1. S

    2012 merc C350 CDI Air Filter

    Hi, does anyone know what air filter go in my C350 Diesel, I've been looking at getting a piper cross air filter but not sure if it'll fit as mine has a weird shaped filter.
  2. J

    C63 (2012) Gearbox dropped to neutral whilst driving and wouldn't engage gears

    Hi Folks, Driving home late last night in my (new to me) C63, when coming down to a roundabout (at normal speeds, not spirited at all) i double tapped the down paddle to drop down a gear or two, i think i was in 3rd or 4th at the time - the gearbox then seemed to (whilst showing D for drive...
  3. J

    C63 (2012) C/S/S+/RS Selector

    Hi Folks, went for a drive today and noticed at some point during the journey (after pub lunch no doubt) the gearbox selector was no longer lit up and i cant seem to change it out of 'C'? its totally possible ive done something dumb (new to the car!) but i cant find any settings or anything...
  4. X

    2012 C63 Idle knock

    My new to me 2012 c63 vibrates at idle (nothing ridiculously unusual) but every few seconds or so it also will have a bigger shake that you can really feel, i'd like to say a knock, but it's not really audible, you can only feel it. Mainly felt through brake pedal and drivers floor and if you...
  5. J

    c63 2012 full suspension setup

    Amg full suspension setup for w204 2012 Just upgraded my w204 and put her on coilovers now I've got the old setup laying about, maybe they could go to a new home :banana: Its the full works front and rear with anti roll bars, If anyones interested let me know cheers guys
  6. Ditch

    Becker Sat Nav in 2012 C220

    Apologies if the answer is posted elsewhere, I haven't spotted it! I have the Becker satnav in my c220. Do map updates come out regularly and if so how do we obtain and install (without main stealer help :D )
  7. Gurd63

    2012 e63 amg ppp

    Right, testing the waters to see if I can sell the 63 to buy something pretty special off another forum member :bannana: The car: 2012 E63 AMG PPP 53k miles 1 previous owner Bought it from Mercedes last year, 2 years main dealer extended warrantee remaining Full dealer service...
  8. D

    2012 E250 coolant level - pictures included

    Hello The 'check coolant level' light came on earlier a few miles from home. I've let the car cool and I've had a look at the tank. I've included a picture of the current level. Can't see any signs of leaks, it's parked on a rather clean driveway so it would show pretty quickly. Does the tank...
  9. developer

    SLK R172 2012 DRL Required

    Brother has had a stone go through his (drivers side) and needs a replacement. WHY or any supplier recommendations please?
  10. O

    2009 -2012 A Class A W169 petrol or diesel

    Apologies if this question has been posted ad infinitum. However, my current car is a volvo c30 2007 diesel and I do around 10000 miles a year steady motoring, it has proved expensive for repairs. I am coming to change and the A W169 ticks most of my boxes - only drawback is not many...
  11. D

    2012 E Class coupe - leaking roof

    Hello I purchased my March 2012 E250 couple with panoramic roof from MB Manchester in July 2015. So, 9 or so months old and covered under their used car warranty for a further 3 months. The car has been with MB for 11 days due to a leaking and creaking roof. They've done various water test etc...
  12. G

    C180 AMG Sport W204 2012

    Hi. First time post. I have the C 180 1.8 AMG Sport 2012. I think it has about 157 BHP. I think that the C250 which is also 1 .8 has 204 BHP. Both of which are petrol. It maybe a bit simplistic but can I swap the ecu from the C250 onto the C180 to get the same BHP or is it best to get my...
  13. E

    W212 2012 command SD CARD Question

    Hi all Simply- would a 128gb card work in my command system for playing Music files? I have found that a 32gb micro SD works fine using a SD card sized adapter What I want to know (before investing in a larger sized card is whether it will work above 32gb My iPod has about 120gb of music...
  14. S

    2012 - Mercedes CLS 350 AMG SPORT BLUE EFF - FULLY LOADED - M1 J9 (Luton)

    For Sale: MERCEDES CLS 350 AMG SPORT - 2012 - BLUE EFFICIENCY (7th June 2012) eBay Listing: 111943005272 Hello there I’m selling my beloved rare CLS 350, in Tenorite grey, with Full Leathers in Porcelain White. I am selling this lovely car as I am now after the CLS 63. This car will be...
  15. T

    2012 C63 AMG pictures

    Dear all Finally got my C63, since buying her, she went straight into the garage. Front and rear bumpers resprayed Bonnet resprayed Wheels refurbed Near side doors resprayed Both rear quarter panels resprayed Driver bolster repaired Wheel alignment Factory options include; 19...
  16. G

    2012 C63 P30 vs 2012 C63 Stock - Noise

    Hi All, Anyone got any experience of the sound differences between these? 2012 C63 P30 2012 C63 Stock I bought my stock car last year, from a Mercedes main dealer. My friend has just bought the 2012 P30 car, and it sounds very different from mine. Mine is perhaps deeper/more bassy, his is...
  17. S

    Mercedes CLS 350 2012 (Engine Light) P0191

    Hi Guys, I have a CLS 350 (2012), it's a diesel model. I was driving around my local town and my engine management light came on, so I popped into my local Kwik fit store were I knew someone who helped me identify why the engine light was on: The stored faults: P0191 (Fuel Rail...
  18. C

    Does this look like it's an oem lsd off my 2012 c63 amg?

    Just bought a Quaife ATB Diff, removed mine and found it had clutch plates in it
  19. Gaz-M

    2012 Vito 122 Sport-X Power Steering Fluid/ Leaking Past Rack Seals..

    Well after a long huint I bought a 2012 Vito 122 Sport-X, and Im loving it bar this problem that just arised at the weekend past. After a week of ownership and a few hundred miles, last weekend I got the very obvious power steering pump noise when its low on fluid. Luckily i wasnt far from a...
  20. P

    C Class 220 cdi amg sport W204 2012

    Hi all, I have recently purchased the above c class a friend of mine had the same but a 2011 model he has told me this is a twin turbo,is this correct?,done a google search regarding this and found nothing can anyone confirm this please. This is my first Merc and I love it to bits. T I A.
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