1. st13phil

    200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

    Apologies if this excellent visualisation of the World's progress over the last 200 years has been posted before, but in the words of Hans Rosling himself, "Pretty neat, huh?" jbkSRLYSojo
  2. S

    Suspected Timing Chain Jumped - Merc CLK 200

    Hi. I have a Merc CLK 200, 2003 (53) reg. A few weeks ago, on Cold Start the engine started juddering. Last week the engine started juddering whilst it was hot and then stopped juddering in a few mins. Now my car doesn't start at all. The RAC man wrote the following in his report, but I am aware...
  3. W

    Komp 200

    Folks yesterday my handbrake light came on on the dashboard then the dash lit up with an audible alarm as well. I have looked at the handbrake but all looks ok it seems to release ok etc I checked the linkage under the back seat but all looks fine can any one help? Then out of the blue the brake...
  4. J

    performance kit for 200 and 230 KOMPRESSOR mercedes models

    I have found something intrested: MERCEDES 200/230 K performance kit c, e, clk, slk +40HP on eBay (end time 02-Dec-10 19:26:36 GMT) and MERCEDES 180/200/230 K performance kit c, e, clk, slk on eBay (end time 02-Dec-10 19:42:04 GMT) my friend in France installed similar crank kit in his...
  5. J

    SLK 200 and 320

    Either wanted contact j.f.t.t@btinternet.com 2001 or above £6k budget John should read 230
  6. J

    SLK 200 and 320

    Either wanted contact j.f.t.t@btinternet.com 2001 or above £6k budget John should read 230
  7. J

    wanted slk 230 0r 200

    Wanted SLK 200 or 230 up to 80K miles Y reg or above full history required Budget up to £5000 Initial contact to j.f.t.t@btinternet.com Many Thanks. John Based Kent
  8. J

    SLK 200 and 320

    Reference my previous post regarding Wanted 200 or 320. My budget is £6k. Sorry for omission Jpohn
  9. J

    LOOKING FOR 200 slk automatic.

    New member here. Wish to purchase a 200 slk auto. Possibly up to 2003 with good service history and less than 80K on clock. Can be contacted at j.f.t.t@btinternet.com Private sellers only. John
  10. S

    CD Changer CLK 200 _ HY 53

    I have a merc CLK (53 model). CD changer has sort of stuckup. Can not remove the changer nor Cd can be loaded in the player from the changer. Any suggestions? thanks
  11. C

    new to clk 200

    hi guys new here, just got my self a clk 200 coup w208 got the 16 in wheels ,want to change to 18 or 19 in alloys which sizes is best to fit , any help will be great spy:thumb:
  12. H

    w203, but no, its a CLK 200! why?

    Saw this last weekend.... What on earth? and WHY?! :doh: * I was stationary at traffic lights when it was taken....
  13. Sonny Burnett

    Wanted 202 Saloon 180 200

    Looking to buy a facelift 202 180 or 200 must be in maroon (the misses has to have her 202 in maroon :dk:)
  14. C

    W209 CLK (200) Electric front seat headrest stuck up

    My driver's seat headrest is in the fully up position, and not responding to the 'down' switch. Passenger side is all working fine. I've seen this general problem mentioned quite a few times on the forums, usually with slightly varying symptoms. These are mine: - The rest retracts fully when I...
  15. O

    2000 W210 E280 Avantgarde- oil leak?

    Hi guys, noticed an oil leak yesterday, which is engine oil, far as i can tell. It's a small leak. The oil looks like engine oil and the engine oil level has slightly dropped. Thing is, the driver side (uk) of the radiator, where there seem to be cooler pipes is oily and the tray underneath is...
  16. S

    water leak in drivers well in 2003 mercedes c class 200 cdi

    can anyone help I have a water leak in drivers well dripping from the wadding in 2003 mercedes c class 200 cdi all the drains are clear
  17. P

    buying a cheap clk 200 or 200k

    hi all im new to this mercedes forum and am going to be buying a cheap clk soon. now it is either going to be a 200 or 200k but i do have a few questions. 1)i read that the pre face lift models are made of better steel and paint and dont rust as much??? 2)might seem silly but what is the...
  18. D

    Gear box trouble SLK 200

    My car has just stopped changing gear? its a a X reg 200SLK. the ,man told me today its a fault with this model and he said it was the chip in the gear box? costing 500 pound. i was pleased to hear that as a new gear box would be telephone numbers to pay for. tonight he rang me back to say that...
  19. M

    slk 200 2004 or newer

    I am looking for an SLK 200 AUTO 2004 or younger Is anyone thinking of selling theirs or now of a good one anywhere
  20. S

    Proper Cheap W202 200 Esprit **Bargain**

    I am selling my black C200 (1998 - S) as I am no longer driving. I think it's just touched 90,000 miles. The car is mechanically perfect, only problem I have had is an air flow meter which I replaced recently. Car is located in Falkirk, Central Scotland. Bodywork Good condition all round...
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