1. alanuk400

    1991 mercedes 300ce auto grey,with grey leather £695

    I don't know if this would be of any use to anyone 1991 MERCEDES 300CE AUTO GREY,WITH GREY LEATHER, PILLERLESS MERCEDES COUPE | eBay Alan
  2. J

    New road springs options and suspension re-fresh 1991 W124 300E

    Hello My old 300E feels like it needs a bit of a freshen up and I would like to start at the front end - It was up on a ramp and I was surprised how corroded the springs looked :eek: although the car is really exceptional underneath for the age. The front end has always looked a bit too low...
  3. E

    Wanted: Front Wings for 1991 300E

    Does anyone have a pair please? I dont mind having them repainted, but they need to be rot free. Thanks Nick (Im Near Nottingham)
  4. D

    Considering 1991 SL300 - advice

    Thinking of buying an SL 300 J reg . Did these have a problem with rust or was it before the cost cutting. The bodywork seems to be in pretty good nick. Anything to look out for?
  5. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300e-24 auto black

    Could go cheap: 1991 MERCEDES 300E-24 AUTO BLACK | eBay
  6. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300sl-24 auto convertible silver

    Looks like a decent price? 1991 MERCEDES 300SL-24 AUTO CONVERTIBLE SILVER HARDTOP EXTRA ££ | eBay
  7. Dieselman

    1991 Top Gear

    Old Top Gear season 1991 episode 1 part 2 - YouTube
  8. T

    E200 Auto (1991) sudden misfire

    I'm totally new to Mercedes (have and still have big old Citroens) and purchased a lovely low mileage (129k) estate three weeks ago. Picked car up from private seller in South of England and travelled back home via Scotland to Northern Ireland. The car behaved faultlessly apart from a slight and...
  9. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300e auto white - bin £495.00 - TAX/MOT, 101K

    Doesn't look to bad for the money: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  10. 300CE

    Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC 1991 J - BIN £1495

    Could be worth a punt at this price, but does make you wonder why the dealer won't at least put it through an MOT to see what, if anything, needs doing?! Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC 1991 J | eBay
  11. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300ce coupe auto stunning condition 20 service stamps!!

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  12. M

    1991 300-24v TE 7 seat

    I bought this car via ebay in 2010 with the intention of fixing it up over time whilst using it as a load lugger/dump run/ 5th bedroom/ touch parking/ narrow gap forcing kind of vehicle. As my project car is looking at it's 3rd engine rebuild and I'm also losing my free parking it must now...
  13. J

    Advice please - exhaust renewal W124 300e petrol 1991

    Advice please - where to buy etc.... It looks like the centre section has a pretty good hole in it and is blowing quite badly. KwikFit say 185 fitted (!) and I just called an exhaust supplier and they said 125 for the part alone. Not sure how I would get on fitting it myself with axle stands...
  14. PeterJim

    Advice on 1991 model 500 SL purchase

    Hi, I am looking to change my Vauxhall boring for a weekend use SL. I have seen a good price 500 SL with 80,000 miles in red, good body/mechanicals, slightly worn soft-top, some drivers seat wear, good hard top, no rust. Looks generally good all round but I have read it is better not to have the...
  15. design guru

    W126 300SE 1991 Pearl Blue with Grey Leather

    I am selling my much loved car. If you are seriously looking for one of these then I will not go into detail about this car as the car itself needs no introduction. This is a 1991 300SE W126. It is Pearl Blue with grey leather interior. It has a sunroof, electric windows and runs like a dream...
  16. N

    Tidy 1991 300TE 4-matic

    Thought this might interest someone, even if it is the hard-to-find-parts-for RHD 4matic version. Looks like a tidy car, but auction details are scant. 1991 Mercedes 300 TE 4MATIC AUTO 2 registered owners from new ESTIMATE:£1400-£1600 Available at Anglia Car Auctions - 21st Jan More...
  17. benzers

    Mercedes Benz E Class Estate 230TE W124 1991

    I bought this car in the beginning of August, from an owner that had the car for 17 years, and mainly used it for trips abroad, and driving to the train station. The car has a full service history. Before I bought it, in the last 2 years, the car has had a new radiator, front wishbones, a new...
  18. ringway

    Central Locking Problem after installing New Battery. 1991 124 230TE.

    I fitted a new battery to my 124 230TE today and now the central locking is not working properly. I took the battery off and then decided to do a few other small jobs before fitting the new battery, so the car was without the battery for perhaps an hour. The drivers door locks with the key...
  19. 300CE

    Rare 1991 jaguar xjs hatchback

    Something a bit different: RARE I991 JAGUAR XJS HATCHBACK | eBay
  20. 300CE

    1991 MERCEDES 300CE BLACK - AMG Kit

    no details in the description, but looks like a half decent spec with electric seats & rear blind (although the centre arm rest is a different colour): 1991 MERCEDES 300CE BLACK | eBay
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