1. E

    CLK500 57 plate CLUSTER

    Hello, Does anyone know who can repair a CLK500 57 plate display CLUSTER (where the speedo is). thanks Emerson
  2. K

    CL203 Facelift Instrument Cluster

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything anywhere. New year and the car issues have started. I've got a 2006 CL203 C180K, lately I've been having intermittent warnings on the dash saying, parking light on the right side isn't working, then it will work...
  3. C

    w210 cluster in w202?

    hi there....i'm trying to retrofit a w210 e280 cluster in my 94 w202 it possible? i only want the speedo, water temp, rev counter, fuel gauge, clock and trip to show up on the w210 cluster....any advices? w210 cluster codes are: vdo 110.080.063/012 mb a 210 540 19 11 thanks
  4. Benty

    E55k cluster not working

    Hi Wondering if anybody has an idea on what could be wrong , I've not used the car for about 4 days and when I started it earlier the whole speedo cluster including fuel gauge, clock etc is completely dead ? Thanks Benty
  5. C230kompressor

    W203 No instrument cluster light control or interior light

    Hi guys I've got a bit of a problem I noticed yesterday when I got in my car I notice that there is no cluster display at all not even warning lights when I just turn the ignition on! I've got no control of the headlights there on all the time and no wipers! The car does start and drive! I've...
  6. B

    Instrument cluster on 2013 c350cdi amg sport plus

    Does this specific car have standard a colour screen within the instrument cluster where the speedo and revs are displayed? Also does the car have cruise control standard? Thank you.
  7. V

    dreaded Vito 638 Cluster Instruments problems

    I've got the dreaded Vito 638 Cluster Instruments problems speedo on & off flashing etc until it gave up on me & stopped working so sent it off for repair to one of these cluster repair companys its come back with a working lcd lots of mileage missing off the clock & the speedo does not...
  8. R

    E320 Diesel Speedo Cluster

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the diesel and petrol clusters are compatible, as I am having a conflict with a secondhand car spares company that sold me a petrol speedo and said it would be fine in the diesel, it all works but on switching on ignition it comes up with display error contact workshop...
  9. B

    Instrument Cluster Change

    I have a C200 W202 1996 Instrument Cluster with warn bulb connections. I have another W202 cluster but the connections on the back are different. see pics Current Cluster Front Back New Cluster Front Back As you can see the plug arrangement it different on the new one. Is there...
  10. paul73mt

    Instrument Cluster Display Test?

    When someone gets in the passenger seat and drive off the display did show the passenger symbol as white (same as drivers) but now the drivers is white and the passengers just has the white outline. If you undo the seatbelt when there's someone in the passenger seat the seatbelt undone symbol...
  11. S

    Vito cluster retrofit

    Hi, I am about to fit a hi-line instrument cluster in my vito i need some advice on mileage correction, Do anybody know(recommend) mileage correction company operating around the north norfolk area & what would be best, should i have the cluster set to the mileage of the original cluster or to...
  12. D

    removing driver's side rear light cluster

    Hi Help please. Rear brake bulb gone but having the devil of a job to take the driver's side rear cluster out. It seems like not quite free at the top of the cluster. Passenger side one unclips no problem - sadly that's not the one with the burn out bulb. Am I missing something here? My manual...
  13. Prash87

    W204 Instrument Cluster coding

    Hey Guys, I have purchased the facelift Instrument Cluster quite a while ago but didn't get time to get it coded to the Car. Do you know someone around East-London/Romford with a Star Diagnostics who would be able to help me out? Prash
  14. grober

    Wrestling with your Cluster

    Found this little video "how to " page on the MB site with a few useful introductory videos for those who find the Manual a bit like reading an epic novel . ;) Mercedes-Benz UK - Owner's Area - ?How To? Support Videos the cluster one was interesting. Delivery was a bit "staccato" the guy...
  15. Q

    W203 Alarm cluster part number anyone?

    Hi all Trying to find the p/n for the alarm sensor cluster in the centre of the roof lining for my w203 estate wdb2032642f253774 can anyone find this please? Mines missing :wallbash:
  16. RobertoMercini

    rear light cluster c220 saloon

    Hi there, I came on with this issue not so long ago but a 'quick fix' resolved the problem. However it has now reared its head again and I've figured out the problem. The whole cluster is now failing and on taking the wiring plug (black, rectangular scart-type attachment) from the back, its...
  17. P

    vito W638 interior trim bits and Aclass rear light cluster.

    Listed on ebay. Search user name edginton8998 For details.
  18. M

    How do you remove light cluster from heater control panel

    Eventually I manage to remove heater control panel Found that pulling of the knobs you can get access to the lights How do you remove them and what is the replacement lights I tried pulling them with no success Many Thanks
  19. SL300-24

    R107 instrument cluster bulb type?

    Can anyone tell me what bulbs I need for the indicator warning lamp in the instrument cluster? I want to buy these today and pull the cluster when I get home and replace one that is not working. All I need is the bulb type and wattage, not the part number as I can get the bulbs at the...
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