What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

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Drove from Woking to Nantwich and back. Mainly motorway; M25/M40/M42/M6.

Really appreciate the E63 on such a long journey; just don't remind me of the fuel cost ;)


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New wipers front and rear on all of our cars. Good time to replace them as the frosts should be behind us now, and maximum effectiveness is useful for April showers.
Thought I'd give it a good cleaning yesterday, backs of the wheels, under the wheel arches etc. Decided that the hubs were looking tatty so a quick sanding down and spray with some silver paint I had and looking good.

Unfortunately, the pads were looking decidedly low and, upon inspection, all showed signs of the material starting to break up. I had front ones already which I'd not got round to fitting, so they went on first and I then popped down to my local dealer to pick the rears up. I must admit to it being a simpler job than expected and everything went according to plan, apart from the n/s front pads which didn't want to come out of the calliper though were eventually persuaded.

All now done, and ready for the nice spring drives I have planned for it. :D
Car is currently with Mike at MB Medway for new front Discs & Pads, ATF & Filter change, and SW updates for Engine & Transmission. He's finally got STAR, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my cars [emoji106]

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Washed and polished it yesterday.
Short drive around local area this morning to try and find some suitable photo locations, given clouds in the sky was not going to be ideal. Car now has dust and dirt on it, did not stay clean for long!
Decided to paint my callipers today. :D


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Fitted new cover from 'Classic Additions'............very pleased with it.


Stuffed a rolled up double mattress on the back seat because the privatised Ashford recycling center wouldn't allow the van in or allow me to walk in with it. Diabolical. Now have to go back tomorrow as well. Not happy about all of that. The council tip were more flexible and discretionary. Rant over!

Earlier I scrubbed the tyres to get brown earth strains off, dried them then applied a dressing (Auto Finesse Gloss), rolling the wheels around to get a double, even coating.

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Simple oil and filter change!!!!!!

Changed oil,and filter and fit the dimple sump plug,
Easy job until removal of black oil filter housing which was in bits inside filter,
Must have happened in the past and was just refitted,the oil was filthy,
And had been in the car for 9000 miles,anyway new housing purchased, new filter fitted and torqued to 25nm filled with nice Mercedes oil.
All oil tight and running well
Thanks to mike at Mercedes Newcastle for supply of bits in super quick time
Sailed through another MOT without any advisories, they don't make cars like they used to thank god.
Bloody hell! Is every one OK?

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No injuries, offside headlight completely gone, bumper and wing will need replacing.
Mobilo works though, RAC picked up and dropped off at the garage no fuss.

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