Would this be a poor buy? C63 content

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Interestingly (to me, anyway!) I think it’s not the seats per se- I think it’s the offset steering wheel making me twist when I’m driving with one hand. When I drove to Scotland and Morzine it was ok- I think because I got settled in and kept two hands lightly on the wheel with my back square to the seat. But- still a theory, and it’s definitely in my mind.

As I said - I was looking for a C63 which doesn’t have the offset wheel.

It sounds like the car has been for sale for a while and (from what I hear from Singapore!) values are softening in the UK, maybe they would take an offer? Unknown, but as has been pointed out- you can only buy what’s available.

If anyone has a C63 with Distronic and would like to sell it or has what they consider to be a better 6.2 E63 please speak up!

I did indeed have to get a rear subframe repaired- not keen on doing that again as it was not cheap.

In terms of headbolts how would I establish whether the engine in RB10 AMG are the revised versions (or not)?
If you can get the VIN, you can look up the engine number from the datacard and check against a figure that’s been posted before.

Or you could ask the seller for the engine number from the V5? :)

I’m sure if it’s been on sale since last year the seller would take an offer - nothing to lose by asking :thumb:
Yes it seems so (60658 seems to be the changeover)
Ok, one thing ticked off. I’m back in the UK from the 9th, I shall see if I can go and see the car.

Power delivery would, I imagine, be closer to my C55 than my E63?
It’s a bit different to that. The M156 likes to be revved, and comes alive the more you push it :cool:

It’s a totally different character to the M113 in your old C55 or the M157 in your old 5.5 E63.

The C55 is a bit of a wafter by comparison :)
It's a more "sporting" engine, apparently. Personally, I prefer the traditional iron-fist-in-velvet-glove approach of a big forced-induction engine most AMGs embody, but I'm old-fashioned (and old, tbf..:)).
Could someone please do the “specification from VIN” magic trick?

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What would a fair price in today’s market be?

I’ve lost touch with things in the UK out here- where a Honda N Box costs $160,000.
Try a offer at 20/21k to get the ball rolling?
It does look good, very good spec, and will go well. For that sort of money you could get an S with an M157 - more power, more torque - but if you want an N/A, the M156 it has to be. Neither will disappoint.

Lots of overheated language there, but you expect BS from high-end tin-pushers.

Shouldn't need head bolts - good.

One pretty good point, if accurate:; "During this period, the vendor has added a respectable 26,400 miles to the odometer, averaging a scarcely-believable 24.2mpg across this accumulated mileage." It certainly hadn't been thrashed or driven hard during that time, then.

If it went at auction for £25K two years ago, I doubt it is worth almost the same now, Ross Brawn OBE history or not. Somebody in the trade might be able to give you an accurate trade valuation to help you there.

But if it's what you want, and you could afford it even at the asking price, see what they'll take, then decide whether it's worth quibbling over the difference between that and what you want to pay.
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I wonder if you can use WBAC with a non UK number
I wonder if you can use WBAC with a non UK number
Non UK number?

WBAC values will be meaningless on a car like this. I posted up a thread a few years back where there was a 6k miler E63 being sold by a dealer for sensible money and people suggested it was worth buttons (using trade quotes etc)

But the car sold and I spoke to the dealer a while later when I was thinking of moving mine on (with very low miles too) and he was round to see it very promptly as the other one he reckons sold very quickly for asking price or close to it and had a lot of interest. I ended up selling mine back to said dealer for just £750 less than I paid a year prior (retail with full warranty, just serviced etc) - mine was immaculate but was also due big service the month after so I thought the running costs (£750!) for a year’s use were very reasonable.

If I’m honest this one does look very good but I’d rather it had slightly lower miles - but that’s just me :cool:

Price isn’t really too much of a worry either way IMHO. This car would have been probably £85k new and it’s £60k below that now. It won’t lose a lot more, and if you have it a year and lost £5k even then it’s still cheap motoring compared to a boring new car :)

Still - nothing to lose by opening with an offer. If they want to sell it they will listen :thumb:
If you’re seriously interested let me know, they are located less than 1/2 hour away from me - would be happy to appraise the car when I have time and could assist with negotiations if you want it :thumb:

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