1. EDZ649

    202 AMG steering wheel

    MERCEDES C 202 'AMG' LEATHER STEERING WHEEL.RARE-NEW! on eBay (end time 06-Aug-09 16:21:02 BST)
  2. B

    202 parts

    hello again i need a black leather interior for a 202 electric or not and any other items for a 202 i might be interested in i.e wingmirrors bodypanels regards again ed
  3. T

    202 Estate trim seats etc

    Having just changed my trim for leather I have several bits and pieces for sale..trim out of 2000 202 estate Elegance.Fabric trim colour black Seats front and rear with luggage cover and 5 headrests in excelent condition. Both front door cards complete in black leather with carbon trim,from...
  4. stevesey

    202 exterior door trim removal

    Just washed the car and noticed a rust bubble emerging from underneath the top of the rubbing strip, looks like I need to remove the strip to sort out what's going on behind. Rust is within the recess for the strip so I should be able to sort quite easily. Before I start any tip on removing...
  5. T

    202 seat problem

    I have just purchased a full leather interiour for my 2000 Elegance estate,have been looking for some time with no luck.The new interior is from a 98/99 220 sport,all fitted no problem the seats are really comfortable,but alas one problem they have seat heaters that I will not wire up never use...
  6. M

    202 c55 estate!

    Hello what's this on PistonHeads?! We've seen and discussed the ultra rare W202 C55 AMG model before on MBClub.co.uk, however I've never seen a RIGHT HAND DRIVE ESTATE version of the model! It's a crap advert with zero photos, but I'll be keeping on eye on it to see if some photos are...
  7. S

    202 Colour Code

    I've got W202 Esprit, 1998 looking for a touch up pen but need the colour code/ colour name... I've been told it could be obsidian black, how do I find out for sure?
  8. S

    Lowering a 202...

    Hey there, been a registered user for a while but not posted much. I'm looking to lower it, but can only find K-Sport and D2 Coilovers at about £650 plus £150 postage from the US. Anybody any other ideas? Theres lots of 202's that have been lowered but surely not everyone has splashed out that...
  9. stevesey

    202 Alarm Going Off

    Alarm just went off for no apparent reason - also did it in the middle of the night last week. Any ideas? I will check the battery voltages at the weekend, but it's only 18 months old so I doubt it's that. Obviously if it's going to start getting worse I'm not going to be popular with the...
  10. Alps

    202 c-class front wings (pair)

    totally rust free, off a facelift 202, will fit prefacelift also £50 for the pair in silver collection from nr ilford essex.
  11. Alps

    C-class 202 headlights (pair) complete

    as per title from my C36, complete units inc glass. £60 for the pair + postage or collection from colchester can also bring to Olly`s GTG if paid in advance.
  12. Alps

    C-class 202 Glass sunroof C43

    Full glass sunroof for 202 shape c-class from c43, ideal upgrade to a steel sunroof. £90 + postage ( or collection from colchester) can also bring to Olly`s GTG if you pay up front.
  13. T

    202 wheel woes

    I bought a set of 202 alloys for my car from a fellow member a year ago. Although from another 202, they did not fit my car’s front axle. Apparently my 250TD estate has bigger calipers than most models. A pair of 3mm spacers from Murray Systems solved the problem. My car got new brake pads...
  14. M

    202 c class c200 pms engine contro unit

    As stated in title im after a pms control unit (engine) for a c200 many thanks in advance
  15. BlackC55

    My facelift 1998 202 C280 FOR SALE

    Hello, The time has come to part company with my beloved C280 as a new car is on the horizon and I can't justify keeping it. It is a 1998 C280 Sport with good condition black leather. I have owned the car for the past 10 months or so. When I got it I fully serviced it with new filters all...
  16. BlackC55

    My 1998 202 C280 will be for sale soon

    As above, the C-class will be for sale soon. I will list up all the things I have done to her so far and some pictures in the next few weeks PM if anyone is interested with or without the 19" wheels. Thanks all Olly
  17. L

    Early 202 Ignition Barrel Change?

    Hi can anyone describe how to change the ignition lock barrel on a early pre electronic C class? Thanks:crazy:
  18. T

    202 seatbelt problem

    I have a 2000 202 estate with a silly problem! the drivers seatbelt squeeks from the top mounting when I move, if the belt is pulled out a few inches it stops.Could it be a worn pulley? has done under 70000,not serious but annoying...any suggestions....please
  19. Crazyjester900

    Keyless key in a 202?

    Is that what this is?? Link
  20. stevesey

    C240 Sport 202 2001 56K

    Here Loose some of the bling and it could be a nice car, if it was local I'd be watching the price to see how it goes.
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