1. M

    1991 300se W126 general problems

    Hi, I recently bought this car as the body is in immaculate condition and the previous owner said it was in excellent mechanical condition (however this is not the case). I took it to the mechanic the next day to have it checked out and he found a few problems which he didnt think was a big...
  2. D

    anybody has a clue on golf mk1 clipper 1991

    a friend speedo works, but the both the milometer and trip counters are sticking and only turn ocassionally for 2 miles or so every so often, anybody had this before and know the problem and the fix for it.
  3. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 500 e auto blue/black w124 amg/porsche

  4. design guru

    W126 300SE 1991 Blue with Grey Leather

    I am selling my much loved car. If you are seriously looking for one of these then I will not go into detail about this car as the car itself needs no introduction. This is a 1991 300SE W126. It is Pearl Blue with grey leather interior. It has a sunroof, electric windows and runs like a dream...
  5. benzers

    230TE 1991 In reverse.

    Ok I spent the weekend taking friends around England, a la road trip. What I noticed were two things, when the car has been driven for a while and then go into a stop/start situation in town, When i switch the car off, start it again, and put it into drive it jerks into gear. When in reverse...
  6. benzers

    230TE 1991 Charcoal Canister Q's

    I bought my motor about a month ago now, I've been attempting to do some of the maintenance work myself, indeed with the advice of Mr Haynes. I'm onto the charcoal canister now. What does this do and is it worth replacing? I was at Merc Temple Fortune yesterday, where they kindly went over my...
  7. benzers

    1991 230TE Oh body!

    A few weeks ago I bought a white 230TE estate. It's tatty, the body needs some attention, though it is mechanically sound. About a fortnight ago, my brother offered me his power wash machine, so I set about cleaning the car, under the arches etc.. when woomph! the power jet water went through...
  8. W

    1991 300TE, anyone need a cheapie?

    I've just bought another car and the 300TE will have to move on after nearly 3 years of faithful service. It's a 1991 300TE Auto. 198K miles. Runs and drives well, starts instantly from cold, starts first time from hot but takes a couple of seconds cranking sometimes. Nautic blue with...
  9. swannymere

    1991 w124 300td

    Looks like it has potential, Black on black with heated seats and A/C. Buy Me
  10. Y

    300 ce 24 1991

    i picked my 300 up last tuesday ,she looked so good when she arrived on the truck i called my mechanic how quick can you mot it please get here in ten ill do it ,so .... she passed!!!!!!!!!!! after being on sorn from 2006!!!!!!!!!!! only two windows dont work makes noise but nothing happens!!and...
  11. 300CE

    1991 MERCEDES 200TE RED Manual, Tax/MOT- Cheap Workhorse - £385 B.I.N

    1991 MERCEDES 200TE RED Manual, 7 Seats, w124 | eBay UK
  12. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300ce auto black

    I think this was for sale on e-bay a few months ago - it's the one with the red leather interior with built in dvd players etc: 1991 MERCEDES 300CE AUTO BLACK | eBay UK
  13. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300ce-24 auto blue

    1991 MERCEDES 300CE-24 AUTO BLUE | eBay UK
  14. 5

    1991 500e

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 500E | eBay UK Might be of interest to someone here? Can't believe it hasnt been posted here yet :eek: Cheers, Bill
  15. 2

    1991 300e carat duchatelet

    SUPER 1991 MERCEDES 300E 24 VALVE RARE CARAT DUCHATELET on eBay (end time 06-Apr-11 22:05:31 BST) Nice original example, tempted to put in an offer myself! :rolleyes:
  16. paddy@polyposta

    For Sale W124 500E 1991

    As advertised on ebay 1991 MERCEDES 500 E AUTO GREY on eBay (end time 12-Mar-11 18:42:24 GMT) Mercedes Benz W124 500E - 1991 M119 Here we have my Wolf in Sheeps Clothing If you are not familiar with the model, then I suggest you read up on it before you go on. If I am honest, I am hoping...
  17. paddy@polyposta

    W124 500e 1991

    1991 MERCEDES 500 E AUTO GREY on eBay (end time 12-Mar-11 18:42:24 GMT)
  18. 300CE

    Lhd 1991 mercedes 300ce-24 sportline edition

    LHD 1991 MERCEDES 300CE-24 SPORTLINE EDITION on eBay (end time 26-Feb-11 11:22:15 GMT)
  19. paddy@polyposta

    1991 W124 500E For Sale

    Yes and full details will follow. Here's a pic for now There are a few old post ref my car on the forum anyway: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/45434-all-about-purchase-my-500e.html http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/56604-500e-1991-fan-viscose-coupling-renewal.html...
  20. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300ce-24 auto lpg gas converted

    1991 MERCEDES 300CE-24 AUTO LPG GAS CONVERTED on eBay (end time 18-Feb-11 13:56:22 GMT)
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