1. D

    C270cdi s203 2001 front calipers

    Anyone advise if repair kits are available for the above or are new calipers the way forward ? would need to do something with these , replaced discs and pads( MB parts) and still unhappy with braking
  2. 5

    Which brake calipers on a 560sel

    Hello I need to replace the rear brake calipers as they are badly seized/binding. When looking for replacement ones i have been asked wether they are Bendix or ATE calipers. I'm not too sure which ones are already fitted to the car as the ones currently fitted are badly corroded and can't...
  3. allias

    W210 calipers 320CDI vs 300TD

    Last weekend I was tring to change my brakes and found that my front calipers are frozen. I have spare 2 calipers from my old 300TD and I wanted to possibly use them. As I checked them, they are 2 cylinder calipers and mine are single. Funny is as I checked EPC shows that both should have...
  4. nick.ged

    124 24v calipers

    as the title, no sensible offer refused
  5. M

    AMG 6 Pot Calipers and Discs

    Mercedes AMG brembo Alcon 6 pot calipers & discs Kit on eBay (end time 19-Dec-10 17:47:47 GMT)
  6. nick.ged

    amg calipers

    pretty sure these are the same as the silver arrows ones, and take 334mm disks, and will fit 107 123 124 129 201 202 203 and mabe others. C32 Amg Calipers on eBay (end time 21-Oct-10 15:27:58 BST)
  7. topgun1978

    Merc CL W215 calipers......

    Hi guys, just a quick question as I`m thinking of some upgrades to my motor. :rolleyes: Currently I have an 00 model, CL55 AMG which has plain black calipers on the front and back... I have seen a 2004 CL500 car which is being broken and am interested in the newer calipers which are grey...
  8. N

    My new calipers from AMG, what you think?

    So my new calipers arrived by the postoffice today. I felt like a kid in a candy store today, I think I got ADHD when I saw my calipoers!:bannana: :bannana: :bannana: You see the banana freekin' out? This is what I felt today on Friday. These calipers are huge and heavy. But they are...
  9. S

    w123 rear calipers

    I need new rear calipers on my 1981 240td. The original parts are Mercedes but for new ones, I have a choice of Bendix, ATE, Girling etc and no-one can tell me which are the right ones to order. The piston diameter is 38mm. Can I fit any calipers with this piston diameter? My chassis number is...
  10. PJayUK

    removing front calipers on the W210

    In order to change front pads and discs on a W210 do you simply need to remove the caliper carrier bolts (18mm I think) and then the small 7mm hex bolt to remove the disc? in other words there are simply three fasteners to change discs and pads? Can the pads be changed without removing the...
  11. Q

    Brake calipers for a 1984 W201?

    I need a new front right brake caliper for my 1984 2.0E, but which type do i need? The local motor factors started asking me questions about vented or non-vented, piston diameter, and is it a fist-type caliper, a 2 piston caliper and such like. Can someone advise me which I need? Chassis number...
  12. M

    w123 Front calipers - size change in 1980

    Hi All, Please can any of you confirm this for me? It seems that Mercedes changed the internal dimensions of the front calipers of w123 cars in 1980. Calipers on earlier cars accept 15mm pads, whereas calipers on post-1980 cars accept 17.5mm pads. As far as I can tell everything else is...
  13. N

    Calipers surfacefinish from many years of winterdriving?

    Hi, I'm curious about the new style AMG calipers that came on 2001 and further year cars? Those new AMG calipers came painted in silver colour with the black and bold lettering AMG logo. When these cars are been drivien during winter seasons for many years with lots of salt that eats all...
  14. N

    Swapping my C43 calipers to C32 4 pistons!

    I know this topic has been discussed before but I am just curious about? If this mod is worth doing or not? My friend wants to sell me a set of front calipers but I am not sure if I will get any improvement in braking? Only improvement is the visual looks! So is it worth doing this...
  15. DSLiverpool

    My DB9 With Latest Wheels And Calipers

    More pics to follow, if it goes i want to keep some pics for posterity
  16. N

    Which AMG calipers fit bolt on?

    Which AMG calipers from newer AMG's fits bolt on C43 rotors? I know a guy whom fitted C32 calipers on original C43's fron rotors! Does 211 E55 AMG calipers fit on C43?
  17. harry_dhuga

    E55 AMG Brake Calipers

    Just wondering if these calipers would fit on my W210 E55 - any ideas..?? Mercedes E55 AMG Front Brake Calipers With Pads on eBay (end time 14-May-10 19:03:08 BST) Thanks.
  18. mazza

    New W140 Lucas 4 piston calipers with EBC green stuff pads

    Hi Folks I have for sale a new pair of Lucas 4 piston calipers for a W140, calipers have been fitted with new EBC green stuff pads. The calipers have been sprayed silver by the chap that bought them for a project. price £90.00 for the lot would prefer collection from West London as they are...
  19. BenzedUP

    W203 Front set of Brake Calipers

    Listed them on ebay, W203 C-class front set of brake calipers. on eBay (end time 20-Apr-10 23:12:01 BST) On here I will probably let them go for less.. will let them go for £70 + £20 P&P Any questions please PM me, thanks.:thumb:
  20. EDZ649

    E55 AMG Discs & Calipers

    These might be of interest to someone wanting to upgrade... Mercedes E55 AMG Front Brake Calipers and Discs on eBay (end time 11-Mar-10 16:40:15 GMT)
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