1. JonathanC250

    Will 190 seats fit a 202

    Hi there, Was just wondering if seats from a 190 would fit into a 98 202 saloon, both have manually ajustable seats. As there are some nice ones on ebay! Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  2. Sonny Burnett

    mate finely found that 202 he was after

    hi everyone. dont know if you know i was helping a very close friend look for a 202..well he got one i went and picked it up for him its a lovely C200 in gold 2000, with 70K on the clock. has full tan leather, AC, CC and its a tip Auto.. it was one of the smoothest rides i have ever had the...
  3. BlackC55

    202 RUST! Beware

    We have done some work on a 202 recently and the sills had a couple of small holes in them. That is nothing unusual but when it was stripped to be repaired it opened up a can of worms. This just shows one sill behind the side skirt on the OS. The cause it quite likely lack of cleaning in that...
  4. stevesey

    Garage Clearout - 202 Carbon Trim, Auto Dim RVM, Club Pedals

    Having a bit of a clearout: We have: 202 Carbon Trim - Heater Control Panel, Gearstick Sourround (4 window swicthws), Ashtray (without cig lighter), cubby hole cover. £3 a peice or £10 the lot. 202 facelift/208 Auto Dim RVM - Grey (looks fine in place of a back one on a 202. £15. Shiny...
  5. d w124

    AMG kitted 202,going cheap

    The right car if you`re looking for AMG kit etc 1995 MERCEDES C220 SPORT AUTO GREEN on eBay (end time 18-Dec-10 15:07:32 GMT)
  6. poormansporsche

    202 headlamp plastic things behind the glass ...

    Alright peeps, On the 202 behind the headlamp glass the is a rectangular light grey piece of plastic. Looking for a spare set to paint up as mine have yellowed terribly ! Anyone got anything Cheers Brett
  7. trapperjohn

    C180 202 Cheap at the moment.

    1996 MERCEDES BENZ C180 ELEGANCE AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 18-Dec-10 17:39:53 GMT)
  8. poormansporsche

    202 electric mirror switch "knob thingie"

    Alright peeps, Like it says, mines fallen off and I've lost it and merc don't sell separately ! Cheers brett
  9. P

    Uneven front tyre wear on C class 202

    Hi I wonder if anyone has any suggestions as to why my tyres are wearing on the outside shoulders? The tracking was done about a year ago when one tyre was wearing on the shoulder excessively (and pulling to one side), I got new tyres on the front (Arrowspeed from ****fit). Now both front...
  10. poormansporsche

    202 heated seat switches and plug

    Alright peeps Like it says, and plug from loom so I can knock a loom up Cheers Brett
  11. D

    Poor heater 202 C220cdi W reg

    I am not looking forward to suffering through another winter in my car. The heater is absolutely hopeless, the temperature takes forever to reach normal at the best of times but during the winter it is even worse. My journey to work is about 10 miles by dual carriageway and it is just beginning...
  12. B

    202 Heating & ventilation problems help pls

    Hi I've a C180 Auto Year 2000 (W202) which I only use occasionally. It had been standing for 3 months and I drove it 15 miles and everything worked ok. Stopped for 10 mins and restarted and the air con wasn't working. Next morning the blower fan stopped working too. Left the car for 8 months...
  13. JonathanC250

    Fuse for the horn on a 202

    Hi all! Does anyone know what fuse is for the horn and which box its located in? I have looked in the main one under the bonnet on the drivers side, and on the slip in the lid there is no mention of the horn!! :S My horns have packed up completely and they are not that old, i replaced...
  14. JonathanC250

    202 passenger side front wing in 366 azurite blue and possibly drivers wing

    Hi , Does anyone have a passenger side wing for a 98 C250 TD Sport finished in Azurite blue ( colour 366) and possibly the drivers side too? Ideally in good condition with NO RUST!!!! As this is why i want to replace mine! Please get in touch Thanks Jon
  15. poormansporsche

    Can anyone know whether 202 prefacelift seats ....

    alright peeps, thinking of dumping my 2 front seats and changing for something Recaro-ish out of another car (got something in mind :) ) but, 1, on a prefacelift with no side airbags does it have any electric gubbins like occupancy sensor ? also i take it they dont have any seatbelt...
  16. poormansporsche

    whats the crack with this 202 bumper ?????

    alright peeps, its not the same as mine or any other w202 ive seen ??? Mercedes C Class Front Bumper + Foglights W202 on eBay (end time 15-Sep-10 11:25:40 BST) cheers Brett
  17. poormansporsche

    Faceift 202 front bumper with chrome

    not having much luck findin a c36 bumper so will need a facelift bumper to be going on with, in the south east would be handy and even better in the green/blue/black colour whatever its called metallic code 189 cheers brett
  18. poormansporsche

    C36 Front Bumper (You never know!) and 202 F/L Sport Steering Wheel

    alright peeps, like it says, know im hoping but hey ! Already sorted the rear bumper and skirts, will consider a whole car if cheap enough ! cheers Brett
  19. Sonny Burnett

    Wanted 202 Saloon 180 200

    Looking to buy a facelift 202 180 or 200 must be in maroon (the misses has to have her 202 in maroon :dk:)
  20. S

    W 202 - 250TD. wanted

    Hi guys. Been looking a few weeks now, racking up over 1000 miles. Preferably want a 1999 - 2001 car - condition is everything. Cash waiting for right vehicle. (Low owners, tracable history and less than 120k prerefered ). Any suggeestions where to look would be apreciated. - Tried all the...
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