What would you do? (Long and drawn out)

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It will have been shunted around a bit, left runing maybe and then also had a spirited test drive.
I would doubt any fuel has been drained.
Just a quick update.

The only problem we have now is, the new lock must be exceptionally heavier than the old one,

Maybe the new one is modified and made from Lipowitzâ metal.:rolleyes: Does the car lean to the passenger side now..?:D
Just another update, after having the car back for 2 days now, we have driven around 80 miles, and the fuel gauge hasn't moved from the position that it was in when we got the car back


We are not going to put petrol in, as it seems the dealer has fitted our car with a magic fuel tank, one which produces exactly the same amount of fuel that we use, so therefore we don't want to break this magic spell as yet.

Either that, or the car has developed yet another fault. I joked to the Group MD when we got the car back on Thursday that perhaps we should book the car in for Monday to have the next fault fixed, he laughed.

When is this going to bloody well end?
I am late to this thread and it is clear that pre-delivery was never done. These cars stand around in holding areas for months and the moving parts bind up and get noisy.

The dealer employs people with little or no experience or has a low wage. So the knowledge base is very thin. Stupidly they think it is possible to fix a control arm / sway bar noise by adjusting the striker plate.

The door was just plain rotten luck but I wonder if it could come up on the diagnostic in the door controller as a stored fault.

Clearly the car had barely been near a diagnostic also. Things like rear / side door locks not working certainly does trigger a fault code. The water or the tailgate harness were clearly at fault (no brainer there).

The dealer is operating with its eyes closed. They really dont have the right staff.
Before realising the fuel had got so low, I called the Drayton Group MD to talk about the level of service they have offered during the repairs, and why faults were not picked up during a central locking test, but he was happy to tell me the service we recieved was very good, and he couldn't seem to see why I was unhappy.

It would appear to me that the dealer takes the high ground and insists that they are wonderful. It is chapter 1 in the handbook from the Nero school of Economics.
When is this going to bloody well end?

from experience with trying to get faults fixed on a Zafira (they really can be that bad) you may find it worth a drive to the nearest dealer that is not in that group. I had a zafira in and out of the service dept at the now defunct Dixon Motors multiple times, Maple Garage Vauxhall (20 miles away) fixed it first time, and always provided a free loan car.

My first port of call would be to ring another MB dealer and get it booked in, get an email address off them and send them a full list of the problems you're having and they should be eager to get a load of warranty work booked in and the future servicing and probably sales off you.

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