1. T

    atf dipstick for level check on a VITO W639 V6 Diesel

    Anyone know whether my ATF dipstick that i used on my 2001 E320CDI (inline 6 ) and 1999 CLK 430 can be used on my W639 2007 VITO 120CDI (Sport X 204 ) I think the its the same 722.6 box as its tiptronic & Rear wheel drive and not the 7 speeder presumably my combination is the same as perhaps the...
  2. O

    UK Traffic Provider - SD card check

    ...I've got an EBAy SD card (v6 with v8 software) that will NOY show traffic info... says no subscription.. Merc say it should but dont know why not... So i wonder if someone who has a working one could send me the XMl file (trafficprovider.xml) to compare big ask ...but it might hellp...
  3. AngryDog

    Check oil level?

    I do not have an owners manual so I cannot refer that, but how the hell do I check the oil level on my E55? I've been through the menus cannot see anything. I have done the key to pos 1 and press reset 3 times thing but I am told that's not the correct way to do it? Am I being daft???
  4. M

    Proud owner of a w211 E55, advice needed after health check

    Found a very good example e55 so I purchased it. Took it to a mb specialist to get the breather re sealed on both sides as it was leaking oil, while there I asked for a health check so now I am looking for parts and advice. The double ribbed pulley needs replacing due to play which is tearing...
  5. E

    MB Connect Me/A205 check brake pad wear

    Something interesting just happened. I'd imagine its beem around a while but I had no knowledge things now worked this way. I picked up my A205 just under 2 months ago and I have done about 1300 miles in it. On Saturday evening, the message 'check brake pad wear' popped up on the dash. Its...
  6. V

    New Member looking at SLK AMG 55 Gearbox Check

    Hi all My wife has always hankered after a older (2004-7) slk amg 55. And now lucky enough in a position to purchase one. We have seen a couple, very similar, read lots about service history, gear boxs etc and would just like a few tips on checking the 7 g gearbox. The Ines we have been...
  7. A

    Check Coolant Level - Message

    Hi, A couple of months ago I saw Check Coolant level message in dashboard. I checked the level and it was just right (leveled on the black body of the expansion tank. The message went away after that, then it came back again after couple of weeks. I checked again and the level was fine but I...
  8. BTB 500

    MOT check website - spurious fail shown

    Had a play with the MOT website for the first time today: Earlier in the month I put Mrs BTB's S203 in for MOT and it passed. This is shown on the website, but there's a previous entry (on the same day, and with the same mileage) showing a fail It...
  9. Dizz

    CLK 320 buying check list

    Thinking of going to view a 2005 CLK320 (facelift dash) and wanted a definitive check list, have I missed anything? 1. Rust on rear wheel arches 2. History of gearbox oil change 3. Oil service history etc 4. Clicking air vents/flaps It doesn't have parking sensors, can they be successfully...
  10. Uky

    C207 - owners - A little corrosion check...

    If you own a C207, it could be worth mentioning that the two plastic covers on each side of the boot lid may hide some not-so-nice-things. Open the Boot lid, the using a side cutter GENTLY pull out the four plastic rivets. Then using your fingers, gently pull out the remaining rubber rivets...
  11. M

    Airmatic regular check

    While cleaning my 2005 W220 this week I was lucky to spot that the rubber pipe connecting the Airmatic filter to the pump had split at both ends where it attaches to the pump and filter spigots. While the pump and suspension overall is working fine this split hose, due to it's location directly...
  12. A

    Health check

    Had a problem with my car and had to have it on star for an hour. I've had a intermittent fault with a boost sensor. Got the part coming Saturday. They send a video of the checks carried out, how novel is that:cool: Cheers Ben We have carried out a health check on your vehicle (DA62KZV)...
  13. M

    ABS sensor things to check

    A couple of things I've learned over the years about ABS sensors and thought I would share. One key driver of failure over time is rust, this can have two impacts. 1. if it's under the toothed pulse ring then the ring expands and can have 2 issues. a) the ring expands and begins to rub on...
  14. I

    HPI text check

    Hi all, Has anyone used any of the text based vehicle checks. Im thinking of buying a shed and dont fancy paying for the full fat HPI check but dont want to go in blind or pay for a useless text check. Thanks Ivan
  15. Marvin16x

    roadside check joke

    evening folks, i (german) just stumbled upon a joke on facebook and found it rather funny. here's a quick translation of it: a true story (of course) policeman at the roadside check: have you been drinking? man: yes, i have. you know, it was my daughter's wedding today and we came from far...
  16. 4

    W211 E270 cdi 2003 f** valeo check???

    Where should I look to check if I have Valeo radiator ?
  17. D

    MB Health Check Today

    I had my newly acquired SL350 into my local dealer for their free winter health check. Only a couple of things came up: Rear pads 33% worn Drivers side rear light has some LED's missing. I'd already bought replacements from eBay so they will be fitted tomorrow. And that's it so good to...
  18. D

    Can anyone check a cars history for me?

    Hello Guys, I'm in the market for a c63 Coupe. I have convinced myself that i should only buy from MB approved used car due to the warranty package they are offering. Im 30 and this is by far the most i have ever spent on a car so a little nervous. I have seen a car at a used car...
  19. F

    Check engine light + unplugged tube

    RE: 2007 W203 C230 Avantgarde Hey folks, wondering if I could pick your brains. My check engine light came on a yesterday so I did as such. When I looked, there's a tube that has been unplugged and I don't know what this component is. I'm sure somebody on here knows. So what is this...
  20. Vintage Racer

    Need someone to check out a R129 near Sutton, Surrey

    I have found a R129, SL320 in Sutton, Surrey that i'm interested in . Can anyone recommend a good specialist in that area who I could pay to take a look at it for me? Cheers Glynn
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