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Jul 8, 2017
Slk amg 55
Hi all

My wife has always hankered after a older (2004-7) slk amg 55. And now lucky enough in a position to purchase one.

We have seen a couple, very similar, read lots about service history, gear boxs etc and would just like a few tips on checking the 7 g gearbox.

The Ines we have been looking at are pre 'flappy paddles' not having driven a new one unsure how a 10/12 year old box should be like even with the oil change etc, I know they are slightly lazy, but then fits with the v8 power in my wife's opinion!

Are their any good tips on checking the gearbox operation, and anything to specifically look out for on this front, most we have looked at have had an oil change around 40-40k miles from what I can see.

All help tips appreciate, nheart must rule head!!!


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Jun 11, 2017
E class
They're a great gearbox. They need, like all automatic transmissions, the gearbox oil changed every 40k miles.

Budget £2000 for a replacement valve body - my local specialist informed me that's the only weak spot in one and they never go bang completely.

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