1. Gbrowncls55

    Best 55k upgraded Heat exchanger

    I am just about to start some cooling upgrades prior to a modest pulley and remap on the cls55 I have the Bosche 10 pump to replace the original as that seems to be the most reliable upgrade, but which upgraded intercooler heat exchanger is best / most effective at bringing down AITs. I want...
  2. merc85

    Cheap 55k

    Yeah i know abit worn, Its now at a more sensible price than last time. Could be worth a look for someone if you have a few K slush fund ready :Dalthough miles are getting abit north. mercedes e55 amg £7000 | eBay
  3. mickday

    55K plug lead removal tool

    I have for sale a brand new Mercedes Benz tool for removing the plug leads from 55K engine The leads are very difficult to remove and this tool will make the job easier Part number W110 589 01 01 00 £20 + delivery
  4. merc85

    What is the Correct wheel size and Offset w211 55k

    As above, What is the correct size and Offset of wheel fitted originally to a w211 e55k?
  5. ftb

    Which exhaust manifolds for 55K?

    What would you recommend to buy? Does anyone have data on how these differ from make to make? I'm aware of cheap quality headers that are actually worse than OE log type manifolds. Don't want these! What are the best quality headers available in the market for these cars today? Don't mind custom...
  6. Lenny63

    55k coolant change / flush

    Hi folks I had the coolant changed back in July however when I did my alternator I lost quite. A bit due to undoing lots of pipework I just topped up temporarily to get me through winter but i now want to completely drain , flush and refill the system I found a good diy guide here...
  7. Lenny63

    Calling all 55k owners - favour

    Hi all Would someone be kind enough to photograph the alternator pulley area , specifically I am wanting to see how close your IC rubber pipes are to the pulley I installed a new alternator on mind yesterday and the IC hoses are held in with plastic brackets bolted into the rocker cover ...
  8. Mrhanky

    55K Idler pulley set

    Used alloy Idler pulley set for 55k engine. Bearings good but also easily replaceable. £180 plus postage.
  9. Cyclone1

    55k LFR7AIX NGK Spark Plugs

    Pack of 4 NGK LFR7AIX Spark plugs for sale Suit 55k engined cars and are the 1 grade cooler alternative to the OEM NGK ILFR6A plugs. £20 + £3.95 pp
  10. andy27168

    55k Charger Tensioner Pulley Bolt

    Has anyone changed their supercharger belt tensioner recently? that might have the old one still lying around? I need the centre pulley bolt off it as I have rounded off the internal Torx splines on mine :doh: I want to replace the bearing on the pulley.
  11. merc85

    cls 55k Damm! lol

    I so wish these were 5 seater's :/ Colchester only 17 miles up the road from me :( Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG | eBay
  12. Lenny63

    5.5k "whooshing" sound ?

    Getting this around 1800/2000 rev's when accelerating quickly All I can describe it as is a whooshing sound ....I don't know if it's been there before but I've only just noticed it Could it be an exhaust rattle ?
  13. Mrhanky

    55K brake pad fitment

    Guys I recently cleaned and refitted my pads for the first time on my E55K. I noticed that the pads are a really tight fit mainly due to the anti squeal backing that extends to the pads sides. Is this normal as normally when I have fitted pads they have a bit of room to move?
  14. Mrhanky

    55K split cooling kit

    I have decided to sell the bits I collected to carry out the split cooling on my E55K. The kits includes the following: Brand new unused BMW reservoir. Bracket to house the BMW reservoir. Appropriate coolant hoses to carryout the install. Appropriate hoses connectors to carryout the install...
  15. T

    55k performance parts

    I have had a change in the direction i want to take my car and am now selling most of the performance parts. FTP Supercharger Pulley - £420 Condition: New FTP V2 Heat Exchanger - £300 Condition: New FTP Aluminium IC Tank - £350 Fitment: E55 AMG / CLS55 AMG Condition: New Bosch High Flow I/C...
  16. Dogbreath

    M113 55k AMG Belt wrap kits

    Just about to order 1 of these kits. Wanted to know if there is a huge difference in who makes them ? Anyone used a non UPD kit? There is a good £200 difference in price. is it just a name thing. Has there been any known failures with the cheaper kits..? Lee
  17. Lenny63

    55k engine - breather/valve cover screws

    Hi all I'm trying to round up all the appropriate parts for valve cover replacement ad breather reseal I've got the special MB sealant for the breather covers , however it is recommended to replace the screws In the guide I've found t quotes part no : A000000004436. My local MB...
  18. Cyclone1

    New PCS Under Bonnet Cooling Tank and Accessories - 55k Engines

    New PCS Under bonnet cooling tank and fitting accessories. Consists of; PCS Cooling tank 5m 19mm ply hose 8 x 90 deg bend connectors Radiator cap for the tank Everything you need if you want to improve cooling on the 55k Engined cars. Provides lower temps and is a great upgrade for...
  19. Bigrichw

    55k blocked breather

    Well that made a mess... All belts are being replaced too Had it 10 days, been in repair for 5 days now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Mrhanky

    55k Split Cooling Mod

    Having done a lot of research via mainly the US forums, Ive decided I will have a bash at doing this. So Ive got the BMW reservoir and all the other bits needed to complete the job. However, before I get carried away I wondered if anyone who has done this has any tips. My main concerns...
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