1. A

    1986 300SL running lumpy

    1986 300SL running lumpy changed plug leads distributor cap and rota arm still lumpy ; help needed please, or does anyone know a good old Merc mechanic in the Hainault Essex area
  2. D

    Naked 300SL, and a more modest one

    For you pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmOt0i6Eg-c A rolling chassis of a 300SL, with another, full-bodied one, next to it. The vehicles are at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands and the moment, but not for much longer I was told. A chance to see the chassis will not come...
  3. Noahrg

    Cote d'Azur Drive

    I'm heading off to Calais on the 8th July, to slowly meander through champagne, bourgogne, through st etienne towards marseille in my r107 300 sl. From there, waft along the d559 through st tropez and towards Nice, stopping off for calamari & refreshments whenever necessary, and sometimes...
  4. dog


    thought show you my loved one
  5. WDB124066

    300SL News...

    Four Mercedes-Benz 300SLs poised to go under the hammer ? The Motorhood The Gullwing that topped Concours: 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL Coupe ? The Motorhood
  6. Skhan

    91 300sl r129

    Any interest at £2500? (Will come with standard wheels)
  7. M

    New member. R107 300SL

    Evening all. Today I bought a 300SL. Silver with blue leather. It will be off the road for a short while whilst I get some bodywork and servicing jobs done. Then I intend to enjoy it. I had some photos of the bulkhead around the heater done before purchase and it looked good, so I'm hoping...
  8. P

    R129 300SL boot lid gas struts

    The boot lid on my 1997 300SL no longer pops up on opening and I guess there's something amiss with the gas strut. How many are there - 1 or 2 (one per side) - and are they difficult to replace?
  9. Indigo

    help required 1992 300SL R129

    Hi, I've two problems with my 92 SL and would really appreciate your advice. 1 . Wipers only work on fastest speed, my guess needs wiper relay. Any ideas best source on sensibly priced unit as I'm on a budget - part number 001 542 79 19 As some quotes I've had for a 20 year old used item are...
  10. ioweddie

    I'm selling 2 very nice 1:18 Models of Mercedes 300SL's on Ebay

    As Heading. 2 Nice large models of Mercedes 300SL Great if you have a real one and want a model on your desk etc. Plus I have lots of other Die cast model cars for sale. I've retired from work so selling up a large collection of various scale's. 1:18 Die Cast 1954 Mercedes Benz...
  11. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v - Starts then immediately dies

    Not having much luck at the moment, got a W124 300 thats not starting and now my R129 is starting to play up :wallbash: It takes a while to start, with my foot hard to the floor and once it eventually starts, it dies straight away. I had a rare occassion where it stayed on and I went on a...
  12. Druk

    R107 300sl

    Hi. I'm featuring this car on behalf of a friend. Mercedes Benz 300 SL - 1986 Just 80K genuine miles – confirmed by documented MOT’s and service history. This is one of the late model 107's with the flat faced alloys, improved brakes, suspension and galvanised panels, ABS and power...
  13. D

    1989 r107 300sl Starts but wont idle.

    Hello Mercedes enthusiasts i hope this finds you well. My 1989 300sl has developed a bewildering display of non/poor running symptoms and having spent the last few days learning/studying all about the ke jetronic system im well informed but still slightly confused as to the exact fault so...
  14. M

    Mercedes 300SL Gullwing head on crash

    The pain I am feeling to see this is beyond explanation. From the article: The accident happened yesterday morning in Tuscia, Italy and involved a black Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing which was participating in this year's reenactment of the open-road Mille Miglia endurance race...
  15. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v

    Bought my W124 CE a play mate, finally can get the SL out in the sun
  16. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v - Stalling & Misfiring

    Hi, I've been having issues with my 300 24v SL recently, it would run fine on startup and then stall or misfire once warmed up. I changed the distributor cap and it seemed to sort it out, which did work, but ive now bought it out again and it has started to play up again. However, now it wont...
  17. B

    Replacement Center Console 1992 MB 300SL

    I'm looking for a replacement/used burlwood center console for my 1992 MB 300SL, series 129. I need to replace convertible top switch as the connection plate on the bottom of the center console no longer can support the original switch. The mechanic tells me there is no other way to install a...
  18. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL - Steering Wheel

    Hi all, I bought a mercedes r129SL 300 24v quite recentley and really enjoying it, however the current steering wheel is bugging me as it blocks the speedo whilst driving. Here is a picture of the current steering wheel: I've had a search on eBay and these two have caught my eye. (Im...
  19. classicsl

    Mercedes 300SL R107

    I have owned the car for the last ten years. It has 133k miles on the clock, a full MB / specialist service history, all the MOT's and every reciept going back from when i purchased it. It has been off the road since Feb 2012. Red with grey MB tex interior, it has no MOT or Tax at present...
  20. DanMorgan

    R129 300sl

    Won this yesterday and just picked it up! What do you guys think? MERCEDES R129 SL300, WITH REMOVEABLE HARD TOP. | eBay
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