1. Mr Fixit

    107 3.5 V8 project

    Bit of a tester;- we have just acquired one, it is literally a UK barn find covered in dust. Runs great, chassis is good but doors wings etc need restoration and a paint job! All bright work etc present and a complete car Any interest in taking this as it is, Car is near Colchester...
  2. E240estate

    W638 Vito 108 CDI OM611 injectors

    I need to replace one of my injectors, as I damaged it when removing it. Trying to work out what part number to go by. On the top of the injector cap it says 2306 1520 78827 and also 0985 435 053. As far as I can tell the number I need starts with 0445, but I cannot see this on the injector...
  3. T

    Vito 108 cdi wont rev over 3000rpm when warm.

    My Vito 108cdi 2003 with 99000 miles is playing me up again. I solved the non starting problem with having all 4 injectors overhauled, and now I've started to use it, when it gets near normal running temp it wont rev over 3000 rpm as if its got a limiter on it. Been advised it could be the mass...
  4. K

    Vito 108 cdi help

    Hi Guys I could do with some advice regarding my Vito 108 (03). Recently the van has been cutting out. Sometimes it has happened just after starting up, sometimes at idle but more concerning is that it has cut out a couple of times today just driving along. When it cuts out often the glow...
  5. K

    638 108 to 112 ecu swap

    Hi I would like to up the power on my 108cdi vito and have a complete 112 breaking. I know that the mechanicals are all the same in the versions of the vito and have done some research. It would appear that I can swap the ECU and intercooler and turn my 108 into a 112. Before I go ahead...
  6. E

    03 Vito 108 cdi fitting rear seats

    Evening, I'm going with the idea of a Vito as my family bus.. Looking about I've spotted what looks like a good deal on an 03 plate 108cdi but its a basic panel van. Im wondering how difficult it would be to fit rear seats.. I've done this Google search and even tried a search on forums but...
  7. B

    Vito 108 1999 replace rear park brake shoes?

    Hi Does anyone have diagrams and instructions on how to replace the parking brake shoes on a Merc Vito 108 1999? Thanks,
  8. J

    108 Cdi starting issue

    hello all new forum member and new vito owner and already a problem! Hopefully not the first of many haha anyway onto problem i recently purchased a 2001 mercedes vito 108cdi 80,000 miles really tidy bodywork service history ect all in good nick, with plans to convert into a dayvan/camper...
  9. C

    Vito 108 cdi issue

    hi there, i have been browsing the forum trying to find the issue i have but havent found a definitive answer, so hoping i may be able to find a solution by posting. Basically i have a 2000 vito 108 cdi, the ecu recently shorted out and melted. van was running perfect before hand. the ecu part...
  10. Y

    108 cdi vito

    hi i have a 108 cdi vito on a 51 reg does any one now the number for the osf inner drive shaft bearing ie the shaft from the box to the back on the engine as i dont wont to pull the van to bit to find the number incase it takes days to get a bearing and is a garente if a pull it to bits
  11. D

    vito 108 CDI rev counter problems

    hi guys i just recently purchased a 99 vito 108 cdi and the rev counter doesnt work any ideas what it might be thanks in advanced Danny
  12. W

    merc vito 108 cdi not starting

    hi im at my wits end with this thing bought it on ebay and last owner ran it out of diesel so we called aa and they got it running drove 200 miles home fine didnt miss a beat got home changed fuel filter bled it through fine started perfect left it over night strted fine then within 5 mins...
  13. T

    Vito 108 CDI info. wanted

    Hi I've just bought a 2003 Vito Dualiner 108 CDI 91K miles (so I'm the new kid on the block). It didn't come with a handbook, so my first question is where would I get one or is it going to be mega bucks from MB? What is the switch on the right of the dash next to the heater direction control...
  14. C

    VITO 108 CDI non start

    Hi all signed up one here because Ive been having a read and looks like a good site. Anyway I have a 1999 VITO 108 CDI. The engine just cut out one day whilst driving and wouldn't re-start due to being busy I just towed it back and left it parked for a week or so. Then when I went to...
  15. F

    vito 108 year 02 running cold

    New member here first post. I have a vito 02 108 150000 k on it. changed thermostat on it but still running cold goes upto 40on temp when stationery. When driving goes near 80 on temp drops down again if stationery for a short time. any1 have a clue whats going on. thanks
  16. S

    Vito 108 passenger seat base

    Hi I'm after a vito passenger seat base for a single seat I'm in Essex but will travel 07947835007 Steve
  17. B

    Vito 108

    Hi new member new to mercedes so will probably be asking lots of questions, will try to keep to the piont from now on Vito o/s/f sill has a water "leak" dripping from it I smelled and tasted it's just water is there a drain blocked somewhere that manifests it's self with these symptoms Andy.
  18. macchip

    vito traveliner 108 needs pimping out

    Hi im a new member just wanting ideas for my vito its a 638 in white on a 51 plate couple of scabs here and there but has a nasty weld on n/s sill any one know if i can get a sill new? Just bought hid kit and already fitted audi led's to headlights just want a couple of ideas of colour and mods...
  19. mustang

    2000 108 vito now breaking

    hi all . after my head gasket problem . i pulled out the head yesterday and number 2 piston is knackered . so im scraping it . the van has recently new parts , theses are - water pump alternator rear exhaust section 3 new tyres i also am keen to split it and sell what i can so let me know...
  20. mustang

    head gasket being done tomorrow on my vito 2000 108 cdi

    hi all , any pointers in the right direction ? as you may remember i have been running around for 6 months with seal up in the water of my van. was going to replace the van in the summer but unfortuatly yesterday it went through to the oil being burnt and i stopped it. have booked tomorrow off...
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