1. W

    Mercedes Me - new additional services

    Just trawled through the new Mercedes Me conditions and services. There seems to be additional services for E Class 2016 and C Class from June 2017. It looks to me that the C Class gets as an option the remote park assist (the one from outside the vehicle) from June 17 model - I am sure you'll...
  2. masher_uk

    2017 C Class additional speedometer

    Hi, the 'additional speedometer' readout is in kph and I find it irritating - does anyone know if there's a way to switch it to mph?
  3. D

    Assyst+ - Additional items

    Just wondering, the additional items menu, is this to tell you what needs doing or is it just a method to tell the car what has been done regardless of whether it was due?
  4. OneTwoNine

    Airmatic out... but require additional info

    I'm pulling my airmatic suspension out of my CLS Designo this weekend to go with a BC Coilover 'BR' setup with pillowball top mounts and adjustable upper control arms to setup the rear camber. The reason for this is I'm sick of, month on month, repairing something or another that is going...
  5. Taipan

    Additional security; anyone know if a stoplock will fit a 2005 CLK220K?

    Hi All, Just as an added visual deterrent I was thinking of putting one of those stoplocks below on my CLK200K. I was going to pick up a 2nd hand one of ebay but my mate said to me to try and find out if it will fit as apparently they dint fit on every steering wheel? Anyone got one...
  6. G

    E350 W212 - hard wire additional 12v outlet

    Can anyone tell me the best place to hard wire an additional 12v outlet to on a 2010 E350 W212. I don't want to splice wires if I can help it. There is no fuse box in the dash area - hence the question. Photos would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    Largest Wheels available without additional bodywork ?

    Guys Do any of you know what is the largest wheel size I can go up to before I need to carry out any additional work on the car (2008 CLS 320) ? Thanks in advance Bamz
  8. K

    W140 additional keys only from Mercedes?

    My Mercedes 1993 W140 LWB S500 came with only one key, in a broken case. Fortunately, the infrared works and I know I can replace the case. Is my only option for additional keys to ask a Mercedes dealer and pay the extortionate prices?
  9. SL350_SWINDON

    B service and additional work done at MSL

    Just had a B service plus, spark plugs, brake fluid change and caster bolt fitted at MSL Birmingham. Well worth the 180 mile round trip as was half the dealer price. Very impressed with the professional attitude by Acid and his team. They allowed me to supply upgraded oil and spark plugs (they...
  10. P

    Additional speakers in W202 estate

    I have a C class estate W202 which has the standard 4 speakers in the doors plus some dash mounted tweeters. Since the standard speakers are a bit weedy, and a little small even if upgraded with better quality ones, I'd like to add possibly 2 or 4 more speakers, however I'm not sure where the...
  11. Somebody

    Additional cooling circuit in rad (126 500)

    The radiator in the 500 v8 seems to have one extra cooling circuit at the bottom. Does anybody happen to know off the top of their head what its for? I assume its for the transmission fluid, but then again there are some strange designs out there, utilizing the secondary cooling loop in the...
  12. F

    DAB reception and additional info not working...

    Hello, I have a car with DAB installed as std. I can pick up lots of radio stations but some of them (not all of them) don't load the additional data (like the now and next info). In particular Planet Rock (which I know does now and next) shows as "No Info". Three weeks ago, (before I sold...
  13. whitenemesis

    SBC - Additional functions

    I came across this interesting doc. Anyone with SBC have the full compliment of additional functions?
  14. J

    Additional Interior Mirror

    Hi all Does anyone have the additional Interior mirror - the one that clips under the standard rear view miroor to keep an eye on kids in the back of the car. It is PN A204 810 2817. Is it any good -it costs £30 so it is not cheap for a little clip on mirror.
  15. S

    Retrofit additional seat to Vito

    I have a Mercedes Vito Traveliner 115CDI, registration year 2007. In case it matters it has automatic gearbox. The seats are on rails and so each row will slide forwards or backwards and they recline individually. I've also got the command system with the fancy sat nav, and the chrome side...
  16. C

    C63 Coupe Finance Deal and Additional Discount

    First post. Busy looking for me new car :) The finance deals on the C63 are very attractive with a £7k dealer contribution. Does anyone know if the dealer has more money in the deal so an additional discount could be secured? My thinking is that MB UK are the ones providing most of the...
  17. Z

    service code vs items vs additional work

    for my w245, a B service is due - so using the wealth of knowledge that this forum has, I have managed to get into the ASSYST to try to establish what is required for the upcoming service. Service Codes - - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum It is so that the 'items' are the...
  18. nadeem

    W220 Additional Headunit

    Hi, I have been researching ways to add an AUX or USB into the command 2.5. The Tape to AUX connection failed no sound. There're boxes out there to replace the CD changer but not affordable at the moment. Other possible cheap alternative is to use my spare Sony Head unit. It it straight...
  19. 3

    additional injectors holder

    Hello, I am looking for the Additional injector holder of the Turbo Techniques Twin Turbo KIT for the M103 and M104 engines. please PM me if you have one, or know of someone that have it, or if you seen it for sale somewhere. thank you.
  20. gaz_l

    Temporary additional vehicle insurance

    OK, folks, so it goes like this. I have a car in storage (Fiat Barchetta) that I would like to bring out and use for a month or so prior to selling it on. It is currently SORNed, and uninsured (but as it's in secure storage I'm not too worried about that). It is still MOT'd, but that runs out...
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