1. X

    2007 cls63 amg blue/black metallic

    Hi, Im testing water if theres any interest in my beloved CLS63 on this forum Car is not advertised anywhere else 2007 with just over 74k miles on clock in last 3 months it had front new discs, pads, gearbox service, oil service and new injector amazing and very unique blue/black metallic paint...
  2. R

    2007 W211 Stereo and Bluetooth options confusion!

    I have recently aquired a 2007 E class. It has what I think is an NTG1 stereo; single CD slot with integrated 6 Disc changer underneath and a matrix display. In the armrest flap bits, it has what I presume is a Nokia phone kit (it has a pair of curly leads each side in the arm rest part). Now my...
  3. DaveE320CDI

    2007 Vito radiator drain plug?

    Hi, as title where is the drain plug on a 2007 2.1 111cdi? looked everywhere cannot find it, thought of taking bottom hose off but would rather find drain plug, cheers dave
  4. damiandavis

    E63 W211 - 2007 Service Advice

    Hi All, advice time for a new E63 Owner. Good news is that the 2007 E63 i've just bought has almost flawless servicing and has just had a full oil change, and plugs 1 yr ago. My question is twofold. Firstly the Transmission Service was last done in 2012 at 35k miles. The car is now on 59k so...
  5. 650max

    2007 Sprinter injector leak-off rates.

    I'm pretty certain I've got one or more dribbling injectors on my 2007 311 CDI, they're the Bosch Piezo type.. Symptoms are - rough idle when hot (as though it were running on 3.5 cylinders or imagine putting the choke on a hot petrol engine), very smoky at idle, clears when under way after...
  6. comports

    2007 CLK bluetooth

    Hi All, Its been a while but I've been lurking around. Long and short of it - I've had my 53 plate CLK 320 written off a couple of weeks ago and was gutted.... :( But Insurance have paid out so today I went and bought my next venture - a 2007 CLK 350..! not a million miles away from...
  7. OCD BAL

    Ml63 amg 2007

    I'm selling my 2007 ML63 AMG as I've just placed an order for a new GLC43 AMG. Rare Tanzanite Blue Metallic with contrasting Alpaca Grey Leather Upholstery and Aluminium Interior Inlays. Excellent Condition in and out. Full Mercedes-Benz Main Dealer Service History with 83K Miles Last...
  8. M

    2007 b200 cdi cvt

    Hi guys, I recently had the dreaded CVT failure on my 2007 b200 at 90500 miles. I have a warranty direct warranty on it and took it to a gearbox rebuilder. They opened up the CVT and found there was metal contamination, the ECU had failed and the cones were scratched. WD decided it was a new box...
  9. M

    CL500 2007 Alarm keeps going off

    HI guys, any ideas ? 20 secs after locking doors alarm goes off. It is a keyless go 2007 C216 CL500. I have to leave car unlocked over night to stop it !!!!!!
  10. T

    2007 W211 parking brake question

    Hi, can anyone please tell me if access to the parking brake cable" junction" (for want of a better description) on my car is under the rear seat or would I have to access it from under the car. Thanks in advance.
  11. C

    W164 2007 tail gate stuck closed

    Hi all, anyone had similar experiences with the soft close tailgate? It's been playing up a lately with what sounds like gears /cogs slipping when it tried to pull itself closed ,but it always did after a couple of goes.It closed without the soft " pull in" tonight(like a standard tailgate) and...
  12. Baldbloke

    Power steering fluid for a 2007 E class estate

    Just done an oil and filter change and noticed the Power steering fluid was on the lowest mark on the dip stick. I can see no indication in my owners manual or in the engine bay which fluid to use to top up. Any pointers please as I don't want to use something incompatible and my nearest dealer...
  13. E

    E280 2007 Poly v belt change. Om642

    So I’m looking to replace the poly v belt. Has anyone come across a guide for this on the E class. I’ve tried looking around and come across some for the same engine but in different Model Mercs. By looking at it the procedure seems to be: -Remove the dual air intake Y piece...
  14. B

    W164 2007 FM Aerial Wiring

    2007 W164 FM aerial questions I am trying to fully understand the diversity aerial set up and booster arrangement on this model and need some help from anyone that has been here before. At the head unit end, my car has three Fakra connectors. Bright yellow, black and blue. Blue is for...
  15. B

    2007 C320 cdi Corroded brake pipes

    the rear brake pipes are corroded at the wheelarch and need replacing. MB quoted over £500 to do the job. Silly money. So anyone done the rear pipes on this car to give me an idea as to what goes where. The off side pipe runs from the flexible at the arch across the body to the near side arch...
  16. 9

    W211 e63 (2007)

    My old car for sale... Pm if you need any details will be glad to help:thumb: Mercedes-Benz E Class 6.2 E63 AMG 7G-Tronic 4dr
  17. 9

    W211 e63 amg (2007)

    Mu old car for sale... Mercedes-Benz E Class 6.2 E63 AMG 7G-Tronic 4dr
  18. A

    CL63 AMG 2007 in Silver

    Guys It is time for me to part ways with my CL63 I have had the car coming on for 2 years now, in which time i have loved it to bits and spared no costs running it. The car has covered just over 97000 miles now and has full service history, from both main dealers and Mercedes...
  19. G

    S Class 2007 W221 COMAND upgrades for NTG 3

    I bought a 2007 w221 S320L a couple of weeks ago, the car is in mint condition and drives perfectly. It replaces my w220 S320L which had to be scrapped due to rust developing on the underside, body work however was fine. The car currently has: COMAND NTG 3 - No birds eye view - I can not use...
  20. M

    S Class 2007 transmission issue

    My automatic gearbox intermittently gets stuck in a gear and the only way to reset it is to stop the engine and restart it. Is this a firmware problem or something more serious?
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