1. bob6600

    Ford's scrappage scheme

    Unlike others, this is Diesel AND Petrol***id=CJrIysbq6tUCFSsq0wod-Z8Meg
  2. grober

    £2,000 bmw diesel scrappage scheme
  3. Mr Filipov

    COMAND NTG4.5 Color Scheme

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone has either done it or knows if it can be done. I have a 61 plate 2012MY E350 CDI with NTG4.5. It has the brown/black colour scheme, which I do not mind, but would prefer the newer one black/grey/red. I know these are two different versions in terms of...
  4. John Jones Jr

    Diesel scrappage scheme

    This might be of particular interest to owners of older diesels. £8,500 for YOUR old banger: Ministers plan HUGE scrappage scheme for diesel cars and vans | Cars | Life & Style |
  5. trillion

    Rumour of a diesel scrapage scheme.

    For cars over 10 years old because of pollution. Just heard it on the local radio so don't know any more.
  6. John

    Good Garage Scheme.

    A few years ago, my inde handed me my receipt in a wallet from the afore-mentioned. I just presumed they had joined a scheme for Joe Public to be able to look up good garages - bit like Trust a Trader, Checkatrade etc. But, I heard nothing more in the intervening years and I looked earlier...
  7. V12

    W126 Estate 260KM, Challenging colour scheme

    China blue bodywork and bright red Very interesting conversion none the less. ??????? ???? ????
  8. flowrider

    MB Approved Used scheme

    Does anyone know what is checked on an Approved Used car. I have read somewhere that tyres are replaced if below 4mm of tread, what else is upgraded or replaced. Thanks
  9. Dave Richardson

    Part number needed or WIS scheme sketch

    I've just replaced the centre air vent in my 2002 CL203 with one that has illuminated dials. The e bay seller had cut the cable just away from the plug that fits into the socket which is mounted to the air vent; there are two wires coming form the plug 1 wire is brown & the second blue with...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    List of all Vehicles Lost During the 2009 Scrappage Scheme

    Some sad reading here, lots of Mercs :( Link to full List
  11. R

    cockpit colour scheme

    Hi Guys please could anyone tell me what the real colour scheme is for the APS command unit for example what is the actual colour scheme for the rewind and fast forward buttons is it matte black or jet black or onyx black etc i hope you get my jist I really want to know as I wana be able to...
  12. cinek

    IPhone replacement scheme.

    Some of you might have experienced some issues with the sleep button on your phone. If that is the case, enter your phone's serial number to see if you are eligible for free repair.
  13. BTB 500

    M-B Guildford discount scheme

    Had an email today from Sandown Mercedes-Benz, the new name for Tony Purslow (M-B Guildford). Looks like they are continuing with TP's previous discount scheme for older M-Bs IIRC they had a discount scheme for cars aged 6-9 years too, so I guess that will still exist.
  14. SimonsMerc

    My experience with the 30 day exchange scheme...

    We bought a used E220 S212 recently with Audio 50 Navigation, but it turns out that you cannot do full postcode search on it and there is no way to upgrade it to do so (confirmed by Mercedes). This function is critical for is, so we decided to change the car. We have had the car for 26 days...
  15. The _Don

    Larger home extensions: Neighbour consultation scheme

    Tremendous timing i am just about to extend !
  16. Mr. B

    Disabled /blue badge scheme

    Do we have any views on the abuse of the disabled / blue badge scheme ? I hear it's big business in the cities where a badge can be exchanged for £100's.
  17. D

    Main Dealer Seven Plus Scheme

    Marshall Motor Group 7 plus scheme. Mercedes-Benz at Marshall Motor Group Does anyone have any experience and feedback on the service...
  18. EDZ649

    Not sure about the paint scheme on this...

    1990 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Automatic Two Tone Blue on eBay (end time 05-Dec-10 12:48:24 GMT)
  19. bouncer

    Final salary pension scheme

    In my day job our company Have announced that they are considering closing the final salary pension scheme as thay can not afford to keep it, and have given us 60 days consultation period. This started on the 29th march. So far I have received a letter come statement of what its worth, and I...
  20. N

    Is there any way to rescue a car in the scrappage scheme?

    Today I saw a one owner 'J' reg Austin 1300 with 30K miles in pretty near immaculate nick, & that's mighty unusual for a nearly 40 y.o. 1300, which had been sent to it's death in the scrappage scheme. In a darkish almost French blue with a grey interior it still looks fresh inside if you can...
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