New arrival - wife not happy, but I am alive to tell the tale..

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Stephen, any pics of your car? Sounds lovely. :D
Stephen, any pics of your car? Sounds lovely. :D

Would love to but I'm new to this internet stuff and haven't yet got the hang of posting digital photos.

I'm expecting new Aero 1 wheels for the SEC shortly and will have a go once they are fitted. No idea when that might be, apparently they are on a container ship from Japan.

Interesting to note your Mini Cooper. To keep the pressure off my Mercs I had to buy the wife a New Model Mini Cooper S Auto last May. Although it's a superb car the ride and suspension really shows how good the Mercs are overall. The daft thing is that it cost as much as the two Mercs combined would produce if I were ever to sell them. Fortunately the Minis have very low depreciation so I don't cry too much at night.

Any Merc since 1995 has the dreaded reduced build quality and excessive electronics so although I'm tempted by the CL I'll probably never go there.

The 126 has more than enough gravitas to the extent that it never gets vandal damage in case it belongs to the local gangster. Some kids do take the chrome valve caps for their bikes though. I regard that as a charitable donation and keep plenty in stock. The CE has had several compliments from people who had them in the past and have nostalgia for them. One CLK owner wound down his window at a traffic light stop to ask about it.

As a local solicitor it wouldn't do to have the latest model but with the SEC and the CE I can drive around in style without creating resentment. All in all an ideal combination.
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Great reports,

Keep the pictures coming, still love the seat belt arm that used to come out for you in my dads old 500SEC.

Great car there Mudster! TBH - I do like my AMG's (well replica's I think) but the ride is a little on the firm side. Maybe a 17" option would be better. But does any one know if you can adjust the suspension? i know the rear is self leveling, but is this variable in some way or can the shock be changed?

mudster, stephen, jay & KLP - we should all meet up and go for a cruise! Imagine pulling into a car park in convoy - people will think the Mafia have returned!

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