1. Scoops1972

    Last chance saloon

    Hi everyone. I've just bought a 2012 C250 CDI Sport, and I am due to pick it up on Friday :D I've had hot hatches and sports saloons mainly (boy racer types), but hadn't owned a Mercedes in my 28 years of driving. Some of the cars I've owned include; Sri's, VR6, Impreza Series McRae, Celica...
  2. I

    Does the chance of a relatively un-rusty W210 exist?

    Hi All, Sorry to bring-up an old chestnut so far from Autumn, but….. I’ve a chum interested in a buying a decent older car. I’m singing the praises of the W124, but I’ve a feeling going more modern is an option. A lot of 210’s seem to be making less than there predecessors with good...
  3. B

    What chance does a stone dead battery have

    Sorry for all these questions guys. As you may be aware I'm having battery drain problems which appeasr to relate to the alarm horn (other posts cover that) The battery is dated 24-03-13 so not very old. My problem is that the offending electrical drain took the battery down to a point where it...
  4. D

    E63 interior choice - last chance!!

    E63 interior choice - decisions decisions... Hey guys, New to this forum, and just about to order my new E63 AMG Estate today! I'm going for palldium silver, and I like the crystal grey leather as it gives a nice contrast and a touch of luxury over the full coffin black interior. Light...
  5. S

    Give peas a chance

    Bit of a silly question really. I am on the M25 quite a lot and see this graffitied on the brick built bridge or aquaduct just past the M40 turning as you go clockwise - always makes me smile. Always wondered how long it had been there and if there were any other stories behind it. Anyone know?
  6. D

    Last chance before ebay - Collection of Quality (Hasselblad etc) cameras/accessories

    Reluctant sale of my treasured Hasselblad camera equipment, Lens's and accessories, Metz flash guns, light meters, etc. All in very good or as new condition, all in perfect working order. Second time placed Ad on here, one last chance as next month off to ebay! Here is full list:-...
  7. HumberMart

    Finally get chance to try the ML in snow!

    After the harsh winter last time, I swapped the W212 for the ML last July. Today is the first time I've been able to check it out in the snow. In short, the traction is great, and I could always pull away and power on with amazing grip. However stopping, as suspected, that was the big problem...
  8. BillyW124

    M104 Engine Block with Gear box (LAST CHANCE GOING SCRAPPER TOMORROW 03/02/2012 12pm)

    Guys Last chance if any one wants a decent M104 engine. Its going to scrapper tomorow. Ive simply run out of time to keep it in my mates garage and he's booting my donor out now! :( Hes done me a massive favour keeping untill now. Unfortunately its time is up. I wanted this to go to...
  9. d w124

    Any chance of an official club GTG happening this year?

    Considering the members list is getting bigger by the day,would it not be nice to have a gtg where most of us can attend and put names to faces.
  10. Richard W

    Any of you folk bikers? A chance to ride a prototype!!!!

    Looking for bikers (the motorised kind :) ) in the Farnborough area who would be interested in attending a customer 'clinic'. This is where a manufacturer shows prototypes and in this case a lucky few will get to ride them.:bannana: You must be a bike owner and your bike should be younger...
  11. T

    Got a chance of a C55, what do you chaps think....

    Guys, I have a chance to swap my 05 plate 3.2 V6 TT Mk1 plus £5750 for a 55 plate C55 with 45k miles. Now to start with it sounds easy, take the C55 and live happily ever after! However, I am fussy and mean real fussy. My TT is like new and I really mean it and it only has 16k miles on...
  12. O

    w202 mats last chance ! grey (call it what you like!) w202 mats - all four - drivers a little work in carpet heal pad - possible repair? ebay item 120669644301
  13. alanuk400

    Took a chance on this

    Just bought this 1999 W202 2.4 Elegance Auto for £675 F.S.H Full Mot, spent £110 for new wiper motor, brake switch for BAS light, carb cleaner for the MAF. Didn't know that the small V6 can be so smooth Alan
  14. G

    £££ Insuring 4 cars, any chance as limited mileage insurance?

    Anyone who could help??? I will have 4 cars in the household in 2 weeks time. I am trying to see what is the best way of insuring them as at the moment if I get 4 different policies it will cost me a fortune!!! Any ideas? Cheers V
  15. A

    Life Hammers (Last chance if anyone wants one)

    Hello Following from the group buy has:- 1) Everyone got there's? (PM me if not as all that have been paid) have been sent. No cheques have arrived if anyone paying via cheaque? 2) If you want one PM me, £7 each delivered. I will send on my details. Last orders will be placed on...
  16. M

    E240 Avantgarde take a chance?

    Hi I have been the owner of a 1996c 180 for 2 years I have now been offered a E240 Avant The seller tells me it needs a "throtle body service" and new plugs and leads. Does anybody have any idea what this will cost me and is this a big job? Hope someone can help with advice, im unable to do...
  17. M

    Quicken 4 on Vista - any chance

    My new(ish) laptop runs unfortunately Windows Vista (boggo). I ahve an old version of Quicken (v4) which is great because its simple. It ran fine on XP, but it won't run on Vista even when forcing XP mode. I can't find a newer simple accounts package - even though I am prepared to spend money...
  18. B

    What chance of getting my deposit refunded on a used vehicle?

    Yesterday, I paid a deposit of £3000 to a mercedes dealership for a CLS costing £19k. This was my first BIG mistake as they only asked for £1,000 but said that I could go up to £3000 on credit card if I wanted - so I paid the £3,000 to get those extra points! When I got home I thought I would...
  19. L

    W208 320 facelift ATF change

    Hi all, my cars done 62k and dealer tells me oil & filter should be changed at 37k! so I need to get it done although the gearbox is as sweet as a nut. Dealer says £240+vat less 10% parts and labour if still within the Mobo somthing or other which it's not as the last service was done by an Indy...
  20. smillion

    2nd chance offer on US ebay for Mustang..?

    I recently put a speculative bid on US ebay for a 66 Mustang. As you can see from my signature I have imported a Mustang before. My bid was 50% of the final auction value, which did not reach reserve - and yet this evening I received an e-mail from the seller with a second chance offer at my...
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