1. alzieboy

    Wheel bearings

    Had an advisory on my MOT regarding slight play on front wheel bearings on my E350cdi Coupe, is this a diy job or should I take to a local indie . :thumb:
  2. MB-tex

    Pressing in W124 estate rear bearings & hubs

    I need advice with installing bearings into 124 estate rear hubs. All parts ready on the bench. Do I press in the bearings into the hub carrier then the hub into the installed bearing? This seems the logical way to do it but just wanted to check before I started... The hub carrier is...
  3. T

    W203 C220 rear bearings (hub swap?)

    Hi guys, I bought an inexpensive W203 C220 (06 reg) a couple of years ago as I was in need of a car and not being able to find the right W204 car I wanted, this was a cheap solution. In obsidian, with black leather and Avantgarde spec I still think it looks classy. Over the last couple of years...
  4. U

    ABC Pump Rattle (bearings?)

    I have a 2000 CL500 with a relatively new ABC pump fitted by Mercedes just a shade over two years ago and it has developed a rattling type noise at tick over, if you raise the revs it stops and also if you operate the suspension it stops briefly, there is also a strong vibration coming from the...
  5. 4

    Greasing Inner Wheel Bearings

    I have an S210 from 2000. Seems to suffer from the 'is it wheel bearings or is it tyre noise' at the front. I'm pretty convinced it's wheel bearings as it's a sort of rolling drone over 50mph, especially on quiet road surfaces. It's a lovely quiet car and so noises are noticeable, but also...
  6. Braincrank

    rear wheel bearings for 124

    I need to change the wheel bearings on my 124 after 216k miles... Why is it a dealer part? Cant seem to get them from GSF or Euro .
  7. mark_le_b

    W210 E55 ('98) Drive shafts/hubs/wheel bearings

    Hi all Looking for both rear drive shafts (complete units) plus the rear hubs/wheel bearings (left & right) for a 1998 W210 E55 Must be in good usable condition, so anybody breaking an E55 Thanks Mark
  8. S

    Genuine front wheel bearings

    I if anyone needs a set for SLK I have two for both wheels inc two tubes grease part no are A 210 330 00 51 These are full kits Sure they got C class but you better check Looking for £60 all in and I will post to uk foc Thanks Ps if this is in wrong place mods could you move Thanks
  9. T

    W202 - Scraping noise coming from rear wheels, ?wheel bearings?

    Following on from my thread a couple of years ago ( After a 7-8 year lay up sitting on my parents driveway, my dad's w202 c200 had been in use regularly by my father-in-law for the past couple of years...
  10. chubbs111

    e320 cdi wheel bearings

    my 1999 e320 cdi estate has a whining noise which i believe is a wheel bearing,there is very slight play in both front bearings,are they adjustable or do they have to be replaced and is it an easy job,also what are the rear bearings like to replace.
  11. developer

    SLK Front Wheel Bearings

    My brother's partner has an r172 SLK 250 CDi. A Halfords safety inspection (don't ask) has reported that os and ns front wheel bearings need adjusting and are, er, adjustable :dk:. Any thoughts please?
  12. V

    Loud whirring noise - rear wheel bearings?

    My 54K miles 1996 E220 coupe has developed a whirring noise that is speed sensitive - the faster the car goes the louder it gets. When I put the car into neutral while driving the noise does not stop, so I'm assuming it is not transmission related. Possibly rear wheel bearings? It does not...
  13. Reggie-rock

    CLK (A209) front wheel bearings play, advise please.

    My 2006 CLK 350 Convertible passed it's MOT with an advisory that there is some play in both front wheel bearings. I was wondering if anyone knows if these are adjustable or do they have to be renewed? Thanks.
  14. S

    SLK front wheel bearings.

    Hi I have a pair of genuine MB Front wheel bearings for SLK 32n AMG but sure these ok for C32 c class and CLk. also 2 tubes of MB grease. £60 for both inc grease and £8 carriage. Thanks
  15. M

    w124 320TE rear wheel bearings

    What labour charges would be reasonable for an indie to replace both rear bearings on a w124 estate? ( I assume it makes sense to replace these in axle pairs? only 1 is currently noisy and has play) Also, I normally source the parts myself, and have found a few options. Inchcape, £127.44 per...
  16. C250JRH

    C250 MOT Wheel Bearings

    I just received advisories for both front wheel bearings on my s204 at the MOT. Due to some outer edge tyre wear, I had checked the end float on the n/s wheel bearing a month or so ago prior to taking the car for a 4 wheel alignment (where it didn't need adjusting, advised to increase front...
  17. pnevesfoto

    SKF wheel bearings... (w203 estate C220 CDI)

    Hello my fellow MB owners... I recently noticed a little slack on my left front wheel... my ill-fated left wheel... after the control arms, the sway bar drop link now is the turn of the wheel bearing. I'm considering seriously the SKF VKBA 6530, which is the indicated for my vehicle... Does...
  18. L


    Just been quoted for front bearing fitted with 2 yr warranty. What kinda of cost should i be looking at from anyones previous experience? Cars a w203 c220 cdi Tia
  19. Lenny63

    Gen MB wheel bearings vs aftermarket

    Hi All The big girl needs a NSF wheel bearing - MB ones are nearly double the price of what I can get a good after market brand - question bein, is a bearing just a bearing or are the MB ones far superior ?
  20. astamir

    clk55 HELP steering? suspension? bearings?

    Hi guys Having a strange problem on my car recently changed all upper and lower supension arms and all was nice and good Then took it in for welding on sills car was stationery for few days when picked it up noticed a strange noise from nearside front wheel on a full lock to the right no noise...
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