1. thebig1

    Instrument cluster

    Hi Guys, Picked up my C63 yesterday and loving it! Couple of very quick questions. In the owners manual it says that outside temperature can be displayed permantly but not in the UK. Is there any way I can put it always on. Also, the digital speed (Where Temp can be) is in KMH where as the...
  2. P

    C63 AMG 08 Right Cluster Malfunction

    Yesterday I got this message Right Cluster Malfunction and the red air bag light remains on... I guess this means the air bag has malfunctioned? I am going to ring the local Mercedes garage tomorrow, but just wondered if anyone else has had this? Many thanks :)
  3. W

    Cluster problem

    My 210 cluster is acting the boll***s even after doing the usual display fix. The centre display goes off occasionally, especially when the beeper sounds, but always comes on again eventually. It also occasionally flashes in time with the indicator flash. I think it is a power supply problem on...
  4. O

    Rear light cluster replacement.

    Hi - I recently broke the glass on my right rear light combo. It will need replacing & I have had difficulty in making sure I order the correct item for my 57 Reg E220 CDi Avanteguard. I now BELIEVE the part number is FKRRLXLDB010003-R Can anyone confirm this? ... and is the item easy to...
  5. P

    W211 side brake led cluster

    The LEDs on my drivers rear have failed and I need a cluster, just wondering if anyone has one on here before I apprach dealers on Monday. Not impressed with these LEDs on the rear , the trunk ones are also prone to failure.
  6. zenman63

    vito cluster for sale

    Vito 639 Viano Cluster Speedo Clocks | eBay
  7. D

    w202 instrument cluster

    Part number 2025400848. Its 1997 model c250td and I cant find replacement on ebay though there are other clusters with different part numbers from 1994 and so on. Would they work on my car. There are clusters from w210s e300tds and part numbers similar escept for the model. There is a video of a...
  8. T

    HighLine Sprinter Cluster Upgrade

    Hi, I hope you can help me please? I have purchased a brand new (though 2009 MY) LHD V6 Sprinter motorhome Automatic 5G-Tronic. The Speedo is kph and is the standard instrument cluster. I am going to do the following. Retrofit Comand NTG2.5 Upgrade Steering Wheel to "With...
  9. shorty

    Replacing 211 instrument cluster

    Hi all I attempted to change an Instrument cluster in a pre-facelift 211 yesterday with a working second hand unit . I was unable to get the mileage reading to code into the replacement clocks . I have been able to perform this task before , and successfully replaced the instrument cluster...
  10. Halcyon Days

    Cruise Control - flashing cluster

    I've done a few searches and checked the manual, but I can't find a definitive answer to this: In the last two weeks, i've noticed that the segments in the speedo which light up when you set the cruise control now flash (3 x p/sec) but the system functions normally. The ESP is on and seems to...
  11. V

    W211 Centre Cluster

    On my 2005 c220 cdi My centre cluster and clock has stopped working but the rev counter , diesel gauge, temp gauage and mileage display is still working. Then some day s the clock works for a while and then stops again. I have checked all the fuses and all are good. Anything else that i need...
  12. zenman63

    Mercedes Vito 639 cluster for sale

    I have an almost new cluster here for sale, white LED back lights and supports Linguatronic. It will come to you re set to zero milage and will need Star SCN coding. This can be wired to replace the old fish scale type found in 2004 vitos and will also swap the stock cluster but you will...
  13. D

    Took out instrument cluster and now warning stay on

    removed instrument cluster to try fix problem where it works sometimes and not others. I put it back in and problem still persists. More urgently after putting it back in some warning lights are staying on and not going out after ignition e.g brake pad wear, ABS, coolant and oil warning...
  14. V

    Centre cluster display e220

    On 2005 e220 cdi the centre cluster display has stopped working and so has the clock. Just total blank The rev counter and mileage indicator still works I checked all the fuses and all seem ok although I don't know what specific fuse is for the display. Bit annoying as i can't check the oil...
  15. H

    C215 Cluster LED Display problems

    I have 2004 CL600 and had a weird problem with the cluster LED Display. Some of the time when the car is started up then Displkay is upside down.. it will often correct itself in 20-30 minutes.. has anybody encountered similar thing ? have been told that the LED dispaly need to be repaired..
  16. Felstmiester

    C63 check tyre pressure red cluster

    Got the red dial warning earlier. Checked tyres one on the rear was low, maybe a slow puncture?? Pumped it up got back in and kept getting reset run flat indicator. Done a search ( can't get to owners manual ) what I found. Scroll to service in cluster and it's in there. Not on mine! I've only...
  17. D

    W639 Vito/Viano Later Cluster / Dash Retrofit / Update

    Hi Guys, I've recently bought a 2004 Viano I wouldn't normally buy such an early car but I wanted a LWB model (not an EXLong) and wanted one with less than 100k miles on the clock and I didn't want to spend INSANE amounts of money :) so this one ticked all of the boxes.. It does how ever...
  18. demetrios

    instrument cluster on r129 500

    Hey ladies and gents. I need some advice and help with the mystery of my instrument cluster. My car is a genuine UK car which is confirmed by log book and Daimler gentlemen I spoke to who looked up the vin number The mystery is that the odo is Km and also where a normal sl has a MPG reading in...
  19. N

    Replaced Starter, No Start Signal & Instrument Cluster Lights Stay On

    After replacing my '02 A160's (auto) starter, all the instrument cluster warning lights are on and there is no signal to starter to start. My starter has been intermittently failing to start over the last year or so until it became unreliable. The last time it failed to start, I was able to...
  20. kianok

    W204 switch cluster

    The switch for the drivers window feels like it's about to give way (feels very lumpy and nothing like all the other switches on the same cluster) Any ideas how much this will cost to replace? (warranty runs out in a couple of weeks)
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