1. M

    1991 Mercedes SL500 Lorinser

    Mercedes SL500 lorinser for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 78278)
  2. Quincy_W140

    Totally Immaculate 1991 S600 [W140]

    LINK The listing is a bit confusing about the year... 1991 or its registered date of 09 August 1995... but it's definately a pre-facelift W140 [amber indicators and non-LCD climate control]. Low mileage and tidy tho... :thumb: Q.
  3. R

    Which Tyres for W126 1991 500SE?

    Use car mainly in winter so wet weather performance important.....any ideas? Thanks Piers
  4. R

    1991 W126 500SE - creaking noise from front

    I'm noticing a pronounced squeaking/creaking noise when slowly manouevering, going over bumps etc...is it the springs or....? Thanks Piers
  5. R

    1991 W126 500SE - Gearbox oil change?

    How often should this be carried out? Thanks Piers
  6. R

    Heater slow to heat up in 1991 W126 500SE

    Takes about 15 minutes to get lukewarm and about 30 mins to get hot? So not much use! Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks in advance.
  7. R

    Which new windscreen for 1991 W126 500SE?

    1) If I claim on insurance should I trust Autoglass (or whichever national chain they will insist I use)? 2) If I tell them my current screen has 'green tint at top' will that ensure they bring correct one? 3) Are there any difficulties unique to changing a 500SE screeen I should tell...
  8. T

    Rear Light Unit C200 1991

    Hi, does anyone know how I can removed a damaged light cluster and replace please?
  9. R

    Oil change frequency on W126 1991 500SE?

    How often should I (local garage!) change oil & filter? Which oil should I use? Thanks Piers
  10. Seamster15

    1991 500sec

    On bluecycle MERCEDES 500 SEC AUTO 1991 C RED LODGE | Car Salvage by Bluecycle
  11. M

    Will a 1991 280E drive shaft fit a 1991 300TE?

    My 300TE broke it's drivers side rear driveshaft. I know someone who is breaking a 280E saloon. We're going to have a look at it tomorrow. Cheers
  12. R

    My new 1991 500SE

    Thanks to all for the pre-buying advice.
  13. R

    Owners Handbook for a 1991 500SE (W126)

    Mercedes don't stock any more. None on ebay. Does anybody know where I can buy one? Thanks Piers
  14. R

    Worn valve guide oil seals on a 1991 500SE

    As a matter of interest how many hours does it take a competent specialist to replace worn valve guide oil seals on a 1991 500SE? How much would the parts cost? Thanks in advance. Piers
  15. jeffwebb

    1991 190E Starting Problems

    My neighbour here in sunny Spain has a 1991 190E 1800CC. When the car is cold it starts fine but when hot, although he can hear the fuel pump working, it won't start until it cools down. I've looked at previous threads and they seem to suggest the CPS. Does this apply to his car? If so, how can...
  16. R

    Should I get a warranty on a 1991 500SE

    Have bought car from marque specialist Prestige Motor Company in Banbury, picking it up later this week. They offer the Gold 'Customer Protect' Mechanical Breakdown Warranty from AutoProtect in Harlow. 2 years cost £550. Car is in very good condition with full service history and has done...
  17. C240Sport97

    28k miles 1991 500SE

    Graeme Hunt - 1991 Mercedes Benz 500SE 28.000 Miles I have seen the car .. was actually drooling over the Ferarri Dino .. It is in superb condition -- the paintwork is pretty much immaculate, and the interior is also pretty much "as new". No idea about about the oily bits etc as I did...
  18. paddy@polyposta

    W124 1991 500e

    1991 MERCEDES 500 E AUTO GREY on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 01-Jun-09 21:35:11 BST) Yeah its mine!! Paddy
  19. The Boss

    where to find a decent w140 300se,500se or 600sel (pre facelift 1991 - 1994)

    Hi where can one find the best w140 early shaped cars - pre facelift with the orange indicators and cuter styling.. Been looking but with little luck.. classic benz up north had a nice green one previously, now sold, but looked gorgeous.. any tips/ideas or finds most appreciated!
  20. paddy@polyposta

    For Sale - 1991 W124 500E

    Watch this space
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