1. design guru

    W126 300se Aerial 1991

    I am after an electric aerial and the chrome dome part which sits on the wing.
  2. C

    W124 300TE 1991 Belt Tension Spring

    The alternator tension spring has snapped on my 300TE, does anyone know a part number or where I can get one. I did have a look on europarts and its coming up with this :- Febi Bilstein Mercedes Benz | Euro Car Parts UK But im not sure as that's a damper it looks like this :-...
  3. Vlad_AMG

    Wanted 1991 w126 SEC factory leather seat covers

    Wanted 1991 w126 SEC factory leather seat covers in very good condition (Passenger or driver seat). Color 265, Creme\Beige Only Leather covers needed. Same as photos:
  4. Vectrolosys

    1991 300TE for sale

    Hello, It is with great regret that the time has come to sell my 1991 300TE (S124). Unfortunately, due to moving house and not being able to fit the vehicle into my garage, plus a forthcoming company car allowance and a 5 year age limit, the 124 has to go as I only have room for one classic on...
  5. R

    Heater slow on 1991 W126 500SE

    My heater takes about 10 minutes to heat up. Surely that's too long? Any ideas as to the likely fault? Should it heat up more quickly with aircon switched off? Thanks in advance
  6. D

    w129 500 sl 32v 1991 boils like kettle spares repairs

    1991 MERCEDES 500SL 32 AUTO CONVERTIBLE SILVER on eBay (end time 27-Nov-10 21:14:51 GMT)
  7. N

    1991 560sec

    I'm advertising this on behalf of a lifelong friend who needs a car more suitable for his growing family. This is the first place the car has been advertised. I helped him find this car in 2005 after he asked me what interesting older Mercs I'd suggest for him to consider instead of buying a...
  8. R

    1991 W1126 500SE rust under rear windscreen - how?

    This is a known weakspot on these cars and mine is now showing first signs of it. My question is how does the water get through? My guess is that water is leaking through between glass and rubber seal? If so is this because seal has dried and contracted slightly and therefore not...
  9. Sorry Pete

    1991 w124 230E saloon 41k miles!

    Bidding starts at £1500, but for the mileage and apparent condition it's very tempting. If I were in for a saloon... Still searching for a 230TE, damn! Ebay link [click]
  10. R

    1991 W126 500SE Towing eye?

    Car is stuck in field (don't ask!) Going tomorrow with friend in landrover to tow it out....can't remember where towing eye is? It is facing a hedge so I must tow it from rear, so if towing eye is at front where at the rear should I attach rope? Thanks.
  11. R

    Will this bumper fit my 1991 W126 500SE?

    Mercedes 300 SE Rear Bumper on eBay (end time 11-Sep-10 13:37:08 BST) Thanks Piers
  12. R

    1991 W126 500SE rust bubble on bumper

    I've a couple of tiny rust bubbles on the chrome(?) bumper inserts. Is there anything one can do to slow the progress of this corrosion? Thanks Piers
  13. W

    How to value my 1991 300E-24

    I am new to the forum following recommendation from my brother in law and looking for some advice please. I have had several MBs and currently run an E320 CDI which is one of my all time favourites. Languishing in my garage on a SORN is my beloved 1991 300-24, Signal Red, black leather...
  14. iscaboy

    1991 E 300 D W124-603 sedan

    My 3rd merc, (should have kept the 220se) and 2nd E300D (should have kept that one too) and I think I got lucky with this one (will post some pix later) as it has a few minor mechanical defects (the serp idler, small blow on zorst, "clack" when opening and closing driver door, and central...
  15. Benzsc1

    W124 1991 300E-24 Breaking

    Before anyone asks sorry but I am keeping the engine, auto box and engine wiring, ECU, brakes etc for a conversion into my 190E. Here is the car thats being broken. I really didn't want to do this but need must. :-/ The interior is in very good condition its mushroom leather (non electric)...
  16. M

    1991, 230te

    :confused:The tilt and close function ceased to work. Roof continued to be opened and tilted using forwards and backwards on the switch. Took the interior light and roof switch assembly out, unplugged the roof connector which then fell to bits creating a short which blew the fuse, replaced the...
  17. V

    1991 W124 300-24CE Chassis No query

    Hi Just got hold of a 1991 300-24CE and when I put the chassis No into the Russian Website the build spec has come up with the following as the Model "300-24 CE, AMG 300 3.4CE" As far as I can tell there is nothing remotely AMG about it......any thoughts or is it just a glitch in the...
  18. A

    I want to restore my S Class 300SE 1991

    Hello all, I am looking to restore my dads car, back to the standard it should be. Firstly I noticed front bumper rotting and rusting rotting under the back chassis under the boot. Interior inside the car is damage, and im looking for basically a whole refurb of the car. Does anyone know...
  19. Hartzpartz

    1991 500SL (R129) 38,500 miles from new.

    Mercedes Benz 500SL. Genuine and documented 38,500 miles from new. Pearl blue metallic with dark blue leather interior and soft top. First registered by Millionaire company owner in December 1991. Purchased from Woking Motors Ltd. for £83,304. Subsequently re-registered in November 1993 by...
  20. R

    1991 300CE-24 Vacuum - Help please

    Hello, Still trying to eliminate vacuum issues as cause of gearbox and minor idle issues. As part of this, the vacuum junction behind the break servo has come to my attention. On mine, there is evidence that it has been tampered with and I want to be sure that all's in order. I attach a...
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