1. N

    Wheel nuts for 2012 C-Class

    Could anyone recommend where to buy 20 wheel bolts? All are showing corrosion and rust after 3 years old. 2012 C-Class estate c220 cdi AMG Sport plus. (S204) Pics below Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. C

    Clonking sound from drivers side of dash when cornering sharply 2012 C220 sport est.

    HI, I'm just 2 months into owning my first Mercedes, I love the car (2012, C220 Sport Estate) but have noticed a slightly annoying feature. When cornering sharply I get a "clonk" sound from the drivers side of the dash, sounds like its around the light controls or just below, it almost sounds...
  3. akula80

    My 2012 C220 Sport Plus Turbo Mystery

    Could any of you very knowledgeable chaps give me a definitive answer as regards whether my car has a single or twin turbo. There are some contradictory opinions on this
  4. N

    where to buy Foot rest plate C-class 2012 s204

    Looking for a foot rest plate in the footwell. 2012 Mercedes C-class estate C220 CDi AMG Sport Plus Auto s204. Something to rest my left foot so the carpet on the footrest doesn't get too dirty. I've seen these on-line but seem a little pricey or foreign ebay sellers. There's...
  5. R

    Adjusting washer jets on 2012 C63?

    Do I need a special tool to adjust the washer jets on the c63 which are currently aimed below the wipers? Each jet has two slots. What was wrong with the traditional pin hole jets Mercedes!
  6. N

    AMG style grille for 2012 C class estate (s204)

    Hi can anyone suggest a place to buy front grille for my 2012 C-class estate S204. I have the facelift version of '204'. I have the C220 AMG Sport Plus model but I think the front grille lets it down a little for styling. I looked on CKS Performance website but also came across some bad...
  7. L

    Mercedes C250 2012 plate

    Hi all, I am thinking of getting my car re mapped, anyone offer any advise/opinion/experience on this subject. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. N

    Do my brake discs need replacing C-class 2012 estate

    Hi Mercedes dealer serviced my car at 41,1000 miles. 2012 C220 estate AMG Sport Plus styling. S205 Said the discs and pads need replacing. Yes I agree the pads need replacement but not sure about discs? The Service report says this... Discs minimum 26mm Discs Front left measures...
  9. E

    2012 Eclass command problem

    Hi. Has anyone experienced issues with their command switching off then back on again. Thanks
  10. R

    2012 C Class Profuse..replacement.?

    Hi, I need to replace the profuse on my 2012 C Class C220 w204. is this located on the + terminal of the battery and how do I go about replacing it? I read that a 2.2 ohm resistor can be used to repair one set up is this the case for mine..? thanks. db.
  11. LiveForever

    2012 C Class Coupe C180

    Hi. I don't have a Mercedes yet but I have made my mind up that I'm wanting a C Class Coupe. I have been checking the used Mercedes website for the past month or so for one available near me. One has become available at a Mercedes garage near me, it is a C180, it is in the colour I want...
  12. R

    2012 E-Class Coupe Xenon Ballast

    Hello all, hoping someone can help me! The headlight on my 2012 E250 Coupe has managed to get some water into it and now doesn't work. I've tried swapping xenon bulbs from one side to the other and it isn't the bulb so looks like it will be the ballast :( Does anyone know what it entails...
  13. BIRMA

    2012 onwards SLK owners experience

    A good friend of mine who I met back in the days when we had Subaru SVX's is thinking of changing his Mazda MX5 for a facelift SLK. I have suggested he joins this forum to get advice but just in case he doesn't are there any owners who could offer any advice regarding running costs, spec etc.
  14. W

    Picking up my first MB tomorrow (2012 w204 C220 AMG Sport Plus) do I need a warranty?

    Hi guys I will be picking up a used 2012 w204 C220 AMG Sport Plus tomorrow from a small independent garage. Car is in great condition has 35K miles and comes with full MB service history. Should I look to buy a warranty for the car as being a MB I assume any repairs will be costly. If a...
  15. M

    2012 e63 rear sunshade clips broken..

    Hi, The connectors to the bar for the rear window electric shade have snapped. Is this a common issue and can they be replaced? Regards Matt.
  16. A

    2012 e220

    Hi, So what are the most common problems I must prepare for as a Taxi driver using the 2012 E220 Diesel 7G Tronic , six days a week? I do 35 K a year and regularly service with Merc parts. All good advice welcome. autogiff

    2012 e class cab grill

    Know this might not be the correct section, but I was wondering if anyone knew what car the bonnet grill from a 2012 e class cabriolet is from, i.e, e class, c class or specific to the cab The reason for asking is wanting to de star the grill and put a star on the bonnet Thanks in advance
  18. W

    Are 60K miles on a 2012 used car too many?

    Hi guys Looking to get some opinions here. I am looking at a used C Class C250 from 2012 which has clocked 60K miles. Using the 12K miles per year rule I would expect around 48K miles on this under "average use". Are 60K miles too many for this one and should I look elsewhere or should it...
  19. S350L

    2012 S350L rear seat

    Hello All firstly, happy new year to you all. Im a newbie looking to buy an S350L. Ive found one with an incredible spec thats in my budget, however its a 4 seat seat version. It has a heated and cooled rear bench seat, but I really need a 5 seated vehicle. Does anyone know if its possible...
  20. vito-dork

    2012 VITO Dualiner for sale 116 auto Sport SWB 40,000 miles

    just a tester really for sale thread why ? had a bit of a windfall over xmas and fancy a 3.0 vito Brabus 2012 116 Vito Dualiner Sport auto in White 40,000 miles immaculate condition sunroof nice and i mean nice im very picky £16,500 no vat
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