1. SPX

    My old C32 estate for sale...

    ...and SpinBowler's... http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221745310654 I genuinely stopped counting how much I spent on this once I'd passed the £5k mark and I know that Matt spent a few quid too. Some cars, in my experience, were put on this earth to suck money out of...
  2. french

    C32 Handling

    Might be asking the impossible here, my car goes like the wind now its had a pulley & map etc. I would like my car to handle a bit crisper to match the power BUT without turning it into a boneshaking ride. Is there a bush kit/roll bar/ strut brace avaiable that has been tried?
  3. D

    c32 estate rear suspension lower on one side

    As above. This happened kind of suddenly where the car was lower on one side than the other at the rear. No sign of a broken spring but both rear springs replaced anyway with genuine MB units. No change. Car is still lower on one side. All cups and mounts present on both sides. Any ideas?
  4. R

    Manual Conversion for C32 ???

    Hello chaps, I've been away from the car scene for 3 years now due to family etc, now wanting to get back into drifting (just for fun) and will be getting a car in the next couple of months, been stuggling to decide on a car but really fancy a Merc C32 AMG, these are only available with AT boxes...
  5. S

    C32 Whistle Noise Help

    Hi all, added a eurocharged 65mm sc pulley with a eurocharged tune in January and have been really pleased with the performance gains BUT in the last week or so I have developed a quite loud whistle/wizz whenever I put the throttle down more than 1/2 inch. This noise stays until I let off or...
  6. Billy albert

    C32 spare wheel

    Hi, has anyone managed to find a spare wheel that fits over the front brakes on a c32 as Merc doesn't list one, however I am not naive neigh to think I can not find an application that would work?
  7. spuggets

    W203 AMG C32 drive shaft and hub assembly

    Put the car in for a wheel bearing today, the call came back that the drive shaft is seized in the hub... And Merc want £1500 for these parts :O Can anyone advise: - good places to source used parts (no joy on eBay) - what the correct part is for a 2004 car as I understand they are...
  8. B

    2002 c32 driveshaft problems!

    Hey. Having a headache problem with my c32.. Rescently a driveshaft snapped i have spent all day trying to remove it from the diff but it wont come out. Trying to find replacements near impossible as seemes there was a chassis change in 2002 some have bolt on shafts. Some just plug in...
  9. B

    c32 driveshaft exploded.

    Hey. Pulled away from some traffic lights not launching it maybe half throttle.. bang lost all drive nasty clunks and noises Have no drive no park no nothing. Engine warning light is on all the TCU/ABS is disabled. Had to push it off the road. Had a look drive shaft snapped in half...
  10. N

    W203 C32 Digital Climate Panel

    Hi Guys, Ive recently changed my '03 dual digital climate panel to a '53 dual control from a C320. Since then, I have struggled to get the temperature to go to "Hi", it goes warm from 21 degrees upto about 25 degrees and then blows cold again as you go up towards "Hi". Question is, do panels...
  11. B

    new C32 amg forum member

    Hello everyone. I have rescently purchased a c32 with 75k miles off a member on this forum. Fantastic car even with its minor rust issues im a smart repairer so i will address the smaller patches through out the year. I have fitted some E55 AMG airboxs today. Not sure if im happy with...
  12. T

    C32 AMG Advice

    Hi I do apologise if this topic has been brought up many times before before I start! I'm looking at buying a C32, saloon or estate, I have no preference My dad has had one in the past, but this was years ago and was only a few years old After any info or advice you guys can give me...
  13. N

    C32 AMG - P0108 Code

    Morning Gents, The car is really starting to grate on me now ! As soon as I put something right, something else goes wrong !! So I've had a trouble code P0108 (Manifold absolute pressure/Baromic pressure high input) Which initiates as a pending code, until it flags up again where it turns into...
  14. W

    w203 C32 drivers seat back removal

    Please can anyone tell me how to remove the drivers seat back on a 2003 C32 as i need to replace the head restraint motor ?
  15. S

    W203 c32 amg fuel needle faulty

    Hi guys Fuel needle on my c32 amg doesn't work properly When you fill the tank it it goes to The top When it comes to half. It doesn't want to go any lower This happens every time Any suggestions
  16. N

    C32 Needswings Fluid Isolation Kit

    As title, just fitted the Needswings Intercooler fluid Isolation kit to my C32. Took about 30 mins of faffing about, and the cars only gone through one heat cycle so too early to turn the valves off (needs to let air out first)! Once the two valves are turned off (one supplied with pipe, the...
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    FS: 2003 C32 AMG with FMBSH owned by me since 2005

    Following nine happy years of ownership, the time has come for my C32 AMG to find a new home. It's been maintained regardless of cost, and I've been rewarded with an excellent, reliable car with strong (standard) performance. This car is well known to longstanding members of MBClub, and if...
  18. z4hid

    C32 amg to sl55\e55 amg induction kit

    As per the title i have an induction kit for those of you wanting to carry out the upgrade to your C32. front pipes were purchased from mercedes for around £20 and kit cost me £140. I just never got round to fitting it £125 + delivery\collection
  19. R

    C32 AMG estate: yes or no?

    Hello -- this is my first (hopefully of many) post. I'm seeking the thoughts of those with knowledge deeper than mine -- I've had VWs, BMWs, Mazdas and Saabs and am now drawn (and how) to a C32 estate for sale close to my house in Glasgow. I'm swithering though. It's not mint. But it's £4700...
  20. G

    C32 Amg wanted

    Hi guys , looking for a nice clean honest C32 for sensible money , pref with sub 100k miles and a fsh and no / minimal rust ( a tall ask I know ) Regards Gavin
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