1. R

    Impressed with Mercedes customer care..

    I bought my E350 Cdi Sport just over two months ago from Mercedes in Stockport. I paid £14700 and it's on a 61 plate with 71k on the clock. Its a lovely car in metallic white. Last week, the car wouldn't start. It's been diagnosed as a faulty power steering lock which needs replacing...
  2. Greyman63

    Merc Care - North London

    Have to say that these guys are great! I use them for everything, but they went above and beyond the other day when they were flat out. After hearing that I needed the car to do a long drive in the coming week they managed to fit me in, diagnose the problem and replace a part ... And it was...
  3. Druk

    Care Home financial advice reqd.

    The story so far... Mother is in a care home (in their rules apply) and is currently 'fully funded'. This situation may/is likely to change come the next revue in Sept. Her current financial state is that all her assets are in cash, over which I have LPOA. There are insufficient...
  4. grober

    Private Health Care Conundrum

    Ian Paterson: Why have private patients not been compensated? - BBC News quote:- "While the vast majority of private operations are carried out correctly - and private patients are typically treated sooner than their NHS counterparts - the service they receive if things go wrong is not...
  5. B

    New care thoughts

    Edit: Car - Not Care -Doh! Hi I'm thinking of changing out our 2012 350cdi (MrsGnome likes driving her SLC with Distronic on the motorway and doesn't drive the S212 much so it's not getting used) and we've been test driving. On the (yes very lucky list!) is another S213 350cdi. However all...
  6. S

    IPE valves care

    Folks Before I fit my IPE to my c63, is there anything I can do to protect the valves from issues due to road salt etc - acf 50? Wd 40?
  7. MD5

    Car Care Plan warranty

    I'm considering buying a car that has a 6 month Car Care Plan "B" warranty on it. Does anyone have any experience of them please?
  8. T

    Soft top care

    Hi Have put down a deposit on a CLK280 Convertible 08. Will post pictures when car is on the drive. Looking into buying care products for the soft top, having used Autoglym in the past which I was quite impressed with, but have heard that Renovo is better. Can anyone comment on this...
  9. N

    MB care plans - thoughts?

    Got a new c250 on lease for 2 years. Have been offered a care plan which includes the service costs for £30 ppm which works out at £700 for the period. Worth it? Anything specific I should pay attention to?
  10. K

    Service Care Plan on E220 D W213

    Hi, I'm due to pickup my new car (5 month old ex-demo) tomorrow from the stealers and I'm in the predicament as to whether or not to take the Service Care plan offered by the main dealer. I'm getting the car on a 4 year PCP deal, although I'll probably look at changing in 3 and I'm...
  11. Y

    Mercedes care plan

    I need advice on the care plan. I just bought an approved used 14 reg c220 cdi and wanted to get the £35/month service care plan but I was told by the dealer that I would have to pay £52/month due to the fact that I bought the car in September which is 6 months after the annual start date of the...
  12. T

    Service Care

    Having recently purchased a Mercedes C250 they have offered me a 'Service Care' package at £34 per month which is to include 2 'A' Services and 2 'B' Services, as the car is PCP over 48 months this equates to £1632 which seems an incredibly large amount of money for 4 services! Bearing in mind...
  13. AMGeed

    Care to guess?

    How much it would cost to add my 25yr old daughter to my wife's Focus policy? Daughter has just started lessons and would like, after a few more, to get some extra "tuition" and practice using the same car as her AA driving school, a manual Ford Focus. She has enquired how much extra it...
  14. Rosso1

    Rubber care

    Hi Guys can anyone recommend a good rubber care product to revitalise the rubber. I like to add this to by boot and roof rubbers on my SL
  15. Simon_M

    Midlands Car Care - Don't

    Being a fan of the GTechniq products, I wanted a full treatment for my new car and researched a detailer local to the dealer. Midlands Car care came up, and although there were a few mixed reviews the consensus was their work was good. Well it turns out they are a disorganised and...
  16. M

    Signing up to Service Care but clueless - advice please

    Hoping I can glean some advice, please. As a newcomer to M-B, I have tried to work out the info from the website but it is not exactly comprehensive nor clear. I hope to receive my new car at the end of June and have now budgeted to take out a monthly Service Care plan (I had hoped to go for 4...
  17. whirsk

    C124 300CE Leather care

    Hi Folks Now that the car is out of hibernation I would like to get the leather refreshed any tips or products would be much appreciated. I have attached some photos of leather condition. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  18. R

    Anybody care for an oldies quiz ?

    Below are 222 lines from 80s pop music songs. Your job is to guess the song and artist of each. Hint: No two songs are by the same artist, and all were produced between 1980 - 1989. The average person should be familiar with almost all of the songs, if he/she owned a radio...
  19. motodrb

    Service Care Plan voucher code.

    When checking SCP costs noticed a question; do you have a voucher code? Where do I get one? :rolleyes:
  20. Bobsta

    W204 sunroof care / fixing squeak

    Hi folks, The sunroof on my '09 W204 makes a pretty horrible squeak when opening and closing. What's the recommended maintenance on the mechanism and roof seal? It sounds like it needs a lubricant of some sort. Thanks, Bobsta
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