1. poormansporsche

    So whats the crack with facelift splitters skirts on prefacelift 202 ?

    alright peeps, like it says, got a prefacelift, ive read all the posts about fitting the skirts and was a bit confused about this "changing the weatherseal" on the doors, is this the rubber that is joined to the bottom of the doors ? if so what do i need - the rubber off a facelift car ...
  2. M

    95 M 202 with running trouble, help!

    Hello all. I am after an insight/help. I currently run a 126 300se as an everyday car but the mileage is racking up and I have bought a 95 M C200 elegance auto which I will use as an everyday runner and the 126 will be a weekender. However.... after 2 days use I have hit a stone wall, The...
  3. BlackC55

    Carbon roof spoiler wanted for a 202

    As the title. I am sure someone make them I just can't find one.
  4. T

    202 Estate - rear ride height - factory spec?

    Hello, I suspect that my W202 Estate has sagging rear springs. The tyres are 195/55/15. Can anyone tell me the factory height of the body at the rear? Or the maximum difference between the front and rear gap between tyre and wheel arch? All the shock absorbers are new (no thanks to...
  5. N

    Poly bushes for 202 C-class

    Hey,:bannana: whazz up dudes? Last year I bought some poly bushes for my AMG these are the large ones on front LC-Arm. I bought these from USA. I haven't installed them yet, so I don't know if they sukkk or if they are any good? According to US forums they seem to be great? Did any of...
  6. N

    Removing ashtray on a C-class 202?

    I know there are 2 screws to remove but what else is needed to do to get rid of this cancer bucket from my car? I have highlighted the removed screws. I want to install the 12v socket and the smaller compartment. Thanks
  7. O

    anyone as this tool to lend? 202 589 00 43 00

    I need to change the squeaky bush at the hub and the tool for the job is this one 202 589 00 43 00 As annyone got one to lend me for a small fee? Thank you. Olivier
  8. M

    c class estate towbar 202

    Hi i am after a towbar for a c class estate 202, let me know if you have one thanks
  9. stevesey

    Cheap set of 202 sport alloys

    Might be useful for winter tyres next year? (I already have a spare set) Mercedes Benz C Class 202 Standard Alloy Wheels on eBay (end time 21-Mar-10 01:22:44 GMT)
  10. davethemus

    Always knew the 202 was solid...

    Mercedes Driving With Only Three Wheels - NothingToxic.com what can I say? :crazy:
  11. Sonny Burnett

    Ever Done a Engine Swap On a 202.....

    i want to put a bigger lump in the c180.. a m112 or a m104, 2.8 has anyone ever herd of this being done? i know id have to change a few bits but the gearbox and frame are near new.... any help or comment greatly apriciated :cool:
  12. stevesey

    202 Electric Seat Motors + Cloth Interior

    Following an upgrade to MB-Tex I have a black cloth interior and a set of drivers side electric seat motors (and frames) left over. Not expecting anyone to be interested in the cloth, but let me know if you are (I may consider splitting it - in order to get something for it). Drivers seat is...
  13. B

    202 rieger parts

    does anyone know where i can get a rieger front bumper or any cheap amg bumpers? regards ed
  14. pupsi

    W124, 201, 202 etc switches

    Am after a few switches, need: An antenna up/down switch Window switch Door locking/window isolator switch Cheers!
  15. stevesey

    202 parcel shelf sub-woofers how are they wired?

    Anyone know how the parcel shelf sub woofers are wired in a 202? They are the standard fit items and as the head unit only has the standard 4 outputs I'm assuming they are passive and wired in parallel with the rear door speakers (and have their own crossover). Reason for asking - was I...
  16. T

    210 from seats into a 202

    Hi, I'm after upgraded from seats for my 202 after my other half had a back operation. On ebay 210 seats in elegance spec seem much more common than 202 seats. Would they fit? Are there any other interiors that are bolt-on substitutes? e.g. W203? I cannot find the ultra rare orthopaedic...
  17. B

    202 sport wheels

    For sale are a set of four wdb202 sportspack wheels of my car. they come with 205,55,16 r pirelli p6000 tyres with 3mm tread all over. they could do witha refurb but i have acid cleaned them and they arent bent. open to offers pickup from maidstone kent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1...
  18. J

    202 ,250td not holding charge

    could any one help,my c250td,Ihave fitted new battery about six mounths ago,the car goes great when used every day,but left for a couple days the battery is dead,thanks john
  19. C

    202 c55

    Aparently an F1 medical car. Seems a bit pricey! MERCEDES C55 AMG on eBay (end time 30-Jul-09 14:37:12 BST)
  20. A

    202 Parts

    Pre facelift 202 saloon doors: passenger side, Azurite Blue, electric windows, scratches/small marks but no rust. Pre facelift 202 saloon doors: drivers side, colour unknown but a dark blue/greeny, electric windows, small marks/scratches but no rust. Bought in error. Don't ask. Rear door...
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