension isn't a problem at all, the car rides very well. On a test drive I found the sports seats rather too firm, even after adjusting things so I went for the leather and dynamic seats. Having said that, the demonstrator was factory fresh so the seats might give a little over time.

Depending on which version of Command you have got, you may also be able to put your own speed cameras, MaccyD, etc. in on an SD card, complete with audio warning. Do a forum search for how to do it.

I'm particularly jeleaous of the pano roof - delivery time for one when I ordered was sometime never so in the end I had to delete it. But check your insurance, some of them don't include it as part of the glass and if you get any damage it's a full claim and a hit to your NCD.

Cracking car, enjoy.

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Test drive tonight! Am excited!

I've looked around a bit and it seems that the newer 7G+ Gearbox would add some 3-4mpg, a pity it doesn't have that. Anyone have any real-world experience of the difference?
Very well done - S212's are very complete cars, especially at 265bhp. :thumb:.
Hi Nice change of car. It looks like almost exactly the same spec as mine (no Dab for me - although I am considering getting it fitted). The lack of 7 digit postcode for Audio 50 is very odd.

You also can't get a reversing camera fitted to Audio 50. Mine has "hearse spec" tinted windows (it came with it) and so Comand for me since I wanted a reversing camera retrofitted by Comand Online.

The 7G-tronic Plus has I beleive torque lock up in lower gears, although I don't know whether your E350cdi has Plus or non-Plus from your data card. How old is the car?
The car is on a 60 plate, here are the dates from the data card:

Production Req. Date: 03/11/2010
Production Conf. Date: 14/12/2010
Spec Amend Date: 24/10/2010
Engine Amend Date: 07/10/2010
Adopted Date: 31/12/2010
Dealer ETA Date: 20/12/2010
Actual Comp.(Final inspection) Date: 14/12/2010
Left Factory Date: 14/12/2010
Left Port Date: 17/12/2010
Arrived DCUK Date: 21/12/2010
Registration Date: 31/12/2010

Any idea how I could find out whether it's Plus or non-Plus?


The easiest way to tell is if you have stop/start which is only on the Plus gearbox but this isn't definite - my late 2012 hasn't got stop start. Maybe the CO2 tax rating will be different for the Plus equipped E350cdi?

A nice video about the Plus innovations from Merc

Mercedes-Benz 7G-TRONIC Plus Transmission - YouTube

Personally I wouldn't be worried. Both are good gearboxes.
I thought if the gear selector was column mounted, it indicated 7G+.
It doesn't have stop/start. The video says that the plus improves the fuel consumption...half a litre per 100km, 7% (or up to 11% in conjunction with stop-start). It also says a reduction of up to 17g/km of CO2.

My road tax will be £200/year, which seems to match this car:

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (10 on) E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY (265bhp) Sport 5d Tip Auto - MPG, Dimensions & Performance | Parkers

(VED Band H). I'd imagine one with plus would be a lower band, although I can't find one on Parkers.

Bah, I'm stressing over facts and figures ;-)

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