1. H

    Brake discs c32 amg

    Hi, I'm looking for the best place to purchase mb brake discs for my C32 AMG. (2002) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. L

    Annoying clunk from rear. S203 C32 AMG

    I have an annoying knock from the rear n/s suspension especially when the boot is loaded. I have checked all the rubber bushes and changed the rose joint in the hub carrier (it was shot). I can find no movement in any of the suspension parts and the subframe mounts look fine with no cracking. Is...
  3. John_Doe

    2002 c32 amg

    Afternoon all I'm thinking of selling her if anyone is interested. As I've said before she isn't without her faults. I've spent way more than I should have changing parts in the last two years, including recon differential. Recently changed plugs, leads and coil packs to cure a random engine...
  4. S

    C32 amg

    im on the look out for a nice c32 amg preferable black but will consider other colours. low miles if possible and in all round excellent condition with history and usual faults sorted.
  5. Mr Fixit

    C32 For sale 2002, 73K miles FMBSH

    sorry for the repeat add but the old one was not quite correct Im sell as i'm stepping out on my own and need a more practical solution, She is 2002 W203 with just over 73K, MOT till Oct 2014 (to be renewed), tax;- well the new rules etc! Currently with Warranty direct prestige until...
  6. AMG SBL

    Electrical failure c32 amg

    Why when I move mi seat back the dashboard fails and all turns off , what can I do?
  7. Dizwen

    C32 AMG vs CLK 55 AMG cabrio

    Just after some practical advise about how the clk 55 stacks up against the C32. I got my c32 for the big boot and two small kids. Well the kids are bigger and i feel like a change. A nice fast drop top to replace the C32? I think the clk C55 cabrio will do nicely. The C32 has never let me...
  8. John_Doe

    Part number for c32 plugs?

    Afternoon all. I'm in the states at the mo and thought I would get my spark plugs while over here but they want chassis number which I don't have obviously. Does anyone have the part number I can give them? I'm assuming the number will be the same in America?
  9. HassanC32

    Newbie C32 AMG

    Hi I've been browsing the site for a while now, thought I'd finally sign up as a member. Car has been in the family for a few years, I purchased it recently. It suffered from the usual W203 rust issues, which I recently had sorted. It requires a bit of TLC to get it to how I want it. I'll...
  10. M

    Command/telephone problems c32

    Hello, I'm new to this so I hope i'm doing it right! I've had a 1991 c32 estate from new - the command unit works but it now has no sound. I had every available extra when i purchased it including lingustic and a nokia 6210 hands free module and bose sound upgrade. i think the problem is...
  11. ACID

    C32 AMG Pulley Map and HE @ MSL Performance

    Hey Guys We had Billy come in Yesterday with his Mint C32 for some MSL treatment! The car is totally stock so we ran the car on the Dyno to see what power the car was making. Car made 296WHP which is 349bhp! so these figures are perfect to stock. We fitted a EC HE and EC...
  12. Mr Fixit

    remap C32

    All whats the SP on remaps for the C32 without pulley changes etc (maybe just filters olly), is it worth it, I know TLC speaks highly of the elite but thought Id ask. Nick
  13. mattyv33

    C32 Supercharger on a C320?

    Hi all, been looking into fitting a C32 supercharger to my C320 - have looked on the web for information but all I've found is sarcastic Americans saying it can't be done. Surely it can be! I know I will need charger and new ECU/ ECU remap at least but would I need to change internals?
  14. Billy albert

    My C32 in body shop

  15. M

    c32 engine change

    can anyone tell me when the engine changed on the c32, I have a c32 amg on a 2001 plate with the black top cover with amg badges on both air filter boxes but have noticed that a 2002 is completely different, can someone shed some light for me, cheers all.:dk:
  16. Gaz74

    Wanted - C32 supercharger bearing

    As per the title really, my S/C bearing is making some noise now and wondered if anyone had one lying around they no longer need? I can order one from the US, but thought I'd try my luck on here first :)
  17. TJC

    C32 amg

    Not really up for this but i can not think of another way , I have a medical condition in my lower back thats getting slowly worse , most days i can not get out of my car without being in great pain , and it takes me a while to get moving , need to go back to a vehicle with high ground...
  18. N

    C32 AMG Smooth idle pulley

    As per the title! Can anyone get hold of a smooth idle pulley for me? Part number 112 202 01 19 ? Plus at what price! Usual places like ECP can't get them!
  19. S

    SLK32 / C32 Kompressor wing badge 'E'

    I've lost an 'E' from my wing. I know I can buy a whole new badge, but seems a waste of all the other letters, so asking on the off chance someone might have one!
  20. Billy albert

    C32 AMG problem poss tps

    Symptoms - accelerated and came to a lumpy halt Turn off wait, restart ok, accelerate lumpy halt. Error messages on dash at point of power fail = esp engine visit workshop and engine light. Codes pulled see pic Going in to Alex crow but out of interest what do you guys think ?
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