1. P

    C300h broken down 984 miles on the clock!!

    Hi all Very annoyingly my new 2016 C300h broke down today!!! The car became very spluttery and jerking and then the management light came on, managed to pull over and turn the engine off and restart only to be told by the computer that the car is inoperable!!!! The car has been...
  2. chubbs111

    ref clock

    i originally had the wrong command fitted to my 1999 e320cdi so i have removed it and fitted an aftermarket stereo however i still can not set the time on the vehicle clock has anyone any ideas please
  3. Tim203

    Can you sort the clock out please.

    Happy New Year peeps and could you good people who give up a lot of free time sorting the'Doebecks without friends Im so angry ' type people threads out tell us what's up with the clock. Thanks in advance. I'm off to curry the contents of the fridge. Tim Ps . And of course make the bed and...
  4. I

    W124 Digital/LCD Clock Setting

    Hi All, I can't find any info on this, perhaps this type of clock appears in 126's, but still found nothing? Anyway, I can't set the time. Pushing and twisting will set it to 12.00 and then it works, but I can't make it move back/forward to the current time. Any advice welcome...
  5. Carrsey

    Clock setting..

    After the clocks changing last sunday my in car clock still hasn't updated. Its a 56 plate E280 facelift. There are no options in the OBC and looking in the handbook it says if the car has command (it has) it will do it automatically. On Sunday I only had a couple of short journeys and did...
  6. B

    Service clock not reset from factory on delivery

    My 4 day old MB is telling me that I need a service in just over 10 months time. Clearly the clock wasn't reset when the car passed through the dealer. As the dealer is 100 miles away I don't intend going back there for a reset but does it matter that when I take the car in for its first...
  7. N

    2005 R230 Clock Display Module

    Hi everyone, is it possible to repair the Clock Display Module No. A0015420314,the clock works ok but it does not light up and is unreadable. Many Thanks for your help. Graham
  8. Herishi

    Cant set clock s211

    It's My battery went flat the other day causing my clock to go to 12:00. I have since tried to set the time on the dash, the date sets fine but the time never changes :-S I have since fitted a command ntg2.5 as I heard that with command fitted it took the time from radio. However this...
  9. S

    Missing Clock? CL500

    Hi guys. I can't seem to tell the time in my year 2000 CL500, as there doesn't seem to be a clocky thing :confused: I believe it would normally be on the right hand side LCD of the dash display, sharing that part of the dash with what gear I'm in and whether it's in standard or winter...
  10. A

    Sprinter 313 Clutch Problem Only 1984 miles on clock

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with clutches on new Sprinters 313. We have a '64' plate 313 with just 1984 miles on the clock and the clutch has gone. MB have said its not under warranty. We have had many 313 sprinters and never had a clutch problem...
  11. J

    W211 e220 with over 200 thou on the clock?

    I'm looking at purchasing an e220 at the moment you can pick up a few bargain facelift models with over 200k on the clock. However I'm very skeptical of high mileage cars although ive never owned one. Does anyone have any experience with high mileage E220's? what should I look out for? What are...
  12. Guy.Pap

    Clock keeps stopping

    I am looking to cure what is becoming a minor irritant. Basically the dash clock keeps stopping on my 2008 E-class. This only happens when the ignition is on and will show the time that I left the house/work at. When I reach journeys end if I switch the ignition off remove the key and then...
  13. W124ali

    E-Class S210 Instrument CLOCK & TEMP READOUTS

    Hi all Anyone have any recommendations how & where to repair my temperature and clock readouts from on my 2001 E-Class S210? They're hardly readable on mine and having tried several replacement clocks units, they all seem to have an issue with the readouts. Thanks
  14. yuriboy

    resetting the clock

    hi all . i have a 2005 w211 320cdi with a few problems .. first thing i would like to know is how to reset the clock ........ i have command and it will only let me set the time in half hour increments and not change minuets it also wont let me set the date (its blanked out) ... thanks in...
  15. M

    clock stops when ignition is off (w203)

    Hi. Has anyone out there heard of this - when I start my car, the clock on the dash reads the time when I last stopped the engine and locked the car. It stops running when the engine isn't running and carries on from where it left off when I was last driving the car. Also, the data since last...
  16. BIG_G_1979

    dash clock

    Hi guys hi have sorned my car since sept and have noticed that dash clock is running abit slow could this be down to aux battery failing? Car starts no problem etc any advice? Out of interest where is the aux battery located?
  17. F

    New to MB, have just purchased a CLK 280, registered Aug 2008 with 29000 on the clock

    Hi everyone, I have just taken the decision to move from a BMW to my first MB after 31 years of motoring. The car has had 2 owners and has a full MB service history. Firstly, hello. Secondly can anyone give me some background on the model. IE what is MPG like ? Does the sat Nav need any...
  18. T


    Hi Have a CLK 2005 Facelift and going to replace the Comand with a Pioneer SatNav Avic F950 BT, when the Comand is removed is it possible to retain the clock operative as I know the Comand is linked to the clock? Many thanks
  19. C

    Setting clock on e55

    The analogue clock is stopped Can anyone advise how to set the clock. Has it a seperate fuse?
  20. B

    Clock refuses to display correct time

    Hi, my first post as I'm new to the site and MB ownership. I've got a 2003 E320. I tried to reset the clock as per the usual way, as it was an hour slow when I got the car. The hands spun around and settled on a very different time to that I had entered via the controls. I've tried...
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