1. J

    2014 W220 coupe traffic alerts

    I have the radio with the sat nav and command etc. I have about 6 stations pre set - radio 2, classic fm, a couple of local BBC stations, jazz fm etc. The only time I get the traffic reports is from classic fm. When they have a traffic report on their station it cuts into my CD or mp3 but no...
  2. H

    2014 E63 Windscreen cowl trim

    I have 2014 E63 estate which has a buzz/ vibration on rough roads that I've traced to the windscreen cowl. Putting felt tape under one of the tabs seems to cure the issue. Could somebody check their car and see if this tab is exposed like mine or fitted in the clipped in? Thanks.
  3. B

    W212 E class 2014 e220cdi reverse camera

    Hi Recently purchased a 2014 E class and wanted to know how it easy it would be to install a reverse Camera. I'm pretty good with car electronics but wanted to know if it would be a plug and play scenario? thanks
  4. Psilonaught

    Colour code for rear E63 2014 black diffuser?

    I noticed a couple of stone chips which reveal a white material below the gloss black paint. Anyone know the correct paint to touch it up??
  5. J

    C220 2014 Estate - COMAND Sat nav map updating

    Evening folks. I've got a 2014 C220 Estate (June). I called the main dealer yesterday about upgrading the COMAND Sat nav maps and got quoted £100 which seems a bit excessive to say the least considering the price of Sat navs now. Anyone have any more cost effective solutions? Much obliged for...
  6. D

    C220 2014 media playback options

    First time poster, so please be gentle :p So have a C220 cdi (w204?) executive ce diesel estate and am exploring music playback options. What I have found so far, I can connect via bluetooth and play media, I can play CD's and I can play mp3 files from the usb connector in the armrest via a...
  7. X

    2014 e350 satnav

    Hi Recently purchased - Lovely car. All the options and I love it. Only issue - SATNAV using the postcode takes me somewhere within 1-2 miles of the actual location. It tends to say journey complete at least 1/2 mile before actual end and one one occasion was 2 miles out. Has anyone...
  8. N

    SLK 55 Rear tyres 2014

    Guys , I have done a search but cannot find it. Thought I had read about upping the width of the rear tyres from 255 x 35 x 18 to 265,s instead. Would I need to keep 35 profile or drop to 30 profile with the 265 width? I am just in the process of changing the fronts but am keeping the 235 width...
  9. Gareth

    2014 Smart ForTwo Special Edition 21

    2014 Smart ForTwo Special Edition 21 (All black, DRLs, Hill-Assist, Paddle Shift on Steering Wheel) We are the second owner, we bought it in March for my mother-in-law but she has since given up driving Approx 32.5k It has Mercedes-Benz / Smart Warranty & Road Side Assistance until March...
  10. G

    2014 E300 Hybrid estate rear seats

    Anyone looking for a set I have removed mine, Boot seats on turn into 7 seater car.. Black leather including fitting kit.. Make me an offer. Cost £900 new Georgecdrummond@yahoo.com Thanks George
  11. S

    HELP: 2014 E63S Brake Caliper Lacquer Peel

    Gents, I have a 6 week old (to me) E63S Wagon which I have been enjoying. A week or two ago I spotted some lacquer peel on the nearside front performance calipers (red ones), thought "oh bugger, I'll get that relacquered ASAP". Just been out to check on it and the other to find that...
  12. A

    Mercedes E300 Blutec Hybrid 2014 Cargo Net

    Greetings to all first post here My nut is being well and truly done in by the boot of my otherwise excellent AMG Sport E 300 Blutec Hybrid...read on dear reader ...I cannot work out how the six (6) boot anchor points work and thus have reverted to trying to get a boot cargo net If anyone can...
  13. C

    W166 2014 bulb failure warning with led's on caravan

    Hi guys can anybody offer advice on how to stop bulb failure message on command when caravan connected, van has led lights all lights working ok
  14. D

    Deactivate passenger airbag Mercedes C class 2014

    Hello. I've just brought a car seat which can use isofix and seat belt. At times I will need to use the car seat in the front. Does anyone know how to deactivate the passenger airbag? I'm sure my old cars had a key operated switch in the dash to flick it on and off. But can't find...
  15. R

    2014 W212 Mercedes E63S AMG, Hyacinth Red, 20500 miles

    I'm looking to sell my 2014 W212 E63S AMG. Just putting the feelers out here before I advertise elsewhere. It's Hyacinth red with a grey interior and has done 20500 mainly motorway miles. The car's just been serviced and has 11 months MOT remaining. I had the car re-mapped by Acid at MSL...
  16. N

    Slk55 amg 2014

    Guys, car is due 3 year major service next week. Quoted £636. Asked about supplying my own oil as some on here do I believe to save a few quid. Supplying my own oil knocks £136 +vat off the total so sounds like a worthwhile thing to do. I asked which oil and they told me Shell Helix low ash but...
  17. R

    Steering knock C220cdi 2014 estate

    I have a knocking noise when I turn the steering from lock to. Lock or if after a tight turn it's straightening up. Any ideas, please, car had 32000 MLS Martin
  18. C

    DAB radio in 2014 SLK

    Just got a 2014 SLK with DAB Radio. It is near on useless compared to the DAB reception I had in my E Class which worked perfectly. It loses the signal every few seconds (sometimes lasts for over a minute!)Any other SLK owner had this issue?
  19. C

    2014 SLK Fuse data map

    Hi Just got a 2014 SLK250 and want to wire my Dashcam to a switched fuse. Does anyone have a fuse diagram they could share? I had the dashcam in my E Class and the fusebox in the boot housed the switched fuses. All the fuses in the boot on the SLK seem to have permanent feed supply Thanks
  20. JonoF1amg

    2014 - W205 - C220 BlueTEC Sport - Ride

    Hi, I have the sports model is it normal for the ride to be quite hard? My tyre pressures are around 250 Kpa would reducing the pressures make a difference? Does tyre wear have any effect on the ride I have Nexens on the front and Conteinentals on the rear. Should having it in...
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