Replacing tyres on a lease car

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My dog car has ancient tyres of unknown ancestry.

The car had been standing for 18 months and had flat spots which have ironed out over the last 6 months, I’ve never checked the pressures but they look OK and the MOT was passed with no advisories.

Me and the boy are still alive, the ride is great on 15” alloys, loads of tread left on them too.
Are you serious, about all the above.

When I bought my one time used tyre, the following is what I and my go to tyre fitter checked.

1) Same brand as my other 3 tyres, Goodyear MO
2) how much thread, 7mm
3) Even tyre wear, yes
4) Sidewall damage, No
5) Bulges, cracks or puncture repairs, None
6) Air leaks after fitting, None
7) Date, 1 year old.

in my eyes the above are the only checks joe public can reasonably do. As I mentioned earlier, to date I have not had a issue, and have done motorway journeys with it.

That said fully appreciate and understand not all used tyres would be like the one I had purchased, so one have to be careful with them.
1 year old used tire with 7mm thread depth, same pattern and same brand, same series that's a winner. How is this part of the above argument? What you used is clearly a usable tire. But is the OP carrying out these checks? The debate here is mixing eco with off road, or all season with sport compound with varying thread life and age. Some are even running the skinny wheel and tire as well. There must be a reason the engineers have printed 80 KMPH on those spares. The road and safety authorities and tire manufacturers are asking not use old and used rubber compounds. Why are you going against the world? You are not even against the points I made, you are against the directorate of road safety and global tire companies advice from their in house engineers and researchers. Carry on .
It’s part of the argument where you said that “ use tyres will land you in a sure collision “
'USED'. And there was never an argument about that. Some of you wanted one. The OP never argued. And I have evidence from a credible authority stating the same. You do not.

Do we not all agree that this thread has brought up some interesting points for discussion but that discussion has now reached its conclusion?
Yes it’s done, we all have our own opinion, and in my case replacing a premium tyre for £125 on the same axle as my £125 tyre will not cause a 360 spin or collision. I’m out.
I found this really interesting video about the perils of fitting part-worn tires to your car :-

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Dont drive on oil with mixed tyres a collision is likely .
Especially if it’s raining!

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