1. Dizz

    3.2 oil consumption?

    How much oil (if any) does a 3.2 M112 engine use? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. M

    Fuel consumption

    Hi all I am a new member after a little advice I am thinking of buying a C180 auto from between 2010 - 2012 with low mileage but cannot seem to get an accurate consumption figure. I drive a passat cc tdi which gives about 45 mpg Can anyone help.
  3. Petrol Pete

    Engine oil consumption

    Just for the record. In case you are interested. My C55 AMG 2006 has used one litre of oil in 1950 miles. About 60% motorway and the rest everyday use (abuse!). I have no idea what make of oil is in the sump as the car is relatively new to me. Cheers.
  4. P

    2013 w212 Fuel consumption calibration

    Does anyone know if it's possible to recalibrate the fuel consumption read out on the trip computer on this model, perhaps through a hidden menu? Measuring fill-up to fill-up on the same pump, it's always about 0.4l/100km under-reading... On my old 1995 E34 BMW, it was possible to calibrate...
  5. MercedesDriver

    Everybody cheats on fuel consumption
  6. T

    W639 Vito 111CDi fuel consumption

    Hi everybody I know this has been done before but I can't find a thread prior to 2011 so I thought I might start another on the subject! After two months of ownership, with 243,000 on the odometer, I am successfully returning 32-36 mpg with a mix of approx 80-85% motorway at 70-80mph and he...
  7. Gollom

    Fuel consumption - SLK R171

    Did a round trip of circa. 200 miles at 40mpg and we were not hanging around - not too shabby!
  8. carguy

    new merc fuel consumption

    Just bought an E Class Cabrio E220d 2016 with 3,200 miles on clock from dealer. Beautiful to behold but the mpg they talk about is a long way from the 32mpg I just got on a full tank. Mixed driving, motorway, busy dual carriageway, a little fast driving, much slow driving with stop/start. Far...
  9. Tim203

    How far can you tow? Tuggin' consumption!

    Well, as the title suggests a little survey on fuel consumption whilst something is following you around. A few weeks ago I towed our test rig ( with the very aero dynamics of Satan) up to Norfolk with my faithful 2.1 non HDi 406. As it's a 320 mile one way I didn't stick strictly to the 60...
  10. developer

    Oil Consumption

    Following a chat with noisy Dave at the meet yesterday it was clear that his (relative) lack of oil consumption was not the same as my regular oil consumption, despite our engines being the same. With this in mind I checked the manual, which is E Class generally, not specifically E63, and...
  11. M

    Help E55 AMG W211 high oil consumption

    Hi All Help My 2003 E55 AMG W211 123k on clock is using one litre of Mobil 1 oil every 300 miles. Respected garage said no oil leaks and no oil seen on my drive. Cam covers etc all done Can it be oil breather? Help Sick as a parrot
  12. S

    Weird MPG

    Hi, I have a c270 cdi which I often drive about 250 miles weekly up and down the m6. The computer readout reads between 52 and 56 mpg average which to me seems very good. However, if I work out fuel consumption the old fashioned way, tank to tank, I'm working out the consumption at being around...
  13. David404

    W211 - OM642 - V6 3L Engione Oil Consumption

    I know all engines are different but whats the feeling on average oil consumption on these units? All opinion/comment welcome.
  14. P

    C55 Oil Consumption

    Newbie here, seeking some advice on where to start looking for the cause of very high oil consumption on a C55. My CLK55 uses around a litre every 2000 miles but it has done a LOT of miles and not had an easy life. In comparison the newly acquired C55 appears to have been positively pampered but...
  15. Hawkwind

    The Mystery Of The Thermostat And The Fuel Consumption

    I replaced the thermostat on my w208 CLK320 the other day, simple job and all was well, heater nice and toasty. I was feeling a little smug and pleased with my handiwork, basking in the warm air wafting from my vents. Today I had to drive to Heathrow, mid afternoon, plenty of time, so...
  16. E

    Latent Power Consumption

    Hi All, I have an S211 E220 estate. How long can I leave it conventionally 'locked' (ie all associated systems armed and power draining) before too much power has been consumed to start the car? Taking it to the next level, what is the at-rest power consumption per day and how many days is it...
  17. P

    CLK270 Fuel Consumption; What to expect?

    I've had a CLK270 for a few months now and the fuel consumption hasn't been great. The on-board computer indicates I'm doing between 35>40mpg on average over a combination of town driving and straight runs. All the tyres are good, levels are fine, 8000+ before next service, not driven with a...
  18. M

    CLK320 very high oil consumption

    Hello all, Ok so here's the story, my dad owns a 1997 w208 CLK320 sport coupe with the M112 V6 3.2L engine, mileage is currently around 125k kms. I have only started driving the car daily quite recently as I just sold my previous daily driver and currently waiting for a good deal for a new car...
  19. W

    W211 E220 Diesel consumption? What's yours?

    Hello, Fuel consumption has been driving me quite mad lately. I think that my car is using too much fuel, some say it's an ok amount for this car, some say that it isn't, but it's not worth getting into, etc. So firstly I wanted to find out what is considered normal combined mpg or l/100km...
  20. Tim203

    Steam from exhaust/ water consumption.

    I saw a thread recently regarding water consumption and steam fro exhaust. An engineer friend of mine had a similar problem on a170 hp seat Leon and having done all the usual checks , head gasket etc. narrowed it down to the cooling circuit on the EGR system bleeding water into the engine. I...
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