1. D

    W203 - C220CDI electronic fuel level issue

    When i first got the car decided to check out the dipstick. Felt like one when I realised some have an electronic dipstick. However I cant get it to give me a readout. Wonder if its failed in someway. Any ideas guys?
  2. Campoos90

    Presentation to the MBClub. w204 c220cdi query!?

    Alternator belt noise on w204? - c220cdi coupe Hi guys I have been hearing a very particular noise that I think that comes from the alternator belt. (Similar to an air leak). Is that normal? I have seen some videos on youtube and they sound pretty much the same... Thanks Campoos90
  3. O

    2006 W203 C220CDI - Rattle/Ticking noise from intake manifold

    Hello, I have an issue with my 2006 C220CDI. It has developed a rattle noise and signs of oil leaking from the connection to the intake manifold. as illustrated below. Also when the car is in motion there is a very noticeable whine coming from the engine under acceleration, this seems to...
  4. R

    Steering knock C220cdi 2014 estate

    I have a knocking noise when I turn the steering from lock to. Lock or if after a tight turn it's straightening up. Any ideas, please, car had 32000 MLS Martin
  5. AMGeed

    W203 C220CDi for sale

    Just mentioning this on behalf of my brother who has bought a new car. He has a 2004 C220CDi in very good condition that is for sale. He is the only owner Brand new MOT, 92k genuine miles and always serviced on time although not at main dealer. Lovely Jasper Blue with unmarked grey leather and...
  6. MangoMan

    W203 2005 C220CDI Coupe Wiper Problems.

    Hi. I've read quite a bit about the Wiper Stalk having issues with regard the Wipers not working because of a broken wire. Is there no way that this can be fixed rather than spending a good part of a hundred quid in buying a new one? :confused: Thanks for any info given. :thumb:
  7. garycat

    Recommended remap for a 2014 C220CDI BlueEff

    Hi I've just bought a C220CDI with 170bhp standard and I'm thinking of getting a remap to get a bit more performance out of the engine as my previous cars were Subaru Imprezas and a Mazda 6 MPS which all had 250-280 bhp. Ideally I'd like better throttle response throughout a wider rev...
  8. J

    06 C220CDI Estate.. Whats good Whats Bad.

    Evening guys, I need another Auto Diesel Estate to cover a minimum of 20k per year.. Could be double but no less than 20K. Needs to be an Estate to lug various Jeep parts about. Ideally it will carry me to 200k with minimal fuss although I know stuff wears out etc etc... I've spied an 06...
  9. M

    C220cdi ESP warning coming up

    Hi just yesterday my ESP warning appeared on the dash what could be the cause of this i cant seem to get rid of it,c220cdi 2003 many thanks.
  10. M

    C220cdi coolant visit workshop

    My coolant visit workshop comes up on the computer and the car is in limp mode and the fan comes on straight away. Does anyone know what is causing this please.
  11. andrew-w

    C220CDI Sport W204 2007 Low spead Idle issue

    Advise required please My C220CDI 2007 W204 automatic has developed an issue when stopped at traffic lights in gear that the engine does not stop at a constant idle it "Hunts" the revs do not appear to change on the rev counter but the sound appears to rise and fall a little. Does anyone have...
  12. M

    W203 C220cdi oil filter wrench

    What is the size required, I have read 74mm, 74.5mm, 76mm, at least they all state 14 flutes. I measured the one on the car although there is not a lot of room without taking it off - looks like 74.5 - ish ! Thanks
  13. E

    C220Cdi W203 54 plate manual DPF

    Just thought I'd share this for those encountering the dreaded DPF failure. Just had mine removed and cleaned. Immediate improvement in mpg, now showing high forties at motorway speed. Total cost was £400. £150 to clean, now 90% flow rate. £200 to remove and refit replacing an exhaust senor...
  14. Mike Walker

    W204 C220cdi - tell me about chipping please

    As above - all advice - good and bad - gratefully received :dk: Thanks in anticipation Mike
  15. E

    C220CDi 54 plate.

    Good evening, have the dreaded DPF failure and wondered if anyone know how long labour wise it is to change a DPF on a 54 plate C220CDi ? I have a replacement unit off EBay and wondered how much of a job it is. Any help with regards to sensors etc would be much appreciated, thank you.
  16. S

    W204 c220cdi brake/disc replacement

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me where to obtain a service/repair manual for a late 1977 W204 c220cdi sport (Manual transmission) with the optional AMG Alloys and a Brabus conversion? Failing that does anyone know th torque setting for the disc calliper mounting bolts and the disc bolts as I...
  17. 420SE

    W202 C220CDI Stuck In Park, Won't Budge

    Hi guys, my issue is that I can't get my W202 out of 'Park'. Before posting I did a general search and one of the ways around this problem as a temp solution, is to press down some sort of switch or button with a screw driver / chop stick / whatever is handy, but that doesn't seem to have solved...
  18. C

    Voltage regulator removal on W203 C220CDI (2002)

    Hello every body; I need to change the Voltage regulator on alternator of my W203 C220CDI Coupe Sport (2002). Is it possble to remove it without removing the alternator? In advance thanks for help
  19. andrew-w

    C220CDI Sport W204 --PO183 Fault

    I have a 2007 C class 220CDI Sport W204 engine with a PO183 Fault " fuel Temperature Sensor A circuit High" Fault say temp sensor measures the temperature of the Fuel to Fuel pump. Can anyone tell me where this sensor is ( pictures if possible) Any idea of part number as a replacement...
  20. T

    P0428 and P2463 codes W204 2010 c220cdi

    Hi Newbie here! Just had Engine management light come on on my W204 2010 C220CDI Blueeff n using a code reader got these codes! P2463 DPF Excessive Soot Accumulation P0428 Catalyst Temp Sensor Circuit High Bank 1 Sensor 1 I'm just wondering if anyone knows part number n cost for sensor...
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