1. R

    roof+cluster switch

    I've replaced this cluster switch twice works fine opening the roof and all other bits work (Comfort control etc) but have to FORCE roof flap to get roof down (if it feels like working) Help! Wary of opening roof in case it fails to shut!
  2. jeffwebb

    A Class (W169) Cluster

    The LED display on my 2006 A Class has gone. Would some kind soul talk me through removing the cluster before i resort to brute force and ignorance. :devil: Have done this on my W210 but the procedure does not seem to be the same. Regards, Jeff.
  3. W124newbie

    W124 instrument cluster bulbs

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is well. Quick question - last night we noticed the instrument cluster wasn't lighting up in our '89 W124. I think the right hand bulb has been gone for a while, with just the one on the left working. Also the rear number plate bulbs weren't lit, so proceeded to change...
  4. P

    instrument cluster light

    Hi I have a w211 e320, problem is my every time it gets dark my instrument cluster lights keep dimming, ive looked in the owners manual and as far as I can tell this is normal, trouble is this is getting really annoying does any one else have a problem with this?
  5. oshea

    advice on instrument cluster repair

    Hi folks. Just starting repair my merc and i think 1st thing to do is the clocks ss speedo rev counter and fuel and oil gauge doesnt work but temp does. is there any place that anyone no's of local to leicestershire that could recondition them for me? From what i gather its 3 capacitors but...
  6. BartyBoy

    Instrument Cluster on W212 E Class

    Hello all I have a question here and I wonder if any of you knows the answer. I have a 2014 manual E220 here. Within the instrument cluster (multifunction display), is there any way I can set it to show the outside temperature and the driving speed at the same time? When I collected the...
  7. tacho d

    Instrument cluster removal W208

    Hi, I have the typical dead pixels on a clk 230 which make the clock unusable. I have managed to locate the new ribbons requiered on ebay but cannot see a way of removing the cluster. Is this easy, or does the steering wheel and airbag need to come off too. What is the procedure. Any suggestions...
  8. A

    Instument cluster repairs

    My Cluster died on me I lost all illumination and then all power a day or two later. Sent it away to these guys. Instrument Cluster Repairs,bmw dvd navigation repair,Bhp Remapping, DPF Delete Removal , Airbag Crash Data Reset,Sat Nav Repairs, I posted it on Tuesday and received it back...
  9. dubsR33

    W209 CLK Drivers Side Rear Light Cluster wanted

    Hello everyone where is the best place to buy a rear light from? recently backed into a post :wallbash: need a new light can anyone recommend where to get one from? :dk: Cheers thanks
  10. sherco450

    vito w639 aftermarket multimedia cluster display

    l have installed a clarion multimedia vx 630 with cluster control . the steering buttons work thou display on dash inactive. AUDIO DISPLAY ONLY no frequency or track number on display. The audio shop insist al thou the system correlates with steering controls there will be no dash display on all...
  11. S

    Making Sense of Data Downloaded from Instrument Cluster

    We have a list of the entries downloaded using STAR DAS from the Instrument Cluster and just trying to work out what each of the entries mean. Some are obvious like km, days and distance since last service. Others are less clear. Can anyone enlighten me about the following: Tester...
  12. A

    clk 230 instrument cluster, no instrument display!

    Need some help with this: Computer display functions comes on, but the rest of the engine functions are missing on switch on. Engine starts though.
  13. Harrythedog

    Checking tyre pressure via the cluster

    After following the manual I can't access the tyre pressures. After selecting the TYRE PRESSURE menu on the cluster all it asks is to reset RUN FLAT INDICATOR and doesn't show the pressures as the manual states. Am I missing something?
  14. Maurauth

    Instrument Cluster Pop-Up

    Whenever I start the car and start driving this seems to pop up, I was assuming it is telling me how many people are in the car. Is that right, is there any way of turning it off? Apologies as I couldn't flip the image on my phone.
  15. John Jones Jr

    Cluster pullers

    Just reckoned it was worth posting these which are for sale on eBay. Worth the eleven quid as they are so handy and saves messing about making a d.i.y set. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Instrument Cluster Removal Pulling Hook Tool | eBay
  16. W

    W202 C180 instrument cluster illumination

    My 1999 W202 C180 had no illumination for the speedometer. Had the cluster out and replaced the broken bulbs. Now none of the illumination lights work. Any suggestions?
  17. S

    W204 instrument cluster gauge problem

    Hi, My friend was trying to change glass on his instrument cluster and when taking it out has managed to drop and damage the outer back casing. After managing to source a roughly similar cluster just so he could swap the plastic and putting it all back together he has a big problem. When the...
  18. H

    CLK55 cluster

    Does anyone know if a W208 CLK55 cluster will fit a CLK230? and has anyone seen one for sale anywhere? Thanks Dave
  19. Alps

    FS: W211 E55 200 mph cluster, zero miles

    FS: W211 E55 AMG 200 mph cluster, zero miles As per title, clean cluster, Milage will be reset to zero over the next week or so ,so that it's ready for install Will need to be installed by someone with star to enable it to pick up your cars Milage, identity, options and settings, can arrange...
  20. P

    w203 Instrument cluster lights up

    Good mornin I have a 2002 C200 elegance and recently after i lock the car the instrument cluster light lcd screen lights up, but everything else stays turned off. So now i have to disconnect the battery every time i leave the car. I have tried resetting the instrument cluster with no luck...
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