1. pstock

    Bluewater meet - May 20th 8pm

    Hope not to step on anyone's toes. Anybody up for a meet usual place.
  2. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater meet - March 11th 8pm

    It's been a long time since I last set one up but thought we ought to have a GTG at Bluewater for all Mercedes owners (you don't need to bring it on the day but it would be nice to see them!) to blow away the cobwebs and get rid of the winter blues! :bannana: Any interest? 01. SJMaxwell...
  3. MSG2004

    Brand News Top Gear Sunday 8pm

    Hi Not sure if already on this forum - next week Sunday. I miss the fools, used to have a small drink, watch the jokers and prepare myself for work next day - miss it and watch the repeats. I hope the new lot are as silly as the three previous fools. I awlays laughed with them and not at...
  4. E

    Great News: 14 Stores in the UK now open till 8pm

    Great news! UK Customer service hotline available till 8pm You can call chat and email our representatives. Find your local store Now!
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Heads Up: Final Topgear with Clarkson etc Tonight - 8pm BBC2

    Final ever Clarkson Topgear, Gary Lineker guest. BBC2 8PM
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Top Gear back on tonight Sunday 25th 8pm BBC2

    Love it or hate it, its back on tonight :) Heads up...

    Preston,Lancashire Night Time Car Meet This Sunday At 8pm

    Who's coming??
  8. Vilus

    F1 Fans- Horse Power- 8pm Sky Atlantic

    Just noticed an interesting diversion from Top Gear tonight, following the Ferrari teams preparations for the 2014 F1 seasons including how they are adapting to the new regulations. Sky Atlantic 8pm for F1 fans.
  9. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater meet 7th December 8pm

    Before all the Christmas parties kick in and before all the Christmas turkey/pud/mince pies fills us up we should have a last Bluewater meet up for the year! Anyone up for the 7th December 8pm onwards (Mercedes cars optional!)? :D:D
  10. J

    Car SOS - Feb 7th 8pm

    Hi Everyone, You may remember me posting in here last year looking for nominations for an upcoming car restoration programme. Well I am delighted to announce that Car SOS series 1 will begin broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 7th on the National Geographic channel. The basic premise is that...
  11. M

    Did we land on the moon? Ch5 Tonight 8pm

    As title tonight a documentary posing the question that has to be honest bugged me for years. I dont normally partake in conspiracy theories but I often wonder about the truth in this. Especailly with the advances in technology that we have now compared to the late 1960's. Hopefully tonight will...
  12. A

    8pm C5 or Channel 171 in HD Ice Road Truckers : Deadliest Roads

    Hello Watched this last week and thought it was great On now 8pm
  13. whitenemesis

    Mercedes on BBC1 Watchdog tonight 8pm

    Just heard the trailer not sure exactly what but "It could be expensive to drive with Mercedes" ....
  14. R

    190 Powerflow exhuast £45 - ends 8pm 12/3/10

    Mercedes 190 stainles steel powerflow exhaust on eBay (end time 12-Mar-10 20:52:29 GMT) not mine, just spotted it.
  15. Gucci

    BMW X6 reviewed on 5th Gear (8pm, 1.9.08)

    Not the prettiest car in the world...wonder what Tom Ford will make of it?
  16. kjay

    Top Gear 8pm

    Don,t forget Top Gear tonight on BBC 2 at 8pm. They're doing one of their tests on 3 old BL cars - could be funny :)
  17. A

    Top gear reminder 8pm

    Get sat down, :bannana:
  18. A

    Top gear interweb reminder 8pm

    Grab a beer and get sat down:bannana: it should be another good one. cheers
  19. A

    Top gear interweb reminder 8pm

    As above, Top Gear on soon....:)
  20. GrahamC230K

    8pm Tonight (Sun)

    OK, Top Gear lovers, we know what we'll be doing, looking forward to sharing our favourite parts later. For the others, do something that is not watching TV or: BBC1, Rough Diamond. Never heard of it might be your thing. Don't watch this if you have seen it before, hate it and write on...
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