1. Matt32AMG

    C32AMG Brake Calipers on an SLK32AMG?

    Has anyone swapped or fitted the AMG brake callipers off a C32 and put them on the SLK32? Or is this just one big headache? :( Any Ideas of cost? It's just that they look so much nicer than the brakes fitted as standard on the SLK32AMG as the calipers fitted are a direct lift off an E-class...
  2. merc180k

    Coloured Calipers

    Building up my little list of mods for my car (C180k Avantgarde SE Sport 2004) and have decided that I quite fancy some coloured calipers which will be seen behind my wide spaced alloys. :D Of course they would need to have Mercedes Benz on them. But it leaves 2 questions..... 1) What would...
  3. Bobby Dazzler

    Rusty rear calipers

    The front calipers on my 2003 C32 AMG has the usual glossy silver paint finish, and look great. The rears have turned bronze with rust and look really awful. I asked my dealer to take a look whilst it was with them on Friday (for a new intercooler pump) and said the calipers aren't painted...
  4. chrispy

    Anodized Brake Calipers?

    Ok, my W202 is going in to have the whole brake assembly overhauled, renewed etc and I was wondering if there is anywhere on the net (or dealers) where I could purchase anodized (silver preferably) brake calipers to replace the old rusty ones? I have 17" Lorinser style (turbine) alloys on it and...
  5. S

    Brabus Brake Calipers

    Hi I have a pair of Brabus (by Alcon) 4 piston brake calipers for sale, complete with pads. I bought these via ebay with the intention of fitting them to my R129, but have since decided that I'd sooner have the money right now. The items dont look like they've ever been fitted - They are in...
  6. dan f

    What front calipers will fit an SLK32 AMG

    Hi. I want to change my front calipers for something a little more 'showey' (sp?) What calipers (if any) from the MB parts bin will straight swap with what I have now? I love how my brakes work, but on an AMG I think the calipers should be a bit more distinctive than they are on the SLK32. Any...
  7. N

    Painting Break Calipers

    Hi Guys This is for all you artistic Merc fellows on the best Merc site around. I have a 1999 C200 Esprit that I have spent a lot of money on so now I want to start doing some mods starting off with the basics of fitting alloys. As you can see from the pics calipers need painting and my new...
  8. Parrot of Doom

    Allen key size on brake calipers

    Gonna change my front discs over the weekend, but I'm missing a couple of allen keys. Does anybody know the size of the bolts on the caliper, and the one on the disc?
  9. G

    Brake calipers

    Anyone got any ideas on how to clean up the Mercedes branded covers on S211 brake calipers ? Only 10 months and already they're looking a bit dull - is it down to using Wonder Wheels ?
  10. M

    front and rear disks and calipers w202

    could anybody tell me where i can purchase a set of brake discs and calipers for my w202? i have just put on a set of 19's and the spokes arent as thick as before therefore can see the puny discs and rusting pads. would just like a more SHOW package that looks pleasing, actual braking...
  11. mickl

    cleaning calipers

    can anyone recommend anything to get the crud build up off calipers? I've get a 2ndhand set for the Nissan but want to clean them up before fitting them on.
  12. Howard

    AMG Brembo brake calipers Wonder if they'd fit a w124 ;)
  13. Howard

    AMG suspension legs, calipers and discs

    Can anyone understand the wording of this advert ? Perhaps he has written it through a translator ..... :rolleyes:
  14. KLP 92

    New calipers for 500SL W107

    I have a set of new calipers, literally mounted on car and then taken off for a 500SL W107 model. The calipers are for the front and are boxed. Open to offers.
  15. C240Sport97

    Front brake calipers, discs and pads from CLK 55 (W209) AMG how easy would it be to change?
  16. W

    Rusty hubs and calipers

    The look of my wheels tend to be spoilt by the rusty looking disc calipers and hubs. I was thinking about a quick coat of heat resistant black paint. What do you think and would it look really naff if I sprayed the calipers silver? I don't want it to look like a boy racer's car. :)
  17. SilverSaloon

    painting calipers

    hi whats the general opinion of painting brake calipers on here? my car is azurite blue. i am thinking of painting the calipers silver with hammer-rite or some other paint..... then maybe fitting THESE on. From searching the net, it seems pretty acceptable to paint the caliers when...
  18. scruffy

    manky calipers

    any tips on how to clean up grotty looking calipers i.e is paint ok, if so, any specific types/preperation. Never did understand why MB don't provide better corrosion protection for wheel stations when they are so visible through expensive alloys. Alloy internals are pretty filthy to and...
  19. R

    Rusty Brake Calipers

    Are very rusty brake calipers a fair warrantee claim?
  20. R

    18 Month old CLK320W209 Rusty Calipers, Disks hubs & Bolts

    MB Collindale have replaced the rusty bolts but refuse to replace the rusty calipers or brake disks (hubs). Advice please.
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