1. G

    FREE: 3.5mm jack AUX input cable for Audio 20 NTG2

    I had this fitted to my Audio 20 (NTG 2) in A200, and it is now redundant. Works perfectly fine, including with a bluetooth adapter for streaming music from iPhone, etc. It plugs into the connector 3, pins 6,11,12. Free on its own, or £3 if you want the bluetooth adapter with it...
  2. T

    Sunroof cable W204 C63

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me what the part numbers are for the 2 cables for the sunroof? dealer advised £50 which is reasonable but over £400 for labour. Does someone also have a manual on how to replace these? want to tackle myself thanks
  3. D

    Clk270 2005 aux cable

    Hi all, I haven't got the aux cable in the glove box amd i know there is a cable available to buy and connect to the cable on passenger side door bottom, but before i start ripping off all the plastics and carpets maybe someone could tell me if i have it waiting for me there or not. Thanks a lot
  4. Bluepaul

    Where to connect a cable ?

    I've bought a reversing kit to fit my 07 W211. No problem connecting to the reverse light and ground. The instructions say "if CANBUS system then connect the yellow to the ignition or ACC" Can anyone tell me what colour cable I can connect to and where it might be located (hopefully in the...
  5. W

    Need parking brake cable C180 1996

    The parking brake cable on my superb Mercedes C180 1996 failed. My dealer tells me the cable comes in three parts Right - Left and Centre He can get the Right and Centre cables from Mercedes in Germany. However, the Left cable is out of stock - Can anyone suggest a good source? The...
  6. mcshape

    Cut cable into ECU , HELP!

    Hi all, Had to remove the engine cover today as I was looking to see if I had a coolant leak anywhere (mysteriously loosing coolant for the last few months) As I was inspecting everything , just looking, no touching I noticed one of the cables going into the ECU (left connection point) has a...
  7. S

    Cable run for rear view camera

    I'm attempting to install a RVC and would like to know which is the best route for the cable to the rear of the command unit. I have a fakra to RCA cable arriving this week, for the command unit. I intend to run the cable from the boot, under the sills and across to the command. However, I...
  8. R

    Part number for cable rear brake wear sensor plugs into

    Both cables are missing on my rear axle. It is item 100 on the attached pic
  9. H

    New speedo cable Mercedes W123

    For sale are two speedo cables for all RHD´s 1x A123 542 0707 for all with manual gearbox £25 1x A123 542 1907 for all with automatic gearbox £25
  10. mpc

    Which iPod Media Cable?

    Hi, newbie here I recently bought a 2011 plate C250 Cdi BlueEFFICIENCY Sport Edition 125 7G-Tronic with the 12 button steering wheel for command module. I want to get the iPod module cable that goes in the centre console but don't know which one I need. I have tried one that had the...
  11. Sonny Burnett

    Command 2 Phone cradle with cable

    if anyone has one for sale let me know
  12. C

    W210 bonnet cable part number?

    Hi all, as per the title, Can someone please tell me the part number of the bonnet release cable of W210? Can't open the bonnet and (luckily) 1 latch won't close due to the cable not retracting far enough. Is there a separate cable that goes between the 2 latches? If so can I have that part...
  13. S

    Foot brake cable

    Hi all i have changed my rear disks inc shoes and pads today. The foot brake was poor and to be fair still is.. Apart from the adjusters in the hubs is there any other adjustments to tighten foot brake I find i have to press foot pedal right to its end of travel before its holding car on...
  14. Sudesh

    Fiber optic cable

    Good day everyone..... My Dad has a 2004 S-Class. He Got a new aftermarket radio/nav/hands free thing. Anyway he has been told by the installer he heeds a Fiber Optic Cable, he can't get one and tried a few places. So though I would as on here? Thank you kindly, Sudesh....
  15. reflexboy

    W203 door handle cable

    I was taking a look at the near side front door of my friend's W203 last night as the door wouldn't hold shut or lock. I was suspecting It to be a broken spring in the lock catch actuator but it turned out after lots of spray lube it was just jammed. It now shuts and locks ok and the exterior...
  16. M

    Offside Handbrake Cable Guide Bracket

    The MOT that came with my new (to me) W219 CLS had an advisory saying this was missing. Dealership weren't much help when I called to ask. Anyone know what this is, where it should be and how much it will cost to stick back on? The thread title BTW is the way its described in the advisory...
  17. 2

    Aux Input Cable

    I would like to install the aux input cable in my 2003 clk (w209) which still has the cassete player radio and the 6 cd magazine changer. Is there a way to check that my car will accept this install without having to remove the glovebox side panel and doorsill plastic to check for the wiring...
  18. A

    Help how to remove handbrake cable from subframe

    Hello. I have successfully removed the rear subframe from my CLK 430...and all went well . I have fabricated a wooden platform with wheels to be able to move the subframe around the garage and out for blasting. The only issue I have is the handbrake cable is attached to the subframe via a...
  19. iRadiate

    C350e charging cable

    Hi. I've noticed on some of the pictures that people are uploading that their charging cables are coiled. Mine is straight and as it's quite thick takes a while to put away. How did those with coiled cables get coiled cables ? Did you specifically ask for them or is that simply what your car...
  20. D

    wirelessly replacing speaker cable

    How do I do this? I have a basic sony 5.1 system with monitor audio radius speakers. I want to put the speakers in places where I can't hide the cables. Surely by now there must be a bluetooth or similar system that I can connect to the amp speaker connections one end and the speakers the...
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