1. I

    300SL Auto won't reverse when warm!

    Hello everyone. I am hoping that you can point me at the cause of this problem. My car in a 1989 300SL Auto, R107, and has been laid up since my twins were born in 2004. I am in the process of putting it back on the road. I have an issue with reverse. It works fine when cold so I can...
  2. I

    Ian M

    Hi I am new to this forum. I am trying to get my 1989 300SL back on the road after it has been laid up for 10 years!! I'll be asking for help and advice in coming days and weeks. Ian
  3. D

    300sl 24....misfiring...stops..!!!!

    j plate r129...drove home tonight...started to misfire quite badly in a traffic jam,petrol gauge was half into the reserve(light was on),managed to wobble into a petrol station,fuelled up but still the same,the car has good service history...have i sucked a load of dirt into the fuel...

    MB 300SL Pedal Car

    Two for sale. MB300SLPedalCar1 MB300SLPedalCar2
  5. C

    Detailed 300SL

    Isnt this gorgeous ? Mercedes Gullwing 300SL - Detailing World
  6. 300CE

    Mercedes 300SL Gullwing/Roadster Fibreglass Bodyshells complete with all panels

    Mercedes 300SL Gullwing & 300SL Roadster Bodyshells complete with all panels | eBay Just don't dare take it over to Germany if you complete one!!: Merc destroys 300SL gullwing replica - BBC Top Gear
  7. S

    Anyone on here with 1992 300SL J341 GGP?

    Just wondering if my old car is in the hands of an owner on here
  8. P

    Hi from a 300sl with Nitrous and a 190 2.516v

    Just a quick note to say Hi, I have owned my red with black leather 92 300 SL for ten years now, I have upgraded the brakes,Eibach-Bilstein's suspention,strut brace's,polished and ported skmmed the head with 3 angle valves,I have a rolling road printout without nitrous its putting out 240bhp at...
  9. N


    I have a 1993 ,300sl with the 6 cylinder 24 valve type 104 engine fitted, my problem is that when I park it reversed up an incline and the car is also slopping to the right it blows engine oil all over the ground on start up. It does not leak oil ,and does not use oil at any other time it has...
  10. D

    chain or cambelt for 300SL?

    Does my 300Sl - 24 have a chain or cambelt? The manual talks about 'arrangement of the V belt'. Is this a cambelt? And whatever it is will it need replacing? thanks
  11. jaymanek

    250/300's R107 300SL

    You have an absolutely stunning car. If you don't mind can I please recommend that you get rid of that cable tie in the engine bay on the shroud and replace it with the correct clip part number A1245001831. Its the only pimple on that otherwise time warp car. Thanks Jay
  12. 2

    1987 r107 300sl

    Here is my 1987 300SL owned since 2006, with only 7,000 miles on then, now has a shade over 20,000.
  13. 300CE

    1992 MERCEDES 300SL AUTO BLUE (£2495.00 with best offer)

    Excluding it being badged as an SL600 - possible bargain? 1992 MERCEDES 300SL AUTO BLUE SL600 AMG REPLICA **BARGAIN** Classic Car | eBay
  14. R

    R107 300SL Mudflaps

    Hi Am having a full restoration carried out on a 1989 300SL R107. It originally had genuine mudflaps fitted. In order to re-fit them, the new front wings will need to be drilled for the screws. I am inclined to leave them off to prevent the new wings rusting again from the drill holes...
  15. mct_cars

    Fraudulent Listing? 300SL R107

    I recon this is fraudulent. Anyone else? eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  16. Mr. B

    1954 Silver 300SL Coupe


    1961 300sl

    kcc Automotive : 1961 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster Stunning Dealer has some nice cars.
  18. L

    Baby seats in 1993 300SL 24V ????

    Hi. I have found a nice 1993 Mercedes 300 SL 24v that I want to buy. I live in HK so it's not like I can pop to Halfords Question is. Does anyone know if I can fit 2 baby car seats in the small back seats? Also any thoughts/tips about this particular model and year? Any advice greatly...
  19. D

    1986 R107 300SL .... Facelift, project, cheap??

    Here's one for the panel... Is it too far gone to ever be viable or is it a realistic project if bought at a sensible price and done slowly?...... He's stated a guide price of £3995, anything cheaper than that would make it one postively cheap faclift R107 imo.... 1986 MERCEDES 300 SL AUTO...
  20. N

    Anyone breaking an R107 300SL?

    If you are or if you know of one being broken please let me know. TIA.
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